Monday, December 31, 2007

Inconsiderate People!!!

Its 11.05pm and the group of people havong a New Year celebration at the multi purpose hall is still here!!!

With the number of kids running around making such a din, constant screaming, laughing loudly, talking loudly etc how do u suppose other residents can get some rest or a peace of quietness???

So being the good neighbour, I pick up my phone n dial Seng Kang Neighbourhood Police Post n ask the police to come down and take a look.

So bad of me ya, at New Years eve too... but but but... others have to rest u know!

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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Gathering @ Diana's humble house

POTLUCK POTLUCK POTLUCK AGAIN!!!! After postponing our gatherings @ Diana's house for almost a month, we finally had it today! We were suppose to prepare sting rays for we could not find any for the pass 2 days!!! Fishmonger @ Blk 118 says have not been seeing sting rays for a few days :( Daddy wanted to get the pau for the kong bah but cannot find it at the NTUC too!!! Double sadness... We decided to get tt yummy roast duck from Fernvale, but when we were there, the shop is no longer there!!!! Triple sadness!!!! Ended up daddy bought the curry fish head instead.

We took a ride from Audrey+Colin to Diana's house ~THANKS AUDREY & COLIN~ It started to rain heavily suddenly and Audrey decided to wait for the rain to either gets smaller or stop before setting off to our place. And since we have changed Little DinoEgg into his nice nice clothes, wore his socks n shoes, he cannot understand why daddy n mummy are still sitting in the living room watching tv n chatting. Thus he made such a BIG fuss!!! Threw his tantrums as if protesting n demanding us to step out of the house IMMEDIATELY! We gave up trying to coax him n let him cry n sulk at 1 corner. Once we step out of the house a while later, he is 1 happy child again *duhz*

When we reached Diana's house, every one has arrived and started to eat. I quickly get into my photographer mode n start snapping away LOL After Little DinoEgg has his fill, we went into the play room n laze inside, enjoying the company n air con. The kids simply love that room! Its filled with loads n loads n loads of toys, especially with Thomas the Tank toys which Manfred simply loveee it!

All the mummies n kiddos were in the play room all the time n the daddies??? In the living room watching tv, occasionally eating, drinking n go outside puff puff smoke... We had a great time chatting, eating, scolding our kiddos for misbehaving, hugging our kiddos when they cry, teasing each other, joking n singing to Blue Clues/Hi5!/Thomas the Tank VCD. And my camera NEVER stops snapping *SNAP SNAP SNAP SNAP SNAP* The results.... loads n loads of pictures!!!

Oh and Diana had a surprise for Audrey!!! Which she DID NOT share with any of us until the day *angry* As its Audrey's birthday on 31st Dec'07, she got a cake n we celebrated it for her ~HAPPY BIRTHDAY AUDREY!!!~ *muackz from Little DinoEGg*

Everyone sang a hearty happy birthday song, n as u can see, Ms Audrey is very surprised hehehe~ Ms Diana, u sure are good in keeping secrets BUT next time pls let the cat out of the bag for the guests lah :P

Everyone had a wonderful time, 100% fabulous gathering!! We left Diana's house at 10pm, though tired but had loads of fun. A big THANK YOU to Diana & Randy for the wonderful time toay! Little DinoEgg got too excited, he was tired but refuse to lie down and sleep... we had a hard time making him go into his dreamland.

Oh and last but not least, I think I took back the most pieces of Elaine's butter cake :P I put 2 pieces in my bag then before we left Diana's house, she gave me a bag of some packed food. When we got home n open it, we found 3 more pieces of that butter cake. YUMMY YUMMY!!!

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Friday, December 28, 2007

Something for myself

Since I am on leave today, decided to get my hair trimmed :) Went to SuperCuts @ Compass Point n sat there for 2hrs plus. Trimmed my hair, had a good head massage, did a scalp spa and came out with a shorter hair and $170+ poorer....

But its money well spent since my hair is getting too long n always in my way when I need to do things etc. And the head massage feels good~ thou i feel more pressure will be better :P

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Back to School

Little DinoEgg's child care centre was closed for Christmas on 26 & 27 Dec'07, this morning sent him to school and he freaked out! Guess after going out shopping and have fun for 3 days he sort of forgot about school. He wailed and cried outside the school, teacher Harusoh have to come out and carry him in. While I walked away, I can still hear him screaming at the top of his voice.

Went to Kiddy Palace @ Compass Point n bought a xylophone. Little DinoEgg 1st saw this at Wendy's house and took a liking to it, everytime he is there he will definately wanna play with it. Then recently saw this at Elaine's house and he also plays with it. Thus decided to get it for him since I chance upon it today.

I am confident that he will be very happy today and sees this on the table when he is home :D

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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Pneumococcal Jab

Finally brought Little DinoEgg for his pneumococcla jab. Went to GP instead of PD as its cheaper, each jab costs $168 (including consultation fee) n Little DinoEgg needs 2 jabs.

When we were at the clinic, there were no patient. Little DinoEgg was still very happy, walking around exploring but when we enter the doctor's room, its as if he can sense tt its not a "happy" room, he starts to be cranky n whine. Struggled like hell when Doc wants to listen to his chest. He struggled so hard that I was afraid I could not hold him down when the Doc administer the jab, but he was ok. Of course cried very loudly but when Doc showed him a bottle of sweets, he took 1 and is smiling happily.

Went down to Boon Keng to meet up Adeline for lunch, suppose to meet Jessie too but the sky does not look friendly so she decided not to join us lest it starts to pour. Had a quick lunchie of fish porridge which Little DinoEgg enjoy so much. Adeline has to rush off back to work so we took our time to finish that big bowl of porridge.

Walked around at Boon Keng, went to the CD shop which Adeline & Jessie has been talking about but could not find the CD I liked. Headed home bound in the MRT, stopped at Compass Point to walk around. Went in Action City to look for a coin bank, ended up Little DinoEgg vomitted in the shop, not sure why but i suspect its coz when I carried him, I pressed against his tummy thus the water came right back up. Cleaned him up n wipe up the water (lucky its not alot) and left the shop heading for home.

In the evening Little DinoEgg has mild fever 37.4Deg, which is ok coz Doc says some children may develop fever after the jab. He was ok later that night and daddy checked his temperature again in the morning, A-OKAY :)

Next jab will be at least 2 mths from today, sometime around Chinese New Year.

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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Shopping shopping shopping~

We have a shopping date with Jessie, Denise & Zenson~ After Little DinoEgg's milk n breakfast of pandan cake, I start to get him ready for our shopping trip; bathed him n changed him into his nice clothes. I put on his socks and shoes while I got myself ready. He was so excited, walk around the house following me n making noise; as if to say "are we ready to go out yet mum?" Then he spotted his hat on the sofa, took it n slap it onto his head....

1st time he put on the hat himself

Trying to balance the hat

Met up with Jessie @ Furama City Centre as I am meeting Alex for lunch. Its been at least a year since I last seen him. Well well, good news from him, he's been promoted! Congrats Alex! After waiting for 6 LONG YEARS!! Finally you see the fruit of your hardwork! We had a great time catching up. Today is the 2nd time he see Little DinoEgg, the 1st time was during his baby shower... time really flies by fast.

The food is nice, as always, but I was busy feeding Little DinoEgg and chatting that I had very little of food. Jessie too ahah~ both of us busy feeding our kiddos, but I think she ate more then me coz she did not yak n yak like me :P I think the olive fried rice is yummy as Little DinoEgg keep asking for it... I only tried 1 small mouth so cannot really tell.

After spending an hour and a half there, we headed to Suntec City FOX as they were having sale~ Bought a rompers set and a top for Little DinoEgg, a set of clothes for Denise and a tee for Zenson. Well spent cost its SALE~~~ We walked around as I wanted to buy Sesame Street CD for Little DinoEgg BUT unwilling to spend $12+ haha (cheapo ya), keep wanting to find some cheaper ones. Ended up @ Carrefour and bought a Richard Scarry's Best Counting Video Ever VCD @ $6.90 (cheap ya?) Jessie got a new hat, a cool hat, suits her very well and its not expensive at all :) At the 1st glance, I thought the pattern on the hat is some kind of flower but Jessie told me is SKULL. Upon closer look n I saw the skulls, cool! Funky prints but yet not too overboard.

Went over to Marina Square to walk around and got my Xmas gift to Little DinoEgg. A yellow rabbit soft toy. He immediately take a liking to this yellow rabbit. Hugges it while he is in the sling and also when he is walking around. I am afraid Mr Hippo will have to be #2 from today onwards... Suddenly remembered have to look for a new pair of shoes for Little DinoEgg as the snoopy shoes is getting tighter... Went to Kiddy Palace and could not see any, 90% of their shoes are for girls!! Hey! Boys do not need shoes or what??? Finally walked into John Little and got the pair of Bubble Gummers shoes that I saw last week. I thought I would have find a better choice but then... boys' shoes are so limited...

We took a rest at KFC, let the kiddos enjoy the fries while both Jessie & I rest our tired feet. Then off to more walking n shopping~~~ Finally at around 6pm we sat down at Sakae Sushi for our dinner. Had a good dinner of teriyaki chicken rice, aeroplane kids meal set, 2 chowamushis & 5 plates of sushi... all for $20+ hahaha~ How come? Dun tell you :D And the best part of the dinner is, Denise had fun time playing with Little DinoEgg!!! They were playing peekaboo, follow each other's action and laughing hysterically n their heads off. Thats a surprise for both me n Jessie as Denise is a very shy girl, plus this is the 1st time we go out alone with them, thus the 1st time Denise n Little DinoEgg have interaction without any distraction. Good job Denise~ *hugz*
We went home after our dinner as all of us are dead tired, especially us, the mummies as we do the walking while the kiddos were either being carried or sit in pram *phew*

Here are the pictures of the day; again very little coz too busy trying to handle our kiddos :P

Last but not least, Little DinoEgg let me put on the bib on him, this is the 1st time he is eating his food with the bib. Previously he will try to pull it out or throw a tantrums if I dun remove it. Hopefully he has grown to accept bibs. Also once home, he knocked out hugging his smelly, yellow rabbit and Mr Hippo~

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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

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Monday, December 24, 2007

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Sakae Sushi lunch

Just came back from a good lunch at Sakae Sushi. Me n Little DinoEgg were the only customer there as it was still early; around 1215pm.

I ordered a chowamushi & eel rice to share with Little DinoEgg, then had 2 plates of sushi while Little DinoEgg finishes 1 plate of tt egg sushi.

He totally enjoyed himself even though when I fetch him, the teacher told me he just fell asleep *ooppsss* Was so afraid that he'd be cranky n made such a din in the restaurant. And teacher also told me he just had lunch... but look at him.. he ate soooo much rice n stuffs.

Went to buy lunch for daddy n made our way home. He was still hyper when I put him on the bed to nap, but after some patting on his butt butt, he feel asleep peacefully.

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Start of my long leave

Today is the 1st day of my one n a half week leave. Woke up at the usual timing; 545am *yawnz* as need to send Little DinoEgg to school. Dunno what happened, today he is also very cranky. When we reach the school, he do not want to walk, keep clinging at me, at 1 point sat on the floor with his head on the ground. Super pissed off, smacked him, he wailed n wail, I dun care! What the hell is wrong with him!!!

Going to pick him up at 12pm later, hope he is feeling better.

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Sunday, December 23, 2007

The morning after

Feeling super tired today... slept @ 2am+ after updating my blog and woke up at 4am+ when Little DinoEgg suddenly starts crying n screaming. Think he had too much excitment yesterday, having nightmares :( Carried him to my bed and tried to pat him to sleep, instead he open his eyes wide n stared at me, at least he is not screaming. He was playing with his hippo then soon after fell asleep, n its 5am+

I woke up around 830am when I heard Little DinoEgg blabbering to himself in the living room, playing with his toys. Kept my eyes shut to laze for a while n at the same time keep my ears "open" lest this little fella get into trouble. After a while I heard pitter-patter sound of Little DinoEgg's feet. He stood beside me, look at me then laid his head on my tummy. When I did not give him any respond, he just stood there quietly. I decided its time to wake up coz I think Little DinoEgg is hungry, so I opened my eyes. When he saw tt he was very happy, smile so sweetly at me n took my specs from the side table n gave it to me. So clever~ Mummy's lovely sweet boy *muackz*

Dragged myself out of bed and went to boil the water, wash up n make milk for Little DinoEgg. Now he is taking his morning nap n I am still feeling zoombie typing blog entry hee~

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