Saturday, August 30, 2008

*cough cough*

No updates for the pass 1 week right?
Coz I am sick :(
Have not been feeling well on yesterday morning; woke up with a nagging neck ache and body ache. At night feel my throat uncomfy n a little bit of fever. Took med n head off to bed.

Today, it got worst, throat swollen n have difficulty swallowing, neck ache and body ache is still there *sigh* Starts to have itchy throat n coughing. Wanted to take half day and go back to rest but can't, some work to finish....

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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Shopping shopping

I have made plans with sis to go over to her house follow by a shopping plus dinner at TM but it started to rain since morning 7am and escalate to heavy showers in the afternoon :(

After Little DinoEgg woke up from his nap, the rain starts to get smaller and after our lunch of KFC we quickly get change and out of the house to sis' house. It was still drizzling but that did not stop us, took a cab n zoom there, it got heavier when we reach pasir ris.

Little DinoEgg had a good time playing with Cousin Han, Cousin Farn and BIL. And what was I doing? Lazing on the sofa watching tv after I checked out some stuffs that i am going to buy from sis as a gift for my gf. Lazing on the sofa and waiting for the rain to either go away or at least gets smaller.

Finally after an hours' wait, it did get smaller and we leave the house and headed for TM. We headed to Sakae Sushi for dinner first otherwise the restaurants will be very crowded. Even its only 6.30pm there are already a queue outside Sakae Sushi, can u believe that???!!!! Byt the time we get a table its close to 7pm. A messy dinner half an hour later we are out of the restaurant heading to FOX.

Even though is a Saturday, FOX was kinda empty, we were the only customers in the kids department. Then Little DinoEgg decided to run around the area, with Cousin Farn in tow. Usually I dun allow them to run around the shop but it was so empty and we ladies, including Cousin Han *haha* were busy browsing the clothes *guilty guilty* We came out with 4pcs of clothes, happy me n sis :P

We head off to Popular where sis need to buy some assessement books for Farn. The 2 little fellas were busy flipping through the numerous assessment books as if they know what is inside there and how to solve the maths questions. The shop is so crowded! All the daddys n mummys with their kiddos... all going there to buy some thing for themselves or for their kids... is there a sale going on at Popular or wat?

We took a cab home at 9plus, the stupid driver... told him to go pasir ris first then to sengkang, he actually turned up to TPE and wanted to sengkang first. When we questioned him, he can act blur and say "oh just now you say go sengkang first ma!" Pls lor! Use ur brain (if u have one!), we are at tampines, go all the way up to sengkang then come down to pasir ris again??? U trying to earn alot of extra bucks izzit? Even Farn says sacarstically "This is Elise Green, why drive to here for wat?!" And when he come down from the expressway he nearly drive into the wrong lane, into the oncoming traffic!!!!

If it wasn't tiredness n have to settle a cranky Little DinoEgg I would have take a receipt from him and write a "report" to the taxi company.

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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Parenthood testing

Yesterday morning while on way to work after dropping Little DinoEgg at school, happen to take the same lift as a young couple. The mummy is slinging a 2-3mths old baby. Being human, we naturally are very curious to see the baby's face right? Walked near them n tried to peep, but unable too coz the mummy was facing the daddy and away from prying eyes. At first I did not feel it funny, maybe she really do not like pple to keep staring at her baby. However when we were in the lift, she went right in and faced the corner, that means her back is towards everyone, her gesture gives me a feeling that she is shielding her baby from everyone who may have some kind of disease etc that will harm her baby *frown*

I think nothing to it, we waited for the LRT and when it came, she boarded and stood at the end of the LRT, someone offered her a seat at the 2-seater seat. She sat down, half her butt on the seat, turned away from the person seating next to her n gave a black face. At the next station, the person got down and an uncle sat down, she gave tt uncle a super unhappy face then turned to glared at her husband.

Then the daddy simply just comment tt the baby seems to be uncomfortable then she slashed out at him, "I already try to sling him/her properly but him/her keep slipping down! Dunno how much soap u use on him/her!!" *GASPED* Wah like tt oso kena scolded... poor hubby. Then she went on...

"Why u dun come forward n take the seat beside me?!!"
"I carry so many things how to move forward??" *train was crowded and ya poor him gotta carry mummy's bag, his laptop n a big bag of baby's stuffs*
The mummy glared at him... and let off a frustrated sigh...

I feel so sad for the mummy, she probably has not got used to motherhood; those late nights feed, the demand of a new born, the mood swing etc... I think she is sliding into depression, plus the daddy also look like someone who are at a lost how to help the wife and the baby... I so wanted to help her, have an urge to give them my contact so that she can have someone to talk to. However, given the situation and the atmosphere there n then, I decided to walk away. What if the mummy lashing out at me too! I'll be too embarrass to do anything... Its like, I am being too nosey etc etc... I just hope she will get over it soon.

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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Whats that you say again?

Brought Little DinoEgg to the library again after meeting up with a friend.

We were are the kiddy's reading area. Let me roughly describe the layout. There are 4 kiddy size round tables and chairs at the entrance to the reading area; 3 tables with attached benches inside and marbled seat built around a big round pillar.

I was sitting on the marbled seat, Little DinoEgg was walking around, choosing books from the low shelves. He passed me a book to read to him, then he suddenly point to the pillar and say "Mummy~ see! BEAM!" *Me surprised* Ok ok he got it wrong, it should be PILLAR instead of BEAM, but how does a 2yr old knows this word and connect it with the actual thing?

Later that day, at home, he did it again. This time he pointed to the beam in the house and say "Mummy! Beam!"

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Friday, August 15, 2008

New Kid on the block

That day while celebrating birthday at Little DinoEgg's school, I noticed a new boy in his class; Andrew...

He is taller then Little DinoEgg by 1 head, looks older then him but that can be deceiving due to his height. Noticed that this Andrew does not talk alot, in his own little world, dun follow instruction too. According to Teacher Gina, Andrew joined early Aug'08.

Upon my observation, I gather that Andrew may have been taken care by some relative; thus "home bound". I saw him hitting Clara out of nothing; Clara was standing at the table minding her own business, this Andrew jus came up, look around then smack Clara's head real hard. Clara being Clara definitely cannot take it, so started a war of smacking head, face, arms etc till Teacher Gina stepped in. And I confirm+guarantee that he will have clashes with Little DinoEgg.

True enough, when I fetch him earlier, I asked Teacher Gina and she say "YES!", and as Little DinoEgg is able to express himself better then the rest of his classmates he will say;

"Teacher, Andrew pinch me!"
"Teacher, Andrew beat me!"
"Teacher, Andrew... ... ...

Hey Andrew, watch it ok! If I find any bruises or scratches contributed by you on my dear son, you are going to hear from me!

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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Birthday Party at School

Finally the day came and its time to celebrate Little DinoEgg's birthday at his school~

We went to collect the cake at RM at around 3pm and with all the goodies bags walked to Little DinoEgg's school. Wow~ a 3kg cake is really heavy, my arms were tired only half way to the school :(

When we reached the school, the children were just waking up from their nap and to our dismay... Little DinoEgg was crying... Teacher Gina says he does not want to wake up *sigh* So a teary Birthday Boy met us at the door and refuse to quiet down. Only when the cake was out did he starts to smile.

All the kids were very excited, seems that the teachers have been telling them this morning that Little DinoEgg is celebrating his birthday this afternoon. All of them looked at us with their big round eyes, anticipating the upcoming celebration. When the cake was brought out, all of them crowded around the table saying "car car car~" and all wanted to take it but they know they cannot touch the cake, so all only can stare hehehe~

After getting the kids ready, they sang Birthday song, and cake given out. Some of the little ones requested for 2nd helping, that means the cake is yummy right? I only had a small bite as I was busy taking photos :)

Oh and Little DinoEgg blew out the 2 candles without any help and no saliva on the cake too, cool right?

Everyone enjoyed the cake and were happy. Gifts for all, including the teachers and aunties. It was a happy celebrtion. Little DinoEgg enjoyed it too, especially when eating the cake haha~

Monday, August 11, 2008

Birthday BASH Planning - Part 9

Ok, remember the STAR that Adeline mentioned? Hee~ here is the STAR~~

I wanted something special so I made the invitation card myself, all 12 of them. Send to our Angeling group & siblings :) Each of them different design. I should have taken a photo of ALL of them BUT I forgot to do it and sent them out.

I hope the gang did not dunk the STAR into the dustbin after his birthday party :(

HEY GANG~ If u have no place to keep the STAR, return to me for keepsake ok *wink*

The STAR shape, alphabets, shapes n patterns were bought online. Since I am not able to find a nice envelope big enough for the STAR, I decided to made them. I simply buy Happy Birthday wrapping paper, cut them to the appropriate size and use double sided tape to stick them together. Even the addressee label is DIY, just chose the picture I want, copy paste then print them out in color.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

My New Love

This is the 1st birthday gift Little DinoEgg received, it came on 08 Aug'08, Friday night. Its from Jojo+Arthur+Ethan+Enya :)

Little DinoEgg was drinking him milk milk when the delivery man knocked on our door. He came running to check things out when I was still at the door. When he saw the motorcycle, he immediately say MOTORCYCLE and wanted to climb on it, but as I put it against the wall, he couldn't put his feet over it. I have to coax him to return to his milk, promising him that he will get to play with it the next day.

Next day after breakfast and getting ready to go out of the house, he still cannot ber to leave his beloved motorcycle...

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