Monday, January 4, 2016

Fabulous 2015 December Holiday

Usually before the school holiday fever hits every one I would have shared some great holiday activities on the blog but I was too busy with my work; both my full time work and my craft work, but I tried to share as much activities I could in my facebook page. Hope every one had fun!

And still being caught up with work, this post was late too but I still want to share with you the fun things (non academic of course) we did during the school holiday.

With my busy schedule, DinoBoy was practically stuck at home for most part of the year end school holiday. Earlier, apart from going for the Transformer Combiner Challenge hosted by Hasbro in early November where he got loads of new transformer toys from me and tagging along when I was at he Artisan Market Fair on weekends, he was practically stuck with the tv and the ipad. I am not happy about that but I can't help it.

Few weeks into the holiday, things started to turned better. Thank God for siblings and media invite, he managed to catch 2 movies~

Photo Credit : Walt Disney Studios

Photo Credit : 20th Century Fox

Besides the movies, here are some of the activities he did during the school holiday.

Through the Lens

Every school holidays, we'll try to let DinoBoy take part in one workshop by National Parks and this time we signed up DinoBoy and cousin for the Educational Programme @ Singapore Botanic Gardens - Nature Through The Lens: Photography Workshop by Canon, jointly organised by Singapore Botanic Gardens and the Canon Imaging Academy.

In this workshop they kids get a chance to explore the basic components of photography using a DSLR camera, which excites DinoBoy to the max. There was a theory session, followed by a practical session where the kids explored the Singapore Botanic Gardens with the cameras.

They took many photos while walking around the Singapore Botanic Gardens, they were told to choose one of their best shot to be printed out.  Here is DinoBoy's, not perfect but good enough for me. *opps* Forgot to take a photo of the photo, will insert later.

The Sun, Sand & Sea

He got a little bit of 3S; Sun Sand Sea, too with his little cousin. Both boys had a great time at the Changi beach building sandcastles, digging trenches etc.  They were out for half a day, you would have thought they will be dead tired but NO!  they were as energetic as ever when they reached home!  Can't say the same for my bro and SIL, who were dead tired.

3-2-1 ACTION!

He had a taste of acting too~ We got to know that the students in Temasek Polytechnic was casting for kids roles for their year end project and I sent in DinoBoy's photo. I wasn't expecting him to be selected but was surprised when I was told that he did and have to go for 1 round of audition before they short list the kids for the roles.  Well, he passed the audition and got the role, even get to say a line too.

Shooting was really NO FUN at all, at least for this Mama.  The shooting took place at a playground with no shelter,  I have to sit under hot sun sometimes too, feed the mozzie and bear the houseflies flying around me constantly while I try to do my crochet project.  The long hours doing the shoot took a toll on the kids too, more NGs, more arguments, more bickering as the day gets longer.

At the end of it, no hard feelings among the kids and the parents (we are all chill parents who leave the kids to fight it out themselves).  It was not the 1st time DinoBoy was in front of the camera (his first was here) plus he's been performing on numerous year end concerts since he was 5 years old, he was able to act naturally. However, it was still a good experience for him.  Now who needs a boy actor?  Look HERE!  hahahha~

New Pets in the House

Another exciting thing that happened in the family is we adopted another hamster, don't worry, our Ah Pui Mochi is still with us.

We recently found out that Mochi is a GIRL and not a BOY!

I came across Salty, Oldie, Russel when a friend posted that she is looking for sincere adopters for her hamsters.  She initially let someone adopt 4 of her baby hamsters only to find out later that this person has been abusing them.  This sad case of hamster abuse ended with 1 baby died, 1 female became super fierce due to traumatized days, 2 males became wary of anything that goes near them.  After discussions with the DinoFamily, we decided to adopt 1 of the male.  DinoBoy adores Russel to the max, playing with him almost daily and stuffing him with treats whenever he can.

Russel is active and curious, fast on his feet and a climber too!

This same friend has been posting updates on Russel's brother and asking for adopter too but for weeks no one seems to want this sweet little thing.  Another round of family discussions and we welcomed Bacon into our family.

Bacon is more docile and a little bit lazy

Mum-Son Shopping & Outdoor Fun Plans - Shelved

I actually had plans for us to head to town to utilize the Kinokuniya vouchers my boss gave DinoBoy, a little bit of shopping and outdoor fun at his favourite place, but the rain kept us indoors thus we have to shelved them till later.  We did went out shopping yesterday but its to get his school shoes at the neighobourhood mall.  It never crossed my mind that WHAT IF we can't get shoes for him?? *beats chest* Heng arh (or Luckily), we managed to get a pair for him otherwise we have to rush to another mall to try to get the shoes.


So here's what we did during the 1.5months of school holiday, we hope you had as much fun as we did instead of being cooped up at home.  DinoBoy just started to learn how to ride a bicycle last weekend, I foresee that the coming weekends will be spent trying to master it better till he can ride it confidently.

Even though its the 1st day of school today, we are already looking forward to the 1st school term holiday in March 2016!


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