Sunday, November 29, 2009

Saturday, November 28, 2009

ION Big Xmas Tree

After the Green Sheep performance and a quick lunch at Mac, we decided to walk to ION to see tt BIG Xmas tree outside at the main entrance.

ION Xmas Tree

Inside the Xmas Tree

Doing his concert dance

The above photo is me trying to take a photo of Little DinoEgg and the pretty deco above but failed hahaha~ Its the 3rd attempt n only this one turns out better, the other 2 were over exposed :P Anyway to quote Ms Noel Chow...

"Using my OWN imagination in tis pix ~ his little fists with 2 little fingers sticking out on each side acts like 'antennas'. E expression on his face is like he is giving off 'power' like tos cartoon characters n e lightings bhind him is e 'power' tt he is giving out...:p"

It was a hot day, the inside of the Xmas Tree feels like suana just barely 10mins after we are inside there. We have to exit in a flash otherwise we will faint inside :S Perhaps next year they can install more ventilation n cooling system inside.

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The Green Sheep

After the Boogie Bug Xmas Party, we fly down to Forum the Shopping Mall for The Green Sheep performance :)

"The Green Sheep is based on the delightful picture book "Where is the Green Sheep" by Mem Fox, and performed in a interactive setting inspired by Judy Horacek's stunning illustrations. "The Green Sheep" is a guided experience for babies, toddlers and their families. Three puppeteers and a musician tell the tale about the search for the elusive Green Sheep, introducing many other sheep and wonderful concepts along the way. The audience sits on the floor in a "sheep's pen" as the action takes place around them. The playful setting heightens the excitement for the little ones, allowing them to move around the pen, seeing the sheep up close as they are introduced."

Well its truly an enjoyable performance, wonder why I did not take photo during their performance, think too engrossed with the performance (^^) Even the unhappy-tired Little DinoEgg enjoy it alot.

After the performance the kids can break up into groups; story-telling, play with the musical instruments or see the Green Sheep. Little DinoEgg choose to sit down and listen to the story (I thought he will play with the musical instruments).

But, Where is the Green Sheep?????

Here is the Green Sheep, sound asleep~

Touching the Green Sheep

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Boogie Bug Xmas party 2009

Boogie Bug Xmas party~~~

Dressed Little DinoEgg up in shirt and jeans instead of the usual tee n pants/jeans coz thought its a big event party, hand some boy hehehe~

We were there about 15mins before 10am, sat at the lobby till the hall is open. There are so many pple~ Lucky we were there early as Little DinoEgg was able to play most of the games. Though he did not score goal or "play cheat" in some of the games he got a little prize at every game.

Here are some photos of him playing the games

Posing with some of his little prizes.

Soon more and more pple came n the hall starts to get crowded n cramp. Both of us suddenly feel the tension n stress. I got restless and Little DinoEgg starts to act up. We retreated to the front of the stage to have some quiet time. Then we saw Lili and Mikaela ^^

Chatted with Lili, after a while the MC announced that the show is going to start shortly so we went to look for a space to sit on the floor. The show is about Uncle Reuben losing his singing voice hahaha~ and the journey to look for his singing voice back. It was a fun show, the kids enjoyed it, they even have a dance performance by some of the older kids.

Anyway both of us did not enjoy it very much coz we feel cramp, noisy n stuffy. Little DinoEgg keep saying that he wants to go home but I wanted him to stay to see the Santa Clause. I asked if he would like to meet Santa Clause and he nodded his head. So we endure till an hour later :)

Finally its the end of the show and we got a chance to take a photo with Santa, Uncle Reuben and Uncle Mark.

Uncle Reuben, Santa & Uncle Mark

Xmas gift from Boogie Bug

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Friday, November 27, 2009

BBQ @ Enry's

After the Sesame Street performance, we hang around Compass Point n wait for daddy to reach so that we can all go to Enry's place for BBQ~

With the Xmas Tree @ CP

2 kids monkeying around on the steps

It rained very heavily and we were so afraid that we have to cancel the BBQ :( So much food, what to do with them if its cancelled? We went up to Enry's house to sit n wait for the rain to go away, crossing our fingers at the same time too. Luckily around 7pm, the rain stopped and the daddies went down to the BBQ pit to start the fire etc. We mummies stay back in the house with the kids, plus relaxing abit :P Especially me! My arms still hurt after carrying Little DinoEgg for an hour earlier!

It was a good BBQ, no photos coz all of us are sooo busy! The guys had a hard time getting the fire to start up. Later after the fire is up, Steven busy with cooking the food, daddy n Eric went to buy some stuffs+beer, the mummies busy feeding the little ones. The food are yummy~ The home made Indonesia otah is tasty, its the 1st time I have it, not too bad, but I think it would taste better if its spicy kekeke~ The chicken chop tt daddy marinate is good! Its been a long time since our last BBQ, seems like daddy did not forget his marinating recipe ^^ I love the chicken wings n the prawns~ Little DinoEgg love them too~ Ate so many wings n prawns tt I was so afraid he will over eat.

Little DinoEgg had an accident though :( It was nearing the end of the day, we were sitting at the picnic table chatting. Little DinoEgg was sitting beside me playing pretend car ride. Since the bench is quite narrow, I warned him to be careful. A while later, I simply took my eyes off him for a sec n he fell backwards, hitting the back of his head hard on the concrete ground. He cried out so loud, holding onto his head, gave me a real shock! I carried him up fm the ground n hugged him tight, consoling him. Eric was real quick with the make-shift ice pack n handed it to me *THANKS ERIC* We look at his head n there are no red marks no bleeding, have to monitor to see if he has got vomiting for the next 2 days. And can u believe it tt 10mins later he is running around like nothing happened? Kids....

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Meet Abby Cadabby, Elmo & Friends

Arranged with the gang to watch Sesame Street performance at Compass Point shopping centre.

Little DinoEgg insist on wearing this Spiderman tee shirt. He has been bugging me almost every day for the pass week, keep asking me if I have washed his Spiderman tee, can he wear his Spiderman tee...

We were there about an hour early but the queue was already sooooo long! In the end we did not managed to get inside the sitting area thus have to stand n watch the performance. I think Little DinoEgg did not enjoy it as much as last year's, not only I have to carry him for about an hour (15mins waiting time + 45mins of show time), he have to crane his neck to the side to watch the show. It does not help when there is an inconsiderate MAN inside the sitting area who refuse to squat down or sit down. His selfish action makes those standing outside the sitting area craning their neck, bending their body just so tt their kids in their arms can see the show. Selfish idiot!

Since I have to carry Little DinoEgg, I was unable to take photos, below are 1 photo taken fm Catherine keke~

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Creamy Pumpkin Soup

I decided to use my Philips blender today to make pumpkin soup~ Got hold of the recipe long ago from Nicole but haven't got the chance to try it out.

Butternut Squash & white Onion

All chopped n peeled ready to be cooked

Boiling Boiling

Pumpkin Soup~ with a dash of sour cream

Not really successful coz
1. Did not blend the squash n onion long enough, still have small lumps of squash n bits of onion
2. Not enough water, thus its abit pureen instead of soup like.

Consulted my Nicole and identified a few mistakes :P Try again next time n hopefully its more soup like kekeke~

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Friday, November 20, 2009

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Surprise gift

Daddy gave me a surprise today~ Its the Philips handheld blender that I have wanted to buy few weeks ago but keep holding back coz I was unsure whether I will have the courage to use it since I am not the "cooking type" person. Well, since daddy has bought it for me, means I will have to make myself use it to blend more soup for Little DinoEgg, pureen some food for little nephew Yuan n find out more how I can utilize this machine.


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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Having the run

Tummy doesn't feel right on Monday evening, keep giving the "grinding" sound n having a slight cramping feeling. I thought nothing about it till later that night when i feel an excruciating pain n made a dash to the toilet :( After that I feel lousy...

Went to see Dr Ivan Ong, he gave me some med for the runs n the cramps feeling at the tummy. Took MC for Tuesday but was still feeling very weak at night thus took another day off.

Feeling slightly better today so returning back to work tomorrow.

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Monday, November 16, 2009

Lion & Bear loafers

Little DinoEgg's favourite pair of loafers is spolit :( There is a hole at the Bear side. Tried to look for this pair of shoes from the seller I bought it from but she does not have them any more.

I did managed to find a almost similar pair at Tampines1, the pictures are the same but it looks greener, not like this pair which is abit brown. Help~~~ anyone can help me??? Little DinoEgg is sad that he is not allowed to wear his favourite shoes...

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