Monday, March 29, 2010

I want my underwear

Pass few days we let Little DinoEgg wear diaper to sleep coz we thought its better to start training over the weekend since the next day there are no classes. He's been asking to go to bed without his diaper "becoz I am a big kor-kor already! I am N2 not PG, PG wear diaper, N2 dun wear diaper."

Well, sorry son, knowing you, you'd most likely will give the teachers trouble if you lack of good night's sleep.

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Thursday, March 18, 2010

*giggles giggles*

I have a house warming to attend at a MH friend's house thus was unable to fetch Little DinoEgg nor was at home when he reached home. I received a call from this little boy and here is our short conversation;

Little DinoEgg : Hello Mummy!
Me : Hi darling!
Little DinoEgg : I miss you! *awww~ so sweet can??!!*
Me : Oh really?
Little DinoEgg : Yes!
*me laughing happily*
Me : What are you doing now?
Little DinoEgg *very softly* : Watching tv...
Me : Huh?? What are you doing??
Little DinoEgg *slightly louder* : Watching tv.
Me : Are you suppose to watch tv?
Little DinoEgg : ... ...
Me : Who let you watch tv?
Little DinoEgg : Daddy!
Me : You remember what mummy said about tv right?
Little DinoEgg : What?
Me : Mummy said no tv at night.
Little DinoEgg : *giggles giggles and hang up the phone on me*

This daddy... break my no tv rules =.=

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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Monday, March 15, 2010

Over Night Diaperless Training

We decided to let Little DinoEgg go diaperless ytd night. We keep reminding him that he is not going to wear diaper to bed later, have to wake up to go toilet etc etc However later that night, we had a hard time waking him up to go toilet. Fought with me =.= Ended up I have to let daddy take over. He took him to the toilet and he did not pee, keep protesting. So he carried him back to his bed.

Next day, bed is dry *phew*


2nd nite

Managed to wake him up n he did his pee job. However bed was wet haha~ think he had too much water the previous day.


Today, failure too.... couldn't wake him up at all :( Think the pass 2 days of disrupted sleep has made him too tired. Well, the training shall continue.

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Sunday, March 14, 2010

To the Big Play Ground!

After Ollie play we had a date with Chris & her girls at the Big Playground! I had a hard time pursuing sis to go with us. In the end she relent kekeke~ We went back her house to pick up Cousin Han then fly off to Downtown East to meet for Chris for lunch at Burger King! Both things that Little DinoEgg love the most!

This is the 3rd time Little DinoEgg is at the Big Playground, but he still need help from Eve or Jann to climb up some of the frames. As usual Eve is such a good jie-jie, she automatically follow him every where Little DinoEgg run without Chris telling her to do so. However Little DinoEgg is fast on his feet, the minute she saw him with her, the next he was gone! She had a hard time looking for her. In the end I told her to go ahead n play, no need to bother about him as I saw tt he is able to climb up n down on his own.

And can you believe kids are really amazing! Cousin Farn meet up with the girls for the 1st time but all 3 of them are chasing each other, climbing up n down etc like they know each other for a long time. And there are some very nice n friendly older kids too, when they saw Little DinoEgg has difficulty climbing up the frames, they helped him; either by carrying him up, pulling him at the armpit or pushing him up on the butt :P

We stayed there for couple of hours and head off to take a ride at the Ferris Wheel, a compliment ride from Big Playgound :)

I did not take any photos coz forgot to bring my camera :( However I happen to found 2 photos I took of Little DinoEgg with a picture he drew of the Big Playground after his 1st visit.

The yellow part is the spiral slide, the pink part is the other near 90deg slide, the rest are his perception of the Big Playround, with its tunnels n everything.

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Ollie & Slurge Play

Its the day for Ollie & The Slurge, yeah!! But Catherine can't join us coz Charlotte was sick :( So sis & Cousin Farn went with us instead.

It was a good show, me & Little DinoEgg really enjoyed it though there were a lot of talking but there were pupptery n some cool characters, like the toxic infected hermit crab, seagull & skipper fish. There was a part where the monsterous seagull n skipper fish came out fm the back of the theatre and made their way slowly up back to the stage. Of course they wave their claws n wings at the audience. Alot of kids bawl out crying when they saw them, I was afraid Little DinoEgg will too so I assured him many many times tt its jus a pretend monster, not a real one etc.

Even though there was a toxic monster crawling all over the city eating buildings n human, they were able to present it in a lively n funny way so that the kids will not feel scared or worried about kids eating monster "out there". Even the 2 bullies looks cute instead of terror hahaha~ The productions were considerate enough to warn us before the start of the play that there will be dimming of the lights, total darkness and scary monsters through out the play.

At the end of the show there is even a fun song, an Ollie & the Slurge song :) I totally enjoy the whole play!

No photography during the play but take a look at some of the photos by itheatre.

And since its care for our environment, there are some eco bags, pouches, pencil cases etc for sale~ There are all made out from previous productions that itheatre donates to be made into something useful. And I bought a pouch :) the bags were too big for me (^^,)

Cool Right? Too bad they dun have anything bigger, otherwise I will get it for Little DinoEgg's school clothes.

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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Alone in BB class

Well, what do you know! It actually worked!

This morning I told Little DinoEgg that he will have to attend Uncle Reuben's class alone, mummy will wait for him outside. He was reluctant coz I was always with him for the pass year. After much assurance, from the time we leave the house till we reach the class, he was finally convinced.

For the pass 1 hour, I sat outside reading my book (a chance for me to do some catching up on my reading!), occasionally walk to the door n peep through the curtain. Little DinoEgg caught me peeping couple of times, but instead of crying, his eyes light up and gave me a huge smile and a tiny wave.

Feedback fm Reuben (who is incidentally alone today as Mark is not around) is he is able to follow instructions much better! He does stray away a few times but a firm call of his name n he will draw his attention back.

So its settled! When we are back the following term I will leave him in the class :)

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Friday, March 12, 2010

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Child Size 2010

Its Child Size by Act3 International today. We went to the festival full of expectation and was met with disappoinment. We took the Play Den package coz it look like its more suitable for Little DinoEgg & Cousin Han; both 3yrs old. The puppet show is good but we feel that its more suitable for older kids. The rest of the program is not very well organised or planned.

The singing workshop simple just teach the kids to sing 2 songs with actions, very messy coz some of the kids were running across the big circle, distracting other kids. Their parents did not stop them, and I guess the organisor did not dare to do anything. At the end of the workshop, the kids went up to that tiny stage to try to perform to the parents on 1 of the songs they learn just minutes ago. It was a mess! The 2 kids that were running around started to push the kids on the small stage, trying to get to the front of it. Little DinoEgg was pushed a few times n he was not shy to voice out his displeasure. I am sure a few parents were offended, but what the heck!

The dancing workshop is as messy as the singing workshop. The kids were all over the peacock feathers but the dance instructors did nothing to stop them but simply smile n try to be cool.

Anyway we did not stay long coz Little DinoEgg started to act up coz he did not take his nap or rather he refuse to take his nap.... He started to cry n scream when I refuse to carry him; a sign that he is tired. I dragged him out of the room n he got a good punishment from me. We stayed outside till the workshop ends then Sis & Cousin Han came out.

After that we went downstairs to find their Art Making and got a shock! They simply cut the shape of Man & Woman, some shrits. skirt, pants etc out of newspaper or magazines. Add some stripe cloths as accessories etc. So u chose ur clothes n accessories n made ur paper doll.

What a disappointment... Not worth the ticket price we paid.

Nevertheless, I think the kids enjoy it... sort of... not becoz of the program but becoz of each other's company :) We went for a simple dinner (forgot the name) at Raffles City. The food took a long, long, long time to be served... so sis took this opportunity to take some photos of the two little imps.

Not a total unhappy day, just not satisfied with the Child's Play. Hope they will improve it next year.

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Saturday, March 6, 2010

No More Boogie Bug!

Have a talk with Reuben last week, about leaving Boogie Bug class and heading off to Drama in hope to let Little DinoEgg learn the art of listening n behaving. Reuben agrees with my decision, he also suggest that for the next class let him be in the class alone. He told me that a few of the kids actually behave n respond better when their parents are not in the class. Plus the class was not suppose to have any parents sitting in, but if you want they will not stop you.

Well, that is a good suggestion, which I think I will try it out. If it proof to be workable, next term I shall follow suit.

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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Drama Academy

After talking to the girls n doing some thinking I decided to go ahead and let Little DinoEgg take up the drama course in Act3. I hope I am making a right decision coz his behaviour is really getting out of control.

So I went online to Act3 website and filled in the application form. Now waiting for them to get in touch with me.

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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

No Wings

Its a hassle n high blood pressure job to bath Little DinoEgg, daddy will always - 99% shout/scream/smack him while in the bath room coz he will splash water, play with water, jump etc inside the bath room.

Just now he was very well behaved, even while daddy was blow drying his hair with the hair dryer. Daddy was sooo happy;

Daddy : You are so well behave today, you are such an angel.
Little DinoEgg : Daddy, but I have no wings.
Daddy : ... ...

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