Wednesday, February 28, 2007

It Was a Good Day!

A few good things happened ytd :)
First & foremost, I FINALLY FINISHED THE WORK TT I TOOK FM AUNTIE CAROLE!!!! It looks easy but when u actually do it, its quite tough, time consuming too, on top of tt i have to try to recognise of their handwrittings. Some can write till i really have no idea wat tt word is lor *faintz* Since 23 Feb i've been working on this till ard 1-2am, then i go or-orrr. However could not sleep long coz DinoEgg sick n kept waking up. Even though Daniel is taking care of him, i woke up when i hear his cries, mother instinct? Actually come to think of it, its really tough work for $X but then its better den nothing ya? Hope Auntie Carole can pass me some more work in near future *keeping fingers crossed*

Secondly, after hearing dear old sis complained abt how she lost her job for a stupid reason as "does not have Mac lappie", ytd she sms me n told me she managed to land a 1 mth job assignment! Congrats SISTA!! At least now she have income n will not be rotting at home *oooppss!* And hor perhaps she will have the extra $ to either repair n upgrade her old old old Mac pc or invest in a Mac lappie. Oh n perhaps buy a new printer too hahaha~

Thirdly, Eunice called and told me she is finally preggy!! WOAH YEAH!!! We chatted for a while n she said she's been really trying for the pass 6 mths, every month keep track of her ovalation cycle, temp etc. She is currently 5 weeks preggy n next week going to see gynae @ TMC. hehehe~ another TMC baby on the way~ However i was thinking, she may have been trying to concieve for more the 6mths. Coz when i was in my 1st tri on Dec 06, she was already asking me abt the signs n symtoms of knowing if u r preg etc. Told me they are trying to have one wor~ so in fact she TTC for errmm... *counting fingers* 14 months!! And hor.... occasionally i will sms her asking "how any good news??" always come back -ve. i sms her again 2 weeks ago n received no reply, thot she is overseas. Ytd she said she changed her SIM card so dunno who, how come ask this sort of Q n was actually quite irritated. Uh-oh!! Sorry lah Eunice, i din know i have been a nuisance to u ~>.<~ Anyway, now another baby arrival to look forward to! Fourthly, Eunice said Anna found a job! Wow!! Finally!!! Thats good, no wonder din see her in multiply or any where else. I must 1 day sms her n ask her wats happening n perhaps meet up at Uncle Raymond's shop. Lastly, i sent out Little DinoEgg's photo to participate for the Baby Idol Contest, dunno whether he will be selected or not, keeping my fingers crossed. This is the 1st time i am entering him for such contest so abit kan cheong...... Happy Happy Happy!!!

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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Feeling Better

Little DinoEgg is recovering fm his flu n cough. Ytd when i see him at home, he was not sniffling or coughing so frequently, only occasional cough once or twice. Thats good!! However dunno wat happened he suddenly screamed very loud follow by crying sometime ard 3am. Wonder is it coz he was having nightmare?

As he manages to fall back to sleep at ard 4am, he was still zzz soundly when i woke up at 6am. However shortly after he is awake n playing with himself on the bed. I think his biological clock wakes him up at the same time dispite the fact tt he does not have long hours of good sleep. Anyway i left him alone since he is not crying, happily playing with himself. I walked out the room he was lying down, when i went in a min later he was on his tum tum. Trying to figure out how to move or how to flip back onto his back. I din talk to him as scared he cry n want me to carry him. I continue with getting myself ready for work.

Who knows after a while, Little DinoEgg was crying, those kind of "come n carry me NOW" cry. I ignore coz was busy doing something plus its still not tt urgent. When i went into the room, saw him lying flat with his left arm behind him. Guess he was feeling kinda bored coz no one came to him dispite his cries, he lie face down, bored face n still do the "eh.. eh..." sound. He lifted up his head to look at me when i walked in n immediately perks up n goes "wahha... wwhhhaaaa..." *faintz* This cheeky fella, really know how to react n pretend in front of us.

Oh n ytd Daniel told me tt he thot Little DinoEgg was sleeping soundly in the sarong as he din twitch or make noise, but when he got up to peep at him, n guess wat? Little DinoEgg was actually lying very still but WITH HIS EYES OPENED, and the min he saw Daniel's face he quickly shut them n pretend to be sleeping. OMG!!! where did he learn that from????

Well, see him getting nottier n nottier everyday, trying to outsmart us n the granny. I can foresee he will be a handful when he grows up.
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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Free Goodie Bag - compliments fm MCYS & NLB

Despite Little DinoEgg's flu n cough, i brought him to Compass Point shopping centre. First is to print some of his photos so tt i can chose the best to send in for contest, then up to Library to get tt free goodie bag which consist of a Baby Journal & a CD of nursery rhythms. I haven open up the goodie bag to see yet, no time lah. Came back n busy with feeding DinoEgg n trying to make him feel comfy n not cry.

Update again when i have open up the stuffs.

Ok back to work~

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Feeling Under the Weather

Little DinoEgg is sick, down with running nose n cough :( Whole day he has been sneezing very frequently, cough n watery eyes. So poor thing!! His chubby cheeks finally came back after MIA for a month plus n looks like it is not here to stay for long.

Pass 2 days he was unable to sleep due to blocked nose n cough, keep waking up, can see his panda eyes. Feeling so sad for him. Also giving me problem when drinking milk milk, takes more time then usual to finish his feed, think blocked nose so cannot breathe so have to suck n rest to catch breath.

This afternoon put him to sleep in his sarong beside me while i finish my work, i can hear the mucus in his nose! When he woke up, i use the suction kit to suck the mucus out. BUT i guess its very uncomfy cause Little DinoEgg made such a huge fuss, screamed his head off and put his hands to his nose to prevent me from inserting the suction kit into his nose. After fighting with him, i managed to get some of the mucus out of his nose, he seems to be breathing easily. However after a while mucus build up again :(

Now he is sleeping in his sarong, hopefully he will have better sleep, dun keep waking up so tt both me & Daniel can rest.
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Friday, February 23, 2007

Sleepless in SengKang (Part 2)

OMG!! This little DinoEgg has been refusing to drink his last feed @ 11pm thus causing him to wake up at 4am+ crying, flinging his arms (n managed to smack me on the face too lor), even the pacifier oso cannot do its magic. Reluctantly i remove myself fm the bed n headed to the kitchen to make his milk.

These 2 days only managed to zzz for abt 2hrs before got woke up by DinoEgg. After doing some work till ard 2am+ dead tired lor, went into slumberland the min i hit the sack... seems like only 5mins when i was rudely awaken.

This morning super duper lack of sleep, even when i was praying to Buddha i feel myself dozing off *GOSH* Hope Buddha wun mind hahaha~

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Friday, February 16, 2007

Rice Cereal

Ytd morning bought a pack of Heinz rice cereal to mum's place, asked him to feed boy 1 teaspoon of it. When i was there at night for dinner n pick DinoEgg up, mum was telling me tt he seems like doesn't like the cereal. She fed him n he frowned after tasting tt cereal. Told mum its the 1st time we are giving him so maybe he is not used to it.

Went home n decided to feed him cereal again 1/2 an hour before his milk. DinoEgg was curious when he saw the spoon but still open his mouth when i put it near his mouth. When he tasted the cereal, he has got so many expressions flashing across his face all at the same time!! HAHAHA~!! But after tt he couldn't wait for me to feed him the next bit of cereal, he actually leaned forward to me so tt he can get near to tt spoon. He even try to snatch the bowl fm me -_-"
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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Happy Happy Happy!!!!

Today i wore my old brown pants n for the 1st time from Dec 2006, i actually can button it hahaha~!!! So happy!! Means i managed to shed off some fat YAHHOOO!!! But still have a long way to go coz even thou can button its still abit tight. Is wishing to get back my pre-pregnancy figure too much??

Ah Zheng finally sleep, did not finish his last feed, made 180ml n only drink 40ml then starts crying n making noise. Even the Maple Tree oso fails to calm him. In the end i have to take away the bottle n give him the pacifier. He quietens down instantly, grab his bolster, rub abit eyes n close his eyes n went into slumber. This little nottie fella, have already torture us for 2 days, making us losing our precious sleep. I even dozed off on the MRT train ride to work, see how tired I am.

Tmr is eve of the CNY eve, have to wrk full day. Vincent said CEO is a Christian so he does not "believe" in letting staffs go off early. But ofc will shut down for a week during X'mas at the staff's annual leave. hhrrmmpphhh... guess i'll have to rush back mum's place fm work to fetch Ah Zheng then go home n have reunion dinner with PILs.

I still did not managed to find a pants tt will suit my lower body. Wonder when will I able to find one tt fits at the waist line n at the hips. Its so depressing, not able to find clothes tt fit u, worst when u see something u like but cannot buy coz it doesn't fit u.

Today Daniel stayed at home to clean the whole house as the idiots on the 4th floor have finished hacking the floors. So inconsiderate! CNY just round the corner, everyones busy doing spring cleaning n here he is, decided to do reno and send all the dust n dirt into other pple's house! Too bad i can't help Daniel clean the house, by time i reach home fm mum's place i m dead tired. Imagine waking up @ 530am n sleeping between 12am-1am, super duper not enuf sleep. Daniel even better, can sleep fm 2-3am n wake up at 6-7am, on top of tt still feels so fresh!

Well, today has ended, tomorrow's another day of work, hopefully over the weekend i can get a good rest; at least a stretch of undisturbed sleep, then i will have energy to work.

Wow~ next Tuesday we are going to Adeline's house! So excited!

Ok i go zzz le... nitez!

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@~~My Valentine~~@

Yesterday was Valentine's Day, we did not go out, neither did we buy any gifts to declare our love for each other. Instead, Daniel cooked a sumptuous dinner. He cooked curry sotong with onions, pork chop and chicken herbal soup. Yum Yum~ I always like his cooking, most of the time its more delicious then mum's :P

Its a quite Valenetine day for us, with home cooked meals n tv n especially the company of each other PLUS our litte DinoEgg.

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My Favourite Maple Tree

One of Ah Zheng's favourite lullaby, which never fails to calm him and coax him to sleep;
"Under the spreading, Maple Tree
There we sat both YOU and ME
Oh~ How happy we will be
Under the spreading, Maple Tree~"

I will repeat till either he or myself falls asleep :P

PS : Actually it should be the Chestnut Tree, but somehow along the way it became the Maple Tree hahah~

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Look!! I am sitting up!! YEAH!

Since a month plus ago Little DinoEgg discovered a different view while sitting up, he refuse to lie down for long; unless he is sleeping :D Initially he can only sit up on our laps or with us supporting him. Last week, i pulled him up to the sitting position n let him sit unsupported but with pillows around him (just in case he decided to fall back in any direction). Look at him, so happy n proud of himself. He was screaming away, trying to tell me tt he can sit up. He was with all smiles looking around and at me, grinning away.
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A Visit Back @ TMC

Received the good news fm Jojo on 03 Feb 2007 afternoon that Baby Ethan has arrived! Daniel n me were so excited! Finally!! We get the chance to meet tt little fella. We finish our things in the morning n bundle our little DinoEgg to make our way to TMC. It was great to go back to TMC with our baby, everything seems so familiar, its really like going back to "home".

Went into Jojo's ward and saw Arthur there. Both looked so tired, guess must be the long hours of labour the day before. The day has come where both of us are finally married n a mother too.

Well, little DinoEgg is in happy mood n is exceptional happy when Jojo took out her camera, he is all ready with all poses etc. Look at him, so bright n happy! But alas, within the next 15mins, dunno wats eating into him, he cried non stop n the whole Ward 5 can hear him!!! In the end we have to cut short our visit otherwise other mummies n daddies are going to chase us out with a broom.

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New Bundle of Joy!

Congrats to Arthur & Jojo!! Baby Ethan arrives on 03 Feb 2007 @ 1117hrs!!

After much awaiting to meet this little fella, I have to wait till today to see his picture. Too bad when we went to visit Jojo on tt day he was having his bath n couldn't come out from the nursery to meet us.

Well what a fine n handsome looking young man! hmm.. i think i see abit of Jojo in him, cannot determine which part of the face but its there :P

Hope u like tt little Bear Gor Gor Ah Zheng gave u!

*Hugs & Kisses fm the Loh Family*
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Sleepless in SengKang

Dunno wat happened, DinoEgg is not sleeping well yesterday. Keep making noise starting from 1am+ till this morning 6am+. He was sleeping so soundly yesterday night after struggling in the sarong for a while, therefore we decided not to wake him up to feed him at 1130pm, maybe that is the mistake since he woke up at 1am+.

Anyway Daniel fed him but after that still would not go back to sleep peacefully. Daniel says he keep scratching his ears, could it be his ears pain or itchy. I was too sleepy to investigate further, he told me to go back to sleep n he will take care of DinoEgg. Well i did not have a good rest as DinoEgg keep crying out loud BUT WITH HIS EYES CLOSED!! Wondering if he is having nightmares or his "itchy" ears are disrupting his sleep.
I finally dragged myself out of the bed as it was time for me to get ready for work. DinoEgg finally quieten down and was sleeping, so is Daniel, I tried my best to be as quiet as a mouse. Too bad, after about half an hour of sleep he woke up crying again. Daniel was saying could it be he is teething thats why he is so uncomfy, again i was too tired to investigate, BUT i applied the teething gel, DinoEgg sucked my finger so hard, means he is hungry. So i made his milk and Daniel fed it to him, then i left the house.

Not sure if that naughty fella sleep after his milk. I instructed Daniel to give him the teething gel whenever its necessary, hope he does that. And pray that DinoEgg finally sleep so Daniel can take some rest too as he is down with flu n blocked nose.
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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Monday, February 12, 2007

I Dun Wanna Grow Up~~

I looked back at Ah Zheng's photo n realised how he have grown. Too bad i only have the pics of his earlier baby days, tonite go home will find some more.

Above pics are fm 2 days till after his 1 mth baby shower. 4 pics n 4 different look, does not look like the same baby :D His chubby cheeks has long gone, eh.. so are his hair hahaha~ Doesn't seems to be growing much after his Dad shaved it on his baby shower. Dunno to regret shaving his hair or not hhrrmmpphhh...

Father Time really picks up his pace recently, with a blink of the eye, this little DinoEgg is 6mths old. Too fast Too Fast!!! Must catch hold of Father Time n make him slow down.

Hit the 6 mths Milestones & finally The Flip (not tt *ahem* flip ok)

DinoEgg is officially 6 mths old today!!! YEAH!! Well, after worrying for a couple of months n watching (with envy) HanHan n Janine flipping themselves on their tum tum n back, this little Egg finally decided to do the flip on 7 Feb 2007.

And after that there were no turning back, he was finding any opportunities to do The Flip, even on the bouncer *GOSH* There he was trying to turn n his head got stuck and couldn't turn back, so wat did he do? Scream his head off hahah~

Last week, on the 2nd day he learnt The Flip, i was changing his diaper, told him to lie there, stay put n I'll be back so tt he wun cry. I merely just turned around to walk to the cupboard to get his long pants, when i turn my head back, there he was on his tum tum at the edge of the bed with his 2 fat legs dangling in the air. He was wriggling n i think if he wriggle any more he will dropped onto the floor!! Gave me a heart attack manz!!

However the farnie thing is, he does not do The Flip while on our bed, even when he woke up in the morning, he will only either play with his fingers, make noise, cry, kick his feet, play with his toes etc, he WILL NOT flip. Its not tt there are no space for him to do tt, there are plenty of space, wonder why...

Ok now the next "task" he will do is to start sucking his toes hahaha~ He found his toes; all thanks to his Daddy, so sometimes he will play with them while sitting on our laps, lets see when he will be able to do tt acrobatic act :P

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Born on 12th Aug 2006

Look at him, such a tiny little fella, only a few minutes old n already know how to cover his "vital" parts hahaha~
A loud voice fella since birth, cried so loud when the nurses are taking his weight n measurement. Think he is not used to the cold world outside the warm n comfy womb.
This is our 1st Family Photo heheh~ All of us are not in our best attire n both myself n Daniel look so tired.
Dr Koh n the nurses are stitching me up while we were taking this photo. I can hear 1 of the nurse counting "1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10, yup all here", she is counting the placenta (i think).

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