Sunday, September 28, 2008

Its all white *worried*

For the pass few days, I did not apply anything to Little DinoEgg's lip wound and it grew to be like a 5 cent coin big, all white n everything. Lip still abit swell, though he still can eat n drink happily. The only time he cries is when he woke up coz thats the time the lips are dry so any movement will break the skin.

Sis say could it be infection coz it cannot be grow unti so big since its only a cut on the lip. I was not worried at all till she mentioned... that got me worred. So.... off we go to see Dr Sharon.

We have to wait for a while for our turn, Little DinoEgg busied himself with the things around the waiting area. He also keep repeating "I like tt jump jump and OH fall down and pain~~" with action too; jumping n then squat down. I told him to tell Dr Sharon what happened when he ses her later, he said OK.

However when he sees Dr Sharon, he suddenly become very quiet n shy. At first Dr Sharon didnot see the wound till I pointed out to her n she aaawwwws~~ coz it look so painful. Upon close examination, Dr Sharon says that the wound has developed into an ulcer. She says can put bonjela which initially daddy n I thought about it but was against the idea coz it will create an intense stinging effect which Little DinoEgg definately will not be able to bear it. So she suggested another gel (forgot the name), it acts as a barrier and aids healing very fast.

Thus, off we go, armed with the gel, ready to tackle the ulcer.

Later tonight after Little DinoEgg's milk milk, I applied the gel on his lips. He cry... not sure whether its painful or he is simply just complaining. Anyway the gel is abit greasy, kinda water proof too coz I tried washing it off but some how still fill a "shield" around my fingertips.

Regardless, if it help to heal the wound fast n does not gives Little DinoEgg any discomfort or pain I am ok with it. Waiting patiently to see the results...

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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Unofficial Potty Training

Decided to let Little DinoEgg off diaper n let him wear a small under wear instead.

"Baby, u are not wearing diaper, if u need to pee-pee or umm-umm must tell mummy ok?"
*nods head* "ok"

10mins latee... smell something stinko....

Yupe... he pooped in his underwear *faintz*
Nevertheless, I still put him on the toilet bowl, tell him umm-umm on toilet bowl next time etc etc...

Mission Failed...

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Thursday, September 25, 2008

OUCH!! that hurts!

Was out on errands when I received a call from Teacher Sha, she told me that earlier while singing in her class Little DinoEgg fell down n his teeth caught his lower lips, ended up with a big cut. Teacher Sha says they were singing about some animals and as usual the ever happy Little DinoEgg was jumping n dancing when he accidentally tripped n fell; while trying to imitate the bird flying; flapping his arms n jumping at the same time... It was so painful tt he cried so loudly, even after teacher put some ice on it... And later tt day when its milk milk time, he tell Teacher Sha "Teacher, pain pain" then give the bottle back to her. Teacher Sha ask him if he wants it in a cup n he said Yes. Managed to finish all 240ml of milk by drinking fm cup *clever boy*

When I fetch him, I saw his swollen lower right lip, oh dear... and such a nasty cut! *OUCH* The minute he saw me, he say "Pain Pain" n point to his lip, want me to sayang him.

Later during dinner time I was so afraid that he makes a big fuss and refuse to eat his dinner but was surprised that he can eats n drinks well. At night can even drink milk from the milk bottle. hmmm... is he trying to act pitiful in front of his teachers?? *nottie boy~*

I did not apply any medication on his lips other then cleaning it before he goes to bed, of course have to fight with him coz he does not want me to touch it. Hope this heals up soon but i doubt it as its really a big wound...

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Monday, September 22, 2008

I need my beauty sleep

I was awaken by the thunder this morning at 3.15am. It was raining *meow* n *woof*, quickly ran around the house closing the windows before the rain floods the house. Was at balcony fighting with the bamboo blinds line, the wind blows into the balcony bring the rain, after letting down the 2 blinds I was wet on the face, my t-shirt n shorts are wet n half my hair is damp too.... On top of tt, my teeth were chattering from the cold wind n icy rain.

After tt, all the sleep worms left me... so I am wide awake, at 3.30am! Switched on the tv, nothing interesting, channel switching till finally around 5am the sleep worms came to find me. Lie on the sofa to catch some sleep but 45mins later I have to wake up!

So now, here I am, nearing the end of the day, eyes feeling heavy, head pounding trying to keep myself awake....

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Sunday, September 21, 2008

I'm singing~

*Remember to turn on your speaker*

We used to sing the lullaby Under the Spreading Maple Tree to Little DinoEgg since the day he was born to coax him to sleep. As he grows older we have stopped singing it, we thought he has forgotten about the lullaby till he suddenly surprise us today!

We know for sure he did not learn this at school coz he sang the wrong tree; the original was a Chestnut Tree. Talk about baby's brain power!

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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Supper Time

We decided to ask the gang out for supper at prata shop, though we get together since its been quite a while and also to sort of celebrate our wedding anniversary. Of course we fail to mention tt today is our wedding anniversary to our friends hehehe~

We arranged to meet at 11pm but all were late, coz Little DinoEgg fell asleep after his milk. We were about to wake him up when Bec text and say they will be late, then Wendy says Bel haven’t sleep so they will be late too, so we let him sleep awhile longer. Then slightly after 11am, received a text from Romi, asking if the supper is still on or not, I was like “??? ???” Didn’t Amy says she is unable to make it???? Then we found out, Romi wanted to join us but no one knows about it *duhz* serves him right for going there on time n wait for the whole village hehehe~

We ordered lots prata, even Little DinoEgg has 1 all by himself. He saw me dipping the prata into the curry and he wanted to try, I let him taste a teeny weeny bit n he stick out his tongue n demand for his water bottle to put out the fire. After tt you know what? He wants to eat it again hahha~

I only know thru the chatting that its Bec’s birthday tmr (or rather today, since its pass midnight now). And Wendy gave her some cool gift~ Why no one tell de then can share ma.

We stayed till after 1pm then parted. Romi went to his Honda bike n stood there chatting with Mike, Little DinoEgg saw the bike and wanted to go over coz he is simply crazy about them. He has always come into contact with those bike of a lesser cc, those small slim type with a basket attached just in front of the seat. When he saw Romi’s BIG GREY BIKE, he was mesmerized~ keep staring at it n touching the seat but when I wanna put him on the seat he cling to me like a koala!

We took Mike’s car home; ~THANKS FOR THE RIDE MIKE & WENDY~

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Friday, September 19, 2008

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Megan's #3 Birthday

Yupe! Little Megan is 3 years old~ She doesn't look like, I thought she is turning 4 :P

Brother decided to hold her birthday party at Civil Servant Club, a lunch buffet with only family members.

After fetching mum, we reached the place at around 12.30pm, and forgetful me forgot to see the exact location coz the clus is so big~ Had to call Magaret SIL but she also is not sure which function room (she's out collecting cake), she says its either S1 or S2. We walk over to S1, couldn't see anything coz the windows are blinded, we open the door and almost shouted out HELLO when 20+ pairs of eyes stared back at us *duhz* WRONG ROOM!!!! A quick SORRY and we quickly walk away, finding S2. Found Brother inside *phew* after a round of hellos, Little DinoEgg saw the balloons and started to play with it together with Cousin Megan.

A while after all the running after balloons n jumping, Brother decides that the both of them need to do something quieter hee~ he brought out some glittering paint and some pictures of Elmo, both of them started to paint. What about us?? We start digging into the nice yummy Thai food~

After the food, its swimming time~ Both me and daddy thought Little DinoEgg should be enjoying the water. Well he did! When we mentioned tt we are going swimming he was jumping up and down. After changing into their gears, we headed off to a shallow pool that create waves at certain timing. And at this moment it was creating some waves, not too big but according to Little DinoEgg's perspective its HUGE! Anyway he did went into the water, play a bit then daddy starts to lead him into deeper water.

Things turned out bad :( He becomes a koala bear! He started to scream n cry regardless of the numerous coaxing he still would not want to come down! So 20mins later, we lead a crying son back to the toilet to wash up *sigh* Really should not have go into this pool and climb the stairs to the baby pool instead.

So we went back and continue to enjoy the party....

After the party we went over to Brother's house as it has been quite a while since we last visited. Little DinoEgg was having a great time playing with Cousin Megan. Of course there are some "fighting" over toys but it's ok very quickly. Later in the night Brother n SIL lead the 2 kids out to the corridor to play with the fireworks. Both of them enjoy it so much~

We ended the day all feeling tired and happy :)

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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Gong Gong came to visit?

Was lying down on Mum's bed with Little DinoEgg while he drinks his milk. He was giggling then he said "Naughty Gong-gong"

"??!!!???... who naughty baby?"
"Gong-gong naughty"
"Baby, where is Gong-gong?"
"There~~"*points to the wardrobe direction*
"... ... ... Ok, drink your milk milk ya?"

Then I tried to distract him, asking him other things, 3 times I asked him "Where is Gong-gong?" and 3 times he pointed to the same direction. I asked him what is gong-gong doing but he did not tell me.

So... did Gong-gong came to visit his grandson???

I told Simon, after discussing we decided not to let Mum know...

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Its Additional Chinese lesson ~>.<~

We have always been bothered by Little DinoEgg's Mandarin, when he speaks them it is always with an English accent. For example, instead of saying Chong(1) *pause* Liang (2) a.k.a bathing, he says chongliang, as if he is pronouncing a 2 syllabus word -.-" Since we realised this "problem" we have started requesting him to speak Mandarin to Granny and Ya-Ya, somehow its not working very well. Bec still comments Little DinoEgg is so young and goes to tuition class,but cannot be help ya??? *sob sob*

3 Saturdays ago, I have to attend to something and there is no one available to take care of Little DinoEgg, so I decided to send him to school. I remembered Principal Sue says the fee includes half day on Saturdays. So the day before I asked Teacher Gina if I could send Little DinoEgg down, she says "of course ok~" and proceed to tell me the timetable.

8.30am breakfast
9.30am 30mins of Chinese lesson
11.30am lunch
2pm Home Sweet Home
*In between its art and craft or play time*

Frankly I did not know there is so call an additonal Chinese lesson on Saturdays. Teacher Gina says its indicated in the PG lesson plan schedule. OOppsss... now where did I check that piece of paper??? hahahahah~~

Anyway, today is the 3rd time he is going to Chinese lesson. I was afraid he do not want to attend class on Saturdays so I have to remind him "Tmr go school see 老师a.k.a teacher ok? 老师 will teach u songs, remember last week you sing 找朋友 a.k.a. Look for Friend song right?" He will nod and say yes etc etc...

So far he is enjoying it, except for 1 problem.... He takes his nap everyday at 12pm+ but since its a half day school on Saturday no naps were given. Thus around 12pm or 1pm+ he will be cranky n cry *duhz* Everytime I fetch him at 1.30pm+ he will be in tears or in bad moood....

And you think when he goes back to Granny's house he will immediatley takes his nap? NO! He will play with Uncle Simon and Sis Ya-ya till I have to force him into the bed room, lie down on the bed and pat him. Within 7mins he will be in dreamland :-)

I am looking forward to the day he can speaks clear and proper pronounced Chinese.

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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

On my own

Everyday when we walks to the bus stop to take a bus, we have to climb a flight of 9 stairs. Usually I will hold Little DinoEgg's hand and we goes down the stair, counting them (tts how I know the exact number of stairs haha~) This morning, he shakes off my hand and insist on walking down the stairs on his own, while holding on to the rail.

So he goes "1~ 2~ 3~ 4~......9~ YEAH!" all the way down.

My little boy is growing up....

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Monday, September 8, 2008

Sunday, September 7, 2008

3rd language??

We were playing the Thomas train toy set with Little DinoEgg, in the midst of laughter n OOhhh~ Wow~ Yeah~ suddenly he blurted out "Pa-pa, kenapa??"

??? ??? ??? Daddy looked at me, I looked at daddy, both of us puzzled...

"Daddy, did he just said something vulgar?"
"Dunno ley"

Then daddy realised... he is saying WHY in Malay.

hhmm..... we are 100% sure where he learn that from ya?

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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Oh ya, its tt stage...

One morning a couple of weeks ago...

"Yes, baby?"
"watz tt?" *point to something*
"oh~ tts a pole where u can hang a flag"

Yupe, the million dollar questions starts to comes in few days ago...
I was caught off guard when Little DinoEgg asked me says "Mummy, watz tt?" I thot he was mispronouncing some words.
After a couple of times I finally understood.
And he can go "Mummy, watz tt watz tt watz tt????" saying it very fast *faintz*

So, have to prepare ourselves on his sudden questions.

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Monday, September 1, 2008