Monday, December 28, 2009

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Gossiping Lunch

Yupe ^^ After the small gathering at Chris' house, we decided to have another one, this time asking Joanne and Renee to join us.

So I "threw" daddy and Little DinoEgg 1 side n went off~ Joanne was kind enough to aloow Joirene and me hitch a ride with her. It started to pour while on the way to town, best part is 3 women in the car and have no idea how to go into Mellenia Walk car park. The down pour did not help coz it blurred the windows with the water thus lowering our vision. I do not drive so I am forgivable kekeke~ the other 2 ladies... hmm... no comments wahahhaa~

Before long, we finally made it to TCC, Chris n Renee+Mark+Issac are already there. Too bad Renee could only stay for like 20mins before rushing off to her next family gathering. Well, bonus point is we get to meet Issac~ this handsome little fella is really a charmer.

Cannot believe that Chris & Joirene realy bought photos to show us! I'd rather not see these photos, too embarassing kekeke~ We had a fun time remembering those school days events while flipping thru them.

Hunger n thirsty finally kicks in so we put the photos away n order our lunch. Then its catching up on each other's current life. Topic stayed on our kids; how to discipline, teach n treat these rascals. We have so much things to talk about n share. Soon time passes very quickly and we have to part. Nevertheless, I believe we shall meet up again!

Thanks for the great time ladies!

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Friday, December 25, 2009

Ride the Hippo

Me, May & Catherine decided bring the kids for a ride on the Hippo to see the Christmas lighting.

Before the ride, me & Catherine brought the kids to 313@Somerset to take a photo with the Santa ^^ These photos are taken while waiting for Santa to come back from his dinner =.=

After popping by the Ducktour office at Orchard (as above photo) we headed off to Burger King to rest, munch some food n wait for May & Ervin and the time to pass. This is because our tour is starting at 10.30pm n its only 8.30pm! Thank god for fast food restaurant!

As usual, Little DinoEgg starts to monkey around *sigh* Cannot sit still, must make funny faces n fidget etc.

We finally waited till 10.30pm and got on the bus 15mins later. Little DinoEgg is clearly very excited! However when the bus travel fm the colorful Orchard road n turn into the quiet n dark Penang road n travel on Somerset road he got slightly bored. He just sat on the seat n enjoy the breeze n errmmm... street lamps? Why did we travel on this roads? Coz we are trying to get to the other end of Orchard road, where the lights n decorations started. Here are the pictures taken from high up in the Hippo~

It was suppose to be an hour's ride but we hit a traffic jam not long after we turn into Orchard road :(

Look at the traffic!

Little DinoEgg was obviously BORED!

It turned out that traffic police are controlling the traffic. They are letting the cars from the other road turning into Orchard road n stopping the traffic from this side from moving. We thought it will only last like 5mins, but turned out they stopped the traffic for half and hour or so! Someone got impatient n honk, others head n followed suit. In no time drivers are honking in protest~ Well this only enable us to move like 100m before we are stucked again.

By the time we ended the tour its already 12 midnite! Daddy was getting worried n called a few times, but I was too engross in everything to notice the call, plus it was so noisy. We took a train back coz the traffic is still horrandous n not sensible to hop on a cab then. When we reach our town, we took a cab n zoom home, with an exhausted Little DinoEgg.

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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Look a Real Santa~

I have always wanted to let Little DinoEgg see a real Santa, not through the pictures and tv. This December I found some Santas but was not satisfied with them; too tall, too fake, too skinny n the one at Tampine1 is too punk!

I finally found one at 313@Somerset Yippeee!!! So bought Little DinoEgg there, rope in Catherine and Charlotte too hehehe~ We queue up for about 30mins, 1st in queue n got a photo with the merry cheerful Santa and his Santarina.

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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas Goodie 2009

This year I was too busy and caught up with work that I did not prepare early for the Christmas gifts for Little DinoEgg's classmates and teachers :( So have to grab some gifts from the local store. Not to my liking coz its too common, but I have to make do with it. Next year! I will get them ready early!

For the teachers

For the classmates

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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Farmer, Fox, Bird & the Cookie by Act 3

In this delightful tale, Farmer, Fox and Bird are quarrelling over one delicious Cookie. What will they do so that all of them will be able to eat the Cookie and be happy? Come, help them trust one another and be friends!

Children will also discover how a whole can be split into halves and quarters.

A little Sparrow is very thirsty and needs to raise the water level in a narrow jar so he can drink from it. What can he do?

Yupe, we are going to watch Farmer, Fox, Bird and the Cookie Plus other stories with Tick, Tack, Tock by ACT 3 Theatrics, and we are watching with Noel+Chloe, Catherine+Charlotte and Catherine's colleague and her daughter.

We arranged to meet Noel+Chloe at Esplanade and go for the play first then lunch together. When we went up to the theatre we saw they set up a table selling some books. And so coincidentally they were selling a book; The Leaf Named Nip Who Flipped, which I was hesitatng to buy for Little DinoEgg. Today they are selling slightly cheaper (I think), plus they give us a free tee. On top of that, the author Mr R Chandran was there and we were able to get the book autographed by him~ You can see more on the book bySYNOPSIS
the illustrator Mr Paul Koh.

This is Little DinoEgg's 2nd Tick Tack Tock play, and he enjoy this better then the last one as he understands the play since he was 2yrs+ when he went for the 1st play. He is able to interact with the performers when they prompt a questions.

And since its a free sitting performance, we decided to sit at the back coz we do not want to block other kids' view, plus I'd rather our kids stand then sitting down coz I do not think its a "sit-down" performance. And I was right ^^ The 4 kids were so engrossed in the play that they ended up standing up. Little DinoEgg even shouted out at the girl in front who is blocking him "Hey! I cannot see!" Opppsss... haha very rude... but he just shouted out, I couldn't stop him on time.

45mins later, we left the place with 3 happy kids. We were walking n came upon Cool Bear Workstation, all 3 kids were attracted by the bears at the window n rushed there to "wow" at the bears. Little DinoEgg even request me to take a photo of him with the doctor bear.

Then we try to get the 3 kids to take photo together... And it turned out like this... dunno what is Charlotte angry about :S

We parted ways with Noel+Chloe and went for shopping. However it was so crowded and Little DinoEgg is starting to get cranky, we decided to go home within 10mins from putting our feet into the shopping mall.

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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Me n Da Yee~

Decided to go to Tampines1 for dinner with Catherine+family coz I wanted go to sis' push cart to let Little DinoEgg try out a few pairs of shoes. His SeeKaiRun shoes are getting smaller n I do not like the shoes that are sold locally in stores.

Too bad sis does not have SeeKaiRun shoes at her push cart, but nevertheless, it does not mean we cannot take a photo together~

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Sunday, December 13, 2009

After 20+ years

Recently I managed to get connected back with my secondary school mates~ it was wonderful to see them again. All married with kids but still look the same as in school.

About a month ago, we decided to have a get together at Chris' house. I was very excited coz finally get to see them instead of just chatting online.

We arrived at Chris' house slightly late but Joirene is later then me kekeke~ Then after that I am not quite sure what happened... its a wave of "hellos" "how are you?" "Good to see you", watching the kids mingle n watchful on Little DinoEgg lest he gets out of hand. Sometimes he can react the opposite way if his mood is not right. Luckily he was able to mix with the elder kids, incidentally its all girls hehehe~ Of course with Chloe there I shouldn't have to worry too much since Little DinoEgg seems to like her alot.
The kids starts by playing a game of blocks, then proceed to Eve's room to play, while we adults settle down around the table and start chatting. Chris prepared alot of yummy food but I think everyone's mind are not on them until the kids start coming out of the room requesting for a hotdog here, a muffin there. Then we start to eating n drinking coffee n continue chatting.
A quiet moment in front of the TV

Say Cheese~

We stayed till dinner time n left as we have dinner at mum's place. I had a good time and I am sure Chris, Joirene & Michael too, catching things up. The kids definately enjoyed themselves alot, thats for sure.

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Saturday, December 12, 2009

All the Trees are Standing

Managed to find the lyrics to Little DinoEgg's performance.

All the trees are standing
Olive trees are standing
Almond trees are standing
All the trees are standing
All the trees are standing

There are; Big ones small ones
Short ones tall ones
Short ones tall ones
All the trees are standing
All the trees are standing

Maple apple poplar pine
Weeping willows in a line
Waiting for the sun to shine
All the trees are standing
All the trees are standing

Ash birch cedar elm oak tall
Leaves change color in the fall
Nature’s blessings one and all
All the trees are standing
All the trees are standing

There are; Big ones small ones
Short ones tall ones
Short ones tall ones
All the trees are standing
All the trees are standing

With water air and sun to grow
Branches high and roots down low
In the rain and in the snow
All the trees are standing

Leaves and branches trunks and bark
In the sunlight in the dark
In the forests in the park
All the trees are standing

Fruit and flower nut and seed
Giving us the air we need
Let’s go out and plant a tree so
All the trees KEEP standing

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CDC Graduation Concert 2009

Today is Little DinoEgg's school graduation concert~ and Little DinoEgg is performing!

We put on the costume that the school prepared; which is a green tee and a beige pants. Reached the auditorium at 1.30pm and wait patiently for Little DinoEgg's performance as its the graduation of all the 3 centres. Little DinoEgg's performance should start around 3pm... long wait but we have tons of laughter n fun coz the kids fm the 1st centre are so cute!

Finally its Little DinoEgg's turn!!!!! Look at him!!!!

Daddy took a vidoe of his performance but the file is too big to upload here :) Little DinoEgg still cannot keep his mischief behaviour even when doing the dance, monkeying around though still keeping up on the dance steps, amazing right?

Note : Now that I see his full costume I understand what di Little Dinoegg mean on Thursday when he say Darren wants to take the "purple tree"

Some photos of the performance from CDC only.

The school did a finale where all the CDC kids & teachers sing a song (sorry forgot what song did they sang). You can see from the photos that Little DinoEgg was initially trying to sing together, then later he was distracted n bored hahaa~ Even got irritated by his crying classmate sitting beside him.

After everything ends, its photo taking with....

Teachers & classmates


and Mummy

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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Getting Naughtier?

Just now when I went to fetch Little DinoEgg, his teacher told me that he misbehaves today. He pinched his fren!

Me : Why did u pinch Darren?
Little DinoEgg : Because Darren wants to take the purple tree!
Me : What purple tree?
Little DinoEgg : That purple tree.
Me : ... ... Well even if Darren wants the purple tree you also cannot pinch him right?
Little DinoEgg : But he wants to take the purple tree!

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Wednesday, December 9, 2009


I did not get a good rest since Little DinoEgg's fever last Friday. Daddy is considerate enough to volunteer to take care of Little DinoEgg on the nites so that I can rest as I am working the next day. However, I am a light sleeper, so whenever Daddy come into the room to check on Little DinoEgg I will be awaken.

And this morning, it was worse. The autistic girl staying opposite my block woke up at 2am+ n decided to shout out her window. Her window is facing our bedroom n all thanks to the structure of the blocks, not only the sound travels directly into our bedroom window, it sort of travels with an echo too.

I was rudely awaken with her the 1st time, got a shock, then fell drowsily back to sleep only to be rudely awaken again... this goes on for like 15-20mins and by then my mind is abit active n I was unable to fall back into deep slumber even though the girl have already stopped making any noise.

*Sigh* So today... I could not concentrate at all at work! I was stoned... zombiefied... Lucky the 2 big bosses are not in town, otherwise I would have gotten into trouble.

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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Down with Fever

Last Thursday evening received a call fm Teacher Violet saying that Little DinoEgg is having fever of 38Deg, given them permission to give paracetamol. I knew this was coming coz Little DinoEgg's tongue is red n he keeps rubbing his eyes, poo was abit hard too; this means body is heaty.

During wee hours his temperature went up to 39.9Deg. Daddy stayed up the whole night to monitor his temperature and to feed medicine to Little DinoEgg.

We kept him at home on Friday. As usual, no fever during the day. He can play, watch tv, irritate daddy like he is not sick. However at the wee hours, fever came back high again.

Saturday came n went... Its Sunday n no fever *phew* Maybe this time Heat Monster decided to stay for a couple of days.

We have to skip Emily's baptism, I was a little bit disappointed, really wanted to go as this is our 1st time we attend baptism. Well, health is more important, hopefully we have our chance again :)

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