Monday, April 30, 2012

You got me!

Little DinoEgg came from the kitchen and ask me "Mummy, where is my cracker?"

Stunned I replied innocently "I don't know"

Little DinoEgg then says "eerrmm... because I see the wrapper in the dustbin"


"Sorry darling, mummy ate the prawn crackers" then smile sheepishly at him.

Next time I must destroy the evidence more discreetly.

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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Shopping Saturday

We decided to head off to Orchard Central for dinner at Genki Sushi, 1 of Little DinoEgg's favourite restaurant. He's been asking me to bring him there since last month, we just did not have the chance since we are always buying groceries at Sheng Siong while he is at his art class and have to go home after the class otherwise our fresh meat n fish will be spoilt :)

While walking outside OC (Orchard Central) Little DinoEgg took this photo of us. Sweet! Love this photo! Daddy says his photograph taking skill is improving, I think its just "luck" that he takes such a better photo haha~

After a sumptuous meal at Genki Sushi, we head off for some shopping. Daddy wants me to go n see my Dream Bag, I would like to go n take how exactly it look like as I only see it on photo in the web. Seeing the real thing makes me change my mind. Dream Bag is not so Dream Bag after all :( I wanted to leave the shop but daddy insist that I look around and see if I fancy any other bag. 1 did :) but it was a whooping $1450!!! Feeling the pinch, I do not want to get it but daddy insist. He says the shape n color suits me, plus I like the size. Daddy wants to buy it as a gift for me, so I said Ok =)

          Ex Dream Bag                          This went home with me

Its Toyrus next as I have a $10 voucher to collect, thinking of buying toys for Little DinoEgg, been some time since we buy new toys for his good behaviour. I was thinking of one or two but daddy, feeling generous today (maybe he think he is Santa Clause) told Little DinoEgg that he can chose FIVE Ben10 figurines! Wow~ thats alot of money!! Anyway, he's the one paying so I have no say. We even buy a balloon toy, 1 for him and 1 for his little cousin.

Ended the day with a happy mum, a happy 6yr old and a happy daddy. 

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Waiting Game *Yawn*

Such a busy & tired week. Overslept this morning, quickly wash up and put the clothes to wash, hoping for a bright n sunny day but no such luck... Mr Sun decided to go into hiding 15mins after I put the washing in. Dark clouds n thunder follow, shortly after rain came. It stopped nearing the noon, just in time as we have to get ready to leave for the new house. Yupe... today the SP Services is coming down to connect the gas... between 1.30pm - 3.30pm. 

I anticipated a long and boring wait so I brought the ipad along. However, it does not help that we are half an hour early :( Means stuck in the empty house with nothing to do but stare at the time n the walls. Little DinoEgg "entertained" himself in his room for like 30mins then he came out to find me (sitting at the balcony door) and starts his mummy-this mummy-that. I distracted him with playing ipad games with him. Now where are the SP Services guys!!!!! I'm going crazy with all the waiting and its been only 45mins.

Me & my ipad 
Then hunger sets in, not sure whether its due to boredom or really the tummy is crying for food, but we had heavy breakfast at 11am. Anyway, thank god for McDelivery, a quick call and its settled, we just have to wait an hour for it... And guess what, Mac Mac and the SP Services guys arrives at the same time @ close to 3pm! Hooray!!!

Food & drink
The SP Services guys were done in like 15mins, while we are munching our burgers n fries. Quick check on the stoves and every thing are working fine. More waiting... coz daddy says he'll meet us here, or so I thought but he appears just after the PUB guys left. Woohoo!!! Finally we can leave the house! Its getting me bored n sleepy, no good no good. Heading to WowArt for Little DinoEgg's art class!

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Thursday, April 26, 2012

A leader in the making?

After Chinese class, the students were walking back to their usual class area. Little DinoEgg & RF was lagging behind. D went over to the cubby hole to keep something in his bag. Little DinoEgg saw, turn to RF and say "Go and destroy him!" And RF really went up to D and sink his 10 fingernails onto his back! Little DinoEgg joined RF and was about to hit D when Chinese Teacher caught him. 

All 3 were sent to the Centre Supervisor's office, "interrogated" separately, that's how we managed to get the story. No blood but it leaves 10 red marks on D's back.

When I told daddy last Friday, he frown... I thought he is going to tell me what he is going to do to our son, instead he say something like "He is wrong but he will have leadership quality in future." *speechless*

Yesterday daddy relate the same story to his colleagues. Their reaction? Almost singing together "Future Leader!!!!"

*jaw drops*

Now... am I missing something here or they are a bunch of positive thinking people who only see the other side of the issue instead of the negative things? And some of them are in their late 20s n single (with of without gf). New age parents in the making? Or am I too blind with all the naughty things Little DinoEgg do that I fail to see the GOOD QUALITY in him?

Note : Little DinoEgg and RF is the class mischievous pair who cannot sit still in the chair, MUST disturb other classmates when doing school work, does not sit down on the floor and listen to teacher during class. They cannot be seated together too coz they will disturb/quarrel/fight with each other. They are the notorious-shake head-frown pair.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

My twisted spine

This is me.

Yupe, my INSIDE... my spinal cord... my very twisted spine...

You can see its in a S-shape instead of a beautiful straight line.

Note how the disc at my mid back is slanted causing me to have higher right shoulder n lower back tilted causing me to have higher left hip. This is the result of bad posture while using the baby sling and after that carrying of heavy bag daily to work & home. I guess the hard fall on the butt not once but TWICE sometime in the past years also causes my back pain too.

Now take a look at my neck...

See how its slanted to one side? And instead of having a nice beautiful curve as shown by the red marker, my neck is straight. The result of perhaps a bad pillow or sleeping posture. 

The above xrays were taken after I went for Chiropractic First 1st consultation.

Its one thing to know that something is wrong with you but its a slap across the face when you actually see the problem! That was how I felt... I was shocked, then lost, follow by dazed, after the dust settled, I snapped myself out and tell myself that I must do something about it. Had a talked with daddy and he supports me to go for the treatment.

That was in 28 February 2012.

I did my 2nd review yesterday and I am happy to see that I am more balanced, as in I put my body weight evenly on my 2 feet as compare to before where it is more on my right side. 

I am also declaring that I am PAIN FREE! No more migraines, headaches, neck pains, shoulder pains and lower back pain. My mood is happier, no more cranky moody evil mummy/wife that snapped when I am in pain. Best of all, no more menstrual pain!! None! Not before or during those dreaded days in the month. And I do not feel lethargic when I am having my menses, still feel tired but it was not those "crawl back to bed" type.

I hope during the following 1.5yrs of consulting and adjustment, I can get my spinal cord back to its beautiful S-curve and my body frame balanced. Its a long road to recovery but its all worth it!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Small Birthday Celebration for Daddy

I always have a headache when it comes to buying gifts for daddy :( He needs so little things and I've bought him practically every thing that he needs; wallet, belt, ipad, clothes, cardholder etc. Used to buy ties and cufflinks too but he do not need them in his current job. I really have no idea what to buy for him this year's birthday, so I head down to T.M. Lewin again. The shirts are on the expensive side but daddy says he like the material and prints. I only wanted to get one shirt but they are having bundle deals (again). Am I lucky or they are always having bundle deals???? So I got 3 shirts, difficult to choose as they have more stripes this time and I settled with 1 dark grey short sleeve, 1 blue thin stripe and 1 purple shirt.

We planned a dinner at Swenson, Thomson Plaza as I am having my chiro adjustment today. Daddy fetch Little DinoEgg from school and meet me at the chiro clinic, off we went to Swenson down at the other end. The pressie was not a surprise coz Daddy can see me carrying *the super big* Lewin paper bag from like 10,000 miles away -.-" I couldn't find another decent or big enough paper bag in the office *shucks* Plus daddy probably know that I will buy him shirts coz I have been encouraging him to go get some since he has grown fatter recently and all his current shirts are a getting tighter.

                                          Our food! 

We sort of ordered too much food, lucky we did not order any drinks otherwise we definitely cannot finish the food. We were thinking of ordering the Chocolate Fondue but I stopped daddy, saying that we should wait till we finish the food then decide if our stomach still have space for that yummylicious desert, which of coz there were none. Nevermind, there is always the next visit to Swenson. 

And since there were no cake, much to the disappointment of Little DinoEgg, he was however determine to have his fun of getting an ice cream "cake" for daddy. While I sent the over excited him with the bottle of sprinkle to ask daddy which sprinkle design he wants I got the tub of ice cream out from the freezer, the ice cream scoope and the fudge. Happily, he dragged his small plastic chair into the kitchen, stand on it n starts preparing the "cake". Daddy was over the moon when he receives his "cake", of course Little DinoEgg was happy to share the "cake". 

A small celebration for daddy's birthday, nothing fanciful, no group of friends, no partying, just a simple one with us. 

Happy Birthday Dear! 

Monday, April 23, 2012

Still a Proud Baby Wearing Mama!

I have always pride myself as a Baby Wearing Mama, frowning when (just to cite a few example) my friends struggle with their prams in crowded places or trying to keep their toddlers inside the strollers instead of running around or trying to stop their toddlers from pushing the strollers all over the place instead of sitting quietly inside it. I treasure the bonding moments when I'm out shopping or meeting up with friends while Little DinoEgg is sitting comfortably in the sling. 

Of course back in my days there were only a handful of baby carrier with good support which cost an arm and a leg (in my opinion). So I opt for MIM sling that is only $40+ (still abit expensive for a piece of long cloth n a plastic ring lol). So I sling Little DinoEgg on my right shoulder while he sits on my left hip. With the sling, we go places and left our prints almost every where. Cool~ I enjoy all the admiring stares from others too. 

However, 3yrs after I bid goodbye to the sling, I realized something is wrong with me. I sense that I was walking in a weird way. Instead of striding forward with 2 feet when i walk, seems that I am only stretching my right feet n the left feet always step up near the right feet instead of stretching in front. I sense that my body frame is slanted, when I wear my necklaces, they always seems to sway to the left side instead of staying in the middle. Besides that, I am having constant pain on the neck, head, shoulder n back. The headaches are a killer coz most of the time they escalate to migraines :(

Then late last year a secondary school mate mentioned that she is under going chiropractic adjustment as she has degeneration of bones on her neck which causes her right arm to go numb or the arm will suddenly have no strength. Her body posture improves alot, less aches n pains too after starting the adjustment a year+ ago. I decided to give it a try coz I pride (again) my posture since I was a little girl, standing tall n straight with tummy tucked in. I cannot imagine myself when I am 60-70 years old, hunched back or slanted body frame!!!

For those mummies or daddies who prefer to carry your baby either with a sling or baby carrier or baby pouch, remember to check your posture. Never lift up your hips if you toddler is sitting on it or arch your spine if you are carrying your toddler in front of you. Find a carrier that fits your height and frame. Do not compromise your body posture when carrying your toddler, take care of yourself otherwise you will have alot of pain n aches in future.

Be safe and be a happy pain free parent!

Regardless of the above pains I had, I am and STILL a proud Baby Wearing Mama!

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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Birthday Dinner

Its Daddy's birthday in a few days time, I have actually suggest that we have a buffet dinner at Carousel in Royal Plaza on Scotts. Wanted to go there with him since last year but never have the time n chance. However Daddy says he prefer to spend it at home, cook a few dish for dinner, a quiet time with us.

We planned the menu on Friday and went out to get the ingredients yesterday.

He says he will prepare dinner (thought it is suppose to be his birthday dinner and I should be the one cooking), I only give a little bit of advice on the pumpkin soup. 

Simple Westen dinner (except for the Ham & Winter Melon in Chinese style), but we enjoyed it alot. Daddy post in his fb "Should make dinner cooking an every sunday event!" hehehe~ Well, it sure will be a weekly event.

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Saturday, April 21, 2012

The day I got my Spectacles

The school's annual eye check came n went, this year Little DinoEgg did not pass the test. Actually last year we already know that he has astigmatism which is still below the requirement to wear spectacles. Went for the eye check up at Geylang Polyclinic Eye Centre on 10 April 2012 and its no good. No degree but has high astigmatism.

Test result from Eye Centre

With the test result we went to a neighbourhood optician and got him a spectacles last week. Its ready to and off we went to collect it.
Still look as handsome as ever
I know he got his high astigmia fm me :( I just hope that he will not inherit the high degree from me too. Having both parents wearing spectacles, its a high chance that he will too *sigh* Have to take care of his eyes, that is the reason we insist on bright white lights in our new house. I also think the yellow lights in this house is making his eye sight worst. Cant wait to move into our own house in May 2012!

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Friday, April 20, 2012

Shopping for the New Nest

We've been putting off shopping for our furnitures & electronic appliances for a couple of week due to work n some stuffs tt came up at last minute.  Now that the renovation is done with only minor repairs (contractors are abit clumsy), we decided to kick our butts and get on with it.  So we dropped Little DinoEgg at Granny's then head off to Courts Tampines.

However, before we start our hunt, we have to take care of our stomach, we are FAMISHED!!!  Not sure whether Courts have restaurants or food court and don't want to head off to Giant food court coz we know it will be packed, we took our chance with Ikea hoping that it will be less crowded.  Surprisingly its not jam packed, perhaps its still early... we reached there slightly before 7pm.

Baked Chicken Leg
Wow, this is the 1st time both of us are at Courts Tampines!! We look so lost... I am so busy!  Busy taking in all the beautiful appliances, furnitures and everything!  How I wish I can buy all those that fancy me instead of only those that we need.  Ok ok... back to REALITY *sigh*  A check on our list and we are out HUNTING.

After 2hrs of walking, standing, discussing, talking we are finally done!  4 big items settled =)  Happy us!  


We also saw a blender n kettle but they were at 1st floor, it was too late to go down to arrange for the blender to be added to our items as it was closing time when we were settling the payment of our items.  The Courts guys are eagerly ready to go home.   Anyway the kettle is out of stock now till not sure when *sulk* we'll just have to try our luck 2 weeks later.


For now, I am happy with our shopping today.  Cant wait for them to be delivered to our new house 3 weeks later. *Excited* 

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Monday, April 9, 2012

1st Pot of something

Little DinoEgg went to Hort Park with the school and he came back with this cute little pot of something.  Honestly, I have no idea what plant is this, no use asking him too coz he will not know it.

I have always wanted to go there with Little DinoEgg but the distance and hot sun sort of puts the idea off.

I tried to get some info from him but all he says is "There is nothing much to do there!  Walk walk walk till my legs are going to break!" He continues "Then we plant this plant.  First we put the soil, then the plant, then cover it with soil.  We have to give it Sun and Water you know."  He quickly proudly says "Its my responsibility to take care of the plant!"

I hope this plant will flourish n flower eventually.  Let's see how long Little DinoEgg will be responsible towards this little pot.

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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Dinner

I received a new recipe book from a friend in March 2012 and has been wanting to try my hands on the dishes but haven't got a chance till today.  We went grocery shopping yesterday and managed to get all the ingredients needed.

It only take 2 hours in the late morning to prepare the chicken feet & button mushroom soup and the Osmanthus Soy Sauce chicken, boil them for like 30mins and left them with my Shuttle Chef to do its magic.  Another 2 hours in the evening for the other 2 dishes.  It takes quite a while for the Sour & Spicy Brinjal coz I have to wait for it to cool down before I can tear out the skin *hot hot... burnt fingers* 

The best dish is the Osmanthus Soy Sauce Chicken.  Cooking it with Shuttle Chef has retained its moisture thus making the meat soft n tender.  The chicken has a faint taste of the osmanthus n rice wine, 

Next dish is the Sour & Spicy Brinjol, it tasted very sour coz I did not put the chilli in as I want Little DinoEgg to eat this too.  Nevermind the sourness, Little DinoEgg enjoy the... fried shrimp.... better then he don't touch this dish right?  He actually did try the brinjal but too sour for his liking.

The failure dish is the Beer Steamed Mussels *cringed*  The mussels are not fresh, thus they have a stinko smell *pinch nose*, mix that with the'll frown with every bite on the mussel.  We bought them mussels from Sheng Siong, it looked fresh, smell fresh (yeah we smell it just to be sure), guess it turned a little bit bad after a night with us :(

The chicken button mushroom soup was a simple one.  However I added in wolfberries 枸杞, Sweet and Bitter Apricot Kernels 南北杏 and Solomon’s Seal Rhizome 玉竹.  Wolfberries for eye sight and the other 2 are for nourishing lungs since me and daddy are having persistent cough for the pass week.

Regardless of the failure dish, it was a good & hearty meal.  

Daddy posted in his FB after dinner "Home cooked meal is the best! Especially when it's prepared by dear wife. Thank you for the nice delicious dinner : ) "  Feels so great to be appreciated for the effort I made in preparing the dinner.  

Can't wait for us to move into our new house where I can try my hands on our new oven.

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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Fruitful trip to the Expo

Got to know from a fella mummy blogger that there is a Times Book Fair at expo today, a check at the expo website and saw that there is a Courts & Robinson fair too.  We decided to head down though we know that there will be a huge crowd and long queue at the cashiers as these are the favourite fairs that people will like to go.

We hope to grab some good electronic deals at Courts fair, perhaps look at Robinson to see if they have any beds on sale, of course some books for us.

2hours later we came out from Times Book fair and Courts fair with many books but nothing from Courts as the deal was not really fantastic.

We chilled out at Burger King as Little DinoEgg was complaining about "going home", "tired" etc

Waiting for his thirst quenching Ice Lemon Tea n was super happy with the BIG cup that daddy bought 

We headed off to Robinson fair abt 30mins later.  A quick glance around the hall and realized that there were  no beds or bed frames for us to see. We decided to take a look at pillows n bolsters since its time to change ours. Before that we head off to the toys department coz Little DinoEgg was such a good boy that we decided to let him choose a toy or two.  He got 2 set of Bakugan toys(3 balls in each set) that is only $10 each.  Its old stock but good deal for us since he does not know the difference.

20mins later, we got ourselves 3 pillows n 3 bolsters (1 set each for 3 of us) ready to pay n go home.  While going towards the cashier queue we saw Picket & Rail, saw a dinning table n went up to take a look (we all know how expensive Picket & Rail stuffs are).  A rubber solid wood dinning table + 6 dinning chairs for S$799!  Good deal!  Me n daddy was thinking n contemplating but have to "time out" as Little DinoEgg says he needs to "bomb" =.= so off the go with daddy to the "enemy's turf".

While waiting, I sat down on the sofa set to chat with the promoter.  The sofa is really comfy (perhaps its coz I was tired from all the walking?), man made leather, nice brown color, frame is rubber solid wood.  So soft n comfy~~  Took a peek at the price... 3 seater @ S$699, single seater @ $299... not too expensive.  When the boys are back from the "enemy's turf" I asked daddy to sit n feel the sofa.  He loves them too!  Then have to think whether to get only the 3 seater or that with two 2 seater.   And the verdict is to get one 3 seater n two 2 seater @ S$1297.  So we paid S$2096 for the dinning table set and the sofas.  Good deal n at half the budget daddy put aside for these 2 items.

Our expo shopping loots
We spent only 3 hours at the expo.  There were no crowds in all the fairs that we went, the queue was short so payment was very fast *surprise surprise*.  On top of that the friendly sales assistant gave us the 1hour deal price for the pillows @ $29 each (UP $78, fair 50% $39), a big catch for us ^^

Another good deal we've got are the books!  10 books for $52 only!  I was very surprise that the informative books are so cheap!  Never mind if they are old versions, the information are the same and are more important.  I chance upon the sign language book which I immediately grabbed it coz I've always wanted to learn sign language and was actually looking for any Parent & child sign language class since Little DinoEgg was 2yrs old.  Alas, can't find any, and those sign language books for adults are so difficult to understand.  This one is for kids, colorful n simple, me & Little DinoEgg should be able to follow it.

@ $2 each
@ $6 each & $9 for the one with CD
@ $5 & $4

We definitely had a fruitful trip to the expo.  Even the weather was nice too, no hot sun n no rain, dark cloudy sky with warm sun light.

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Little Entrepreneur

Little DinoEgg love to make lemonade with daddy, they made it again today.  Now that he is older, he can better control the things, so daddy let him do most of the work.

Step 1. Squeeze Lemon           Step 2. Pour lemon juice into container

Step 3. Add sugar                   Step 4. Add water

Step 5. Stir till all sugar are      Step 6. Remove seeds (if any)

Step 7. Add ice

After he is done, he proudly told daddy "We can set up a Lemonade stand and sell them!"