Monday, August 27, 2007

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Things I bought...

I bought the above items sometime in July 2007 but no time to update. Also I forgot the price... I think the blanket & the Gymboree tee are around $20+ and the Old Navy shorts $18+

As Little DinoEgg need some rompers, I bought these NEXT rompers from sis~ Price.. i forgot hehe~

After waiting for sssoooo long, I opened my letterbox on 24 August 2007 and found these!! Yipppeee!

Visit see their nice n pretty products OR ask for their catalogue~ Join their Friends of their mailing list to enjoy 5% discount on products.

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Saturday, August 25, 2007

Infant Care - After Thoughts

Hmm... I used to have some doubts on child care, but after Little DinoEgg has been to one, I change my view a little. Well at least now Little DinoEgg

1. can hold his bottle himself. Dun misunderstand me, he DOES know how to BUT he simply refuse to do it. NOW, when he sees his milk bottle, he will automatically lie down (regardless of where he is), stretch out his hands to take the bottle n drinks his milk on his own quietly. I do not need to be by his side :)
2. able to sleep on mattress. He is so reliant on the sarong that its driving us almost nuts!!! Initially we were worried that he is not able to take his naps in child care centre, we were wrong. He ditches the sarong a week after that. Now the saraong is collecting dust in his room :)
3. can sit down to have his meals. Before that he will walk around the coffee table, I have to either go after him or keep asking him to "com back, come back". When I show him the bowl which will catch his attention, when i say "sit down pls~" he actually will sit down n wait for me to feed him :)

Last week was walking with 1 of his teacher to the LRT station, chatted with her as I want to know more about the stuffs they did so I can follow or do the same at home. Basically just some toys playing, interacting, action songs etc. She told me that Little DinoEgg loves music. Whenever he is cranky n crying out to get some one's attention, she will sing to him, seems that this calms him down alot. She also told me that he is one of the active n responsive ones. She noticed this especially when they were singing Roll Roll Roll you boat, when the part you have to scream, he will go "AAAHHHHHH~~~" She asked me whether have I been singing this song to him, I told her I did not, just once or twice.
Few nights ago, I sang this song to him together with the actions, after the first couple of times, I sang it w/o the actions. And Little DinoEgg did the action himself~ He moved his body forward n backward a few times, looked at me n smile, I was ssooooo happy!

However we found a few bad habits which are not sure whether did Little DinoEgg has "learn" from child care. He now likes to throw tantrums, if we take away the things tt he is not suppose to touch or play with, he will wail n wail, sometimes even throw himself onto the floor OR fall backwards risk hitting his head onto the cold hard floor *GOSH!!!* When he starts this we simply just leave him on the floor or put him at his naughty corner. Little DinoEgg has also grown attached to his pacifier n bolster... means it will be harder for me to wean him off the pacifier... The teacher told me that sometimes they give him the pacifier when he cries or he keep putting his fingers into his mouth to chew. Better to chew the pacifier then the fingers lest he bite himself (he now has 7 teeth)

Therefore, there are pros n cons in sending our baby to infant care. Its just a matter of whether you can accept these changes or not.

Last but not least, here are some pictures taken on 01 August 2007, the day he started infant care.

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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Sunday, August 19, 2007

39.4 Deg

Yesterday nite Little DinoEgg came down with fever :(

We went to Jalan Kayu for dinner, he was acting alright, enjoying his prata etc. On the way back, in the cab i felt tt he was kinda warm but brushed it off as maybe tt place was warm thus he is feeling the heat.

After we reached home, rest a while, I put Little DinoEgg to bed. After 2 hours of sleeping he woke up fidgiting, turning n tossing n making some uncomfortable noise. I went to him to comfort him, felt his body and its burning hot!!! Took his temperature n it reads 38 Deg!! Scared the hell out of me, called for Daniel who was in the study room n i went to take the med to feed him. After taking the med, Little DinoEgg still do not wanna sleep, lie down but his eyes were wide out. Daniel have to lie down with him n pat him. Eventually he sleep after 1 hr plus.

However ard 4am+, Little DinoEgg woke up screaming... I jumped out of bed, felt his body n it feels hot! His temperature reads 39.4Deg! WOAH!!! RED ALERT!!! Quickly woke Daniel up and we gave Little DinoEgg his med n a sponge bath. First we use normal tap water but it does not seems to bring down his temperature, so Daniel suggested using ice water. Little DinoEgg screamed loudly when the ice cold towel touched his forehead. After a while he got used to it n quieten down. We keep the ice cold towel on his forehead for abt half and hour, n the temp came down to 38Deg, still high but not so worrying.

Little DinoEgg finally fall asleep and I stayed with him while Daniel goes back to sleep coz he took care of Little DinoEgg earlier. Little DinoEgg woke up almost every hour screaming, guess he is feeling very uncomfortable. I have to pat him back to sleep, reasurre tt I am with him.

At 730am he woke up, measured his temp n its 37.4Deg, *phew* lucky the temp came down. Fed him milk n make him go back to sleep again.

Its 1215pm, Little DinoEgg temperature is back to normal, he just had his milk n is now sleeping peacefully.

Get Well soon son! Daddy n Mummy loves you~
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Friday, August 17, 2007

This week in Child Care

Monday 13 Aug & Tuesday 14 Aug went back to child care, Little DinoEgg started to freeze up when we reached the door, then use his leg to grip me tightly, dun wanna let go, the minute he saw Teacher Nati, he cried... Think becoz he missed school on last Friday as he was sick, missing for long period of time thus forgot about child care.

Wednesday 15 Aug
is good!!! When we reach child care, as usual he will freeze, then today the Indian teacher open gate, greated him. I say "teacher carry~" and he actually leaned forward to teacher, then he turn around and wave bye- bye to me *grinz* So happy to see that he is finally getting used to child care life.

Thursday 16 Aug
... thought he was ok but then when he see Teacher Nati, he whine again... hmm... maybe he dun like tt teacher??? But Teacher Nati is not in charge of his group wor... wonder why...

Friday 17 Aug
, went to child care, tt Indian teacher open door again, and Little DinoEgg automatically lean forward to her and wave bye-bye to me!!! WOW maybe he really like tt teacher. But this Indian teacher is in charge of older kids, not infant, how come he like her??? Weird, really weird... Perhaps he like plump person??? Coz he oso seems to like Darren aka gunners more then the rest of the daddies wor~
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Saturday, August 11, 2007

Wonder Woman

Really have to kowtow to Ms Jessie... she actually collected tt floor mat which I ordered through her. then carry tt long n bulky thing, push a pram with Denise n Zenson on it, took LRT and walk to my house!!!

And tt floor mat is not small lor, its HUGE!!!

Ms Jessie arh, u alway dun fail to amaze n surprise me...

A big THANK YOU to you! *MUACKZ*
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My Future... does it look bright??

One of the traditional thing we did on Little DinoEgg's birthday is for him to pick some stuffs. This is to see whether in his future will he become successful or not.

When Grand-ma hold him and let him step on the ang ku, he was so interested in it, keep wanting to bend down n touch it. When its picking the stuffs time, he keep wanting to touch n grab the ang ku too... GOSH!!! Greedy Boy!!.

Here is the sequence and the meaning of the stuffs;
1. Ruler - future designer or architect
2. Calculator - future accountant or businessman
3. Scissor - fashion designer
4. Pen - writer or artist
5. Cash - will be rich
6. Book - knows how to study or becomes professional
7. Chicken drumstick - means no need to worry for food (BUT he did not touch it so means he will have food problem???? *faintz*)

hehe according to the first 3 items Daniel conclude; he will become rich designer/architect and owns his own company :D
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Birthday Party

Today had a great birthday party for Little DinoEgg. Had the party in 2 sessions, 1st one celebration with Han (birthday on 03 Aug) & Adel (birthday on 14 Aug) for forum friends & friends, 2nd one is for Han & Little DinoEgg for relatives & colleagues.

See the nice & yummy cakes~

Here are alot alot of pictures to tell you how many friends & family members turn up for the party.

The Birthday Boy

The Relatives

Cake Cutting Sessions

Linda & gang (dunno who, no card to say from who else hehe) bought a new BMW for Little DinoEgg. Wah I tell u, its sooo difficult to assmeble it, took Linda & Si Ling (Alvin's gf) more the half and hour to figure it. Funny thing is.. the guys; the Elvin & Alvin just sit n did nothing -_- *arbish*

I can vouch for everyone tt all of them had a wonderful time tt day, especially Little DinoEgg. He was sooo dead tired as he missed his afternoon nap but still wanna be carried around, walk around, crawl around n mingle with everyone.

As usual the LOST & FOUND section

You know its really very normal for pple to leave things behind after gathering, hankies, water bottles toys etc. BUT no one can beat THIS!!!!
Win lor!! This person either went home barefooted OR wore some one else's shoes/slipper back. Ok which one of u did tt? Own up NOW!!!

Everyone left around 10pm, after tt we waited for the buffet guys to pick up their stuffs. Oh ya we order catering from Neo Garden, and the food did not disappoint us! Its really yummy! Cousin Wen love their fried rice and think most of us fell in love with their curry hehe~ yummy yummy~~ thinking about their food makes me hungry now.

Little DinoEgg received lotsa presents!! He is crying coz he is cranky n tired BUT i still drag him n put him onto his new BMW to take picture *evil mummy*

And confirmed, complete with stamp and chop! Little DinoEgg is NOT a Barney fan wahaha~ Look I have evidence!! He has been diligently knock the Barney plate, bowl, spoon & cup on the floor or bang them together. So finally the cup gave way... muahahha~ So Auntie Charmaine, u are WRONG!! Anyway thank you to Auntie Charmaine & Auntie Catherine for the Barney utensil set :P

Its really a tired, enjoyable n unforgetable day!!! And finally.......

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Thursday, August 9, 2007

National Day

Its Singapore 42nd Birthday today, nothing fantastic, just another off day for us :)

Cousin Yu Han came to play!! The 2 August babies had so much fun, the best thing is she is in our turf n Little DinoEGg get to bully her muahahahahhaA!!

Sis, BIL, Cousin Farn n Han reached our house around 2pm, we watched tv for a while and a while later 6th Aunt n youngest uncle reached too. Then Daniel & them started their majong session while the rest of us sat in front of the tv. Then it was nap time for Little DinoEgg. However there were simply too much distraction for him. After some time I finally managed to coaxed him to zzz.

He was still sneezing badly... every time he sneeze mucus will come flowing down his nose. I have to wipe it off with the tissue. And it was so bad till his nose is so red with the wiping and he cry n struggle every time i try to clean it for him coz its painful.

We watch Shrek II & III while waiting for the time to reach 630pm, tts when the live forecast of National Day Parade will begin. I did not watch the NDP coz its kinda boring and Little DinoEgg is acting up again.

The majong session finally ends around 830pm and everyone started to leave. Little DinoEgg felt warm n I took his temp... 37.4Deg. Fed him med and coax him to zzz. Luckily earlier this afternoon I decided not to bring him to child care tomorrow and have asked Mum to help look after him. Just hope tt he will get well soon especially Saturday is a BIG DAY for him.
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Wednesday, August 8, 2007

6th Day at Infant Care

This morning woke up around 550am too and managed to get out of the house by 7am, at last maanged to tuned to the new timing. Little DinoEgg still not feeling well, running nose is still there but no fever.

You know what, when I pass him to teacher, he did not protest or whine, he just keep quiet and let teacher carry him in YIPPPEEE!!! Means he is starting to get used to go to "school"! At last! And it will be less stressful for me and him.

Went to work and busied myself at work. At 415pm teacher Sue called and tell me Little DinoEgg having fever of 37Deg, my heart sank.... She asked if she can give him med and I said ok. After I put down the phone, keep looking at the clock and hope tt time will pass quickly so tt I can see Little DinoEgg.

Finally its 545pm and I went off work quickly. Reached the child care centre, saw Little DinoEgg and was happy abit coz at least he was not cranky or crying. However he did give me a tired look. Checked with teacher, fever went away after given the med.

Went home and went about the daily nite routine, then around 9pm+ Little DinoEgg felt warm, took his temp and its 37.8Deg!!! Quickly give him med and put the Kodomo cooling patch onto him. He protested and cry as the patch feels too cold for his warm forehead.

The patch did not last more then 10mins and was being pulled down by Little DinoEgg. We decided to leave it off and wait till he is asleep then put it on. Luckily he fell asleep pretty fast due to the med.... Put the patch on him n kept our finger crossed.....

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Something Exciting is Brewing!!!

hohoho~ hahaha~ hehehehe~~ So excited!!! 3 more days to the birthday party bash!!!

Its Little DinoEgg & Han's FIRST BIRTHDAY, and they are celebrating with Adel who turns 2 on 14th Aug'07.

All food ordered, decos bought or got fm frens but not yet put up. Everything ready, now is just waiting for the day to arrive! Woo-hoooo~~

PS : The above 2 invitations are courtesy of Itsy Bitsy & ME!
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Tuesday, August 7, 2007

5th Day at Infant Care

Today slightly better, I woke up ard 550am, wash up, bathed, changed, put on make up etc then feed Little DinoEgg milk milk. We left the house ard 7am, not bad ya consider the fact that we have been leaving the house ard 710-715am.

Little DinoEgg has cough.... Fought with him to feed him the med, put him on the mattress while i wash his milk bottle, he fell asleep, poor thing :( 1st it was running nose, follow by fever then now cough... when will it end??? So heart pain to see him suffer.

He slept all the way to the child care centre, but woke up when we reach. As usual, when he sees teacher Nati, he cry!!! Passed him to teacher, told her he has cough n med is inside the bag, then quickly turn n leave.

Tonight meeting someone to collect stuffs so asked Mum to fetch son. Went to Mum's place after tt, had a cold nasi lemak, sat down chat with Mum for a while then pack to go home. Little DinoEgg was coughing frequently.

After his milk milk, fought with him to feed him med again. Luckily the med will make him drowsy so he fell asleep after a short while. However it was not a pleasant sleep, he kept coughing thus waking up. Tonight will be a sleepless nite for me. Hope he gets well soon.
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Monday, August 6, 2007

4th Day at Infant Care

This morning woke up late.... rushing like mad to get ready myself den feed Little DinoEgg milk milk den go out... Decided to take the cab coz really late. Reached childcare centre at 725am!!

Little DinoEgg has the run over the weekend, dunno wat happened, we suspect its due to him teething coz he's been chewing his fingers excessively. Told the teacher Nati about this and request her to monitor. While talking to teacher, prepare to un-sling Little DinoEgg n pass him to teacher, the min he saw her, he cry loudly -_- I quickly pass the teacher his barang barang then went off, hoping that he will behave today.

In the evening was on time to pick him up. He was not crying nor cried. Was very happy to see me, the minute I carry him, he quickly wave bye-bye to teacher Halipah... can't wait to get out of tt place???

We proceed to Granny's place for dinner. Granny was sssooooo happy to see Little DinoEgg! She was smiling fm ear to ear. I let Little DinoEgg irritate Granny while i dozed off on the sofa hehe~

After dinner we stayed till around 830pm then bundle Little DinoEgg and onward home we go~
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Saturday, August 4, 2007

Makan & Collection of BKK Loots

We have another round of makan session! This time its to Bedok for some bar-chor-mee~~ We were late, and the gang ordered a mountain of food besides the bar-chor-mee. Little DinoEgg is the only baby there, the rest did not bring their kiddos out.

As usual, we eat talk, talk eat. Little DinoEgg was not feeling well n got cranky, but luckily he fell asleep in my arms pretty fast.

After the food n drinks, we collected our loots hehehe~ see below picture.

There are 2 pairs of shoes for Little DinoEgg, 2 bags & 2 cosmetic pouches me, the purple small pouch is a gift fm someone (not sure who, some one mentioned but i forgot), "dog shit" for Daniel n even 2 doggie treats for Kiroe.

I am so happy with all the stuffs! Thanks the gang for helping me to buy them *muackz*
Oh and i especially like my BAGS!! Its so spacious! Very useful when I wanna bring Little DinoEgg out alone.

Hopefully I will have a chance to go BKK then I can go n shop till I drop OR buy the whole shop down hahaha~

We parted at around 1am, did not know it was soooo late.. no wonder I have a hard time keeping my eyes opened. *yawn* Good Nite Everyone~
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Friday, August 3, 2007

3rd Day at Infant Care - Part 2

Knocked off at around 6pm and made my way to childcare centre. Reach the place 5mins to 7pm. The children are already gathering near the door, sitting down with a teacher n waiting patiently for their daddy n mummy to fetch them home. Little DinoEgg and another boy is the only infant left waiting.

When teacher bring Little DinoEgg out, I can see that he has been crying coz his eyes were red n swollen. He's got his pacifier in his mouth! He's not suppose to have it UNLESS he is going to sleep. Teacher told me he was cranky after he woke up from the nap, keep crying and would not allow her to leave him alone. Once she stepped away he will cry... She also told me that his temperature went up to 37Deg at 4.30pm, she fed him med n he seems ok. No fever when I feel his hands.

Bundle him n we made our way home, BUT 1st to Compass Point to buy dinner back for me n Daniel. Reached home at 830pm, phew wat a walk... I have to carry Little DinoEgg, my bag, his bag n packets of rice... HEAVY!!!

After a while Little DinoEgg was sneezing n have running nose... so poor thing... fed him med, hope tt he will at least sleep a while before we go out but he doesn't seems to be tired or drowsy. So we let him play while we get on with our chores.

We are going out to meet the gang later~ so excited!!!

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