Friday, October 31, 2008

Sorry no fancy costume for me :(

This morning while packing Little DinoEgg's school bag, I happen to see a note from his school, it says that they will be celebrating Halloween today and the kids are suppose to go to school in costume. Letter was dated 29th Oct'08 and I ONLY saw it TODAY!

I definitely would not want Little DinoEgg to feel left out, so being innovative *grinz* I dressed him in a jersey green side stripe shorts and a soccer tee, TA-DAR! A soccer player! Not too bad ya? hehehe~ can pass lah!

When we reached school, I peeped into the school and saw a Snow White and a Bumble Bee, even Nathan was dressed up as a cow~ The girls wears fancier costumes then the boys~

Well, at least I wun feel so bad for missing that teacher's letter n causing Little DinoEgg for being the "odd" one out.

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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Potty Training - He did it!

When I changed Little DinoEgg's diaper before going to bed, he suddenly says "Pee, toilet". I asked if he wants to go toilet pee pee and he nodded. So off we go to the toilet with Little DinoEgg bare butt hee~

And he did it!

He pee at the shower area coz I have not bought a stool for him to stand n pee at the toilet bowl. Now he knows to say he wants to go toilet for pee, I am so proud and happy of him for learning it at such short period of time.

Next task - Poo in toilet bowl!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Potluck @ Amy's

Yupe, been a while since we had a gathering at some one's humble house. Actually we planned to have a dim sum lunch at Mirama but decided to go to Amy's house instead. It was suppose to start at 12pm but we were late as Little DinoEgg had a late nap, he was still sleeping at 1.30pm so I have to wake him instead. Well as expected, I was met with the most uncooperative child in the WHOLE UNIVERSE! NO to everything! Not even bathing, just sit on the sofa n sulk....

Despite some strong protest, I striped him off his clothes n diaper then off for a quick shower. Still protesting, I managed to put on his clothes n diaper, chase him out of the room and to the front door to wear his shoes. Even then he still fights me, insisting on wearing the sandals when I already put on the socks for him. Screaming n crying, I put on his SKR shoes, but the minute FIL open the door, he jumps up n dash out of the house smiling and laughing. What a MONSTER!

Every one was already there when we reach Amy's house. I quickly put some food on a plate n feed this little rascal coz he did not eat much things in the morning. Everything went well, he had his lunch n I had mine. Then I hang around, walk here n there, R&R, watching abit of tt yucky Teletubby. Little DinoEgg found the Tickle Me Elmo and has been hugging it since. He's really an Elmo fan hee~ Even dun allow anyone to touch it, selfish boy...

Then he acted up again! Threw his temper n scream n cry, I got so fed up tt I threw him outside Amy's house for full 2mins. He kept screaming n crying but I ignore him. What leads to this is, he was sitting on my lap with tt Elmo toy n wanted to play with 2 Thomas trains, but all these toys are quite bulky n clearly its too much for his hands to handle, I asked him nicely to take the Elmo n only ONE train but he refuse, started to raise his voice saying NO! Asked him to stop shouting he dun listen... so out he goes! After I reasoned with him, he apologised n we hugged hugged.

Then we celebrated Amber's birthday too~ Bec did not tell me about it so I did not prepare any present or ang bao for Amber :( Amber of course was really happy to see the cake n sing the birthday song. Little DinoEgg enjoy the cake too, realised that he is a cake lover.

We stayed for a while then headed home. Took a cab to Compass Point, was telling Little DinoEgg that I will buy him an Elmo toy IF we can find it. Yupe, I was filling a little bit guilty of what happened earlier... Anyway he was very excited, we headed to Mini Toons but they dun have Elmo plushie, only bloster. The nice sales assistant ask me to try Action City which is few shops down the lane. Off we go to Action City and we did find Elmo~ However I saw Cookie Monster and thought I'd introduce him to Little DinoEgg since he only see picture of this only. Surprisingly he hugged tt Cookie Monster plushie and refuse to let go. I asked him a few times he wants Cookie Monster or Elmo, each time he says Cookie Monster.

So we went home with one blue Cookie Monster n a very happy little boy.

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Potty Training - Going Full Force

Last week I bought anolther 3 briefs for Little DinoEgg, thinking maybe its time to start potty training.... some time in the near future. Well, since today he was up n running around so early, I'd thought I start it today.

Within the last 1 n a half hour, he pee into 7 briefs and 7 shorts... Regardless the numerous times I told him "Pee-pee tell mummy, we go toilet pee, or if wanna poo tell mummy too, we go toilet poo ok?" plus I reminded him to say "Pee-pee toilet".... Never mind, its only the 1st day, so still a long way to go...

PS : While I was finishing the last sentence, even though I have been asking Little DinoEgg whether he wanna pee for the last 10mins, he still pee... on the sofa this time -_-

***************** AFTERNOON *******************************

"Baby, wanna pee??"
*shakes head*
"Wanna poo??"

Aiyo, he is getting frustrated n tired of the repeated question....

BUT there are improvements~ I managed to get him to take off his pants n sit on the toilet bowl to pee, even though my intention was to let him sit there to poo. He has not poo since this morning, which is unusual as he always poo twice; once in the morning n once either in the afternoon or at night. Anyway, I sat in front of him saying "uuummmmmmm....~" so much tt I have the intention to go myself instead *faintz* Little DinoEgg jus sat there and laugh at my funny expression, ended up he pee and proudly tell me "see mummy, I pee in the toilet bowl~" Regardless~ I still applause and praise him alot.

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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Fun at Sentosa

We had a great time at Sentosa today~ Almost did not make it coz Little DinoEgg was acting up again! After his nap I want him to bath he say NO, ok fine, dun bath change clothes NO... this NO that NO... I told him then we cannot go Sentosa and he screamed "I WANTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!" till i was so fed up tt I told him we are not going anymore, immediately text Bec to say we are not going! Well as usual he cry n scream... I ignored him for half an hour or so... then asked him again if he still wants to go, of course an eager YES from him, so off we went to take a bath n change clothes.

We took a cab and meet up Amy, Romi, Manfred, Bec, Andy and Amber at St James Powerhouse, then all climb into Romi's car and off we went into Sentosa~ The entrance fee is $2 per adult and per car, kids under 3 yrs old is FOC. We headed off to Palawan Beach but got kinda lost, everyone think its THIS way or THAT way to Palawan Beach but ended up we going up n down the slope hehehehe~ Finally we are here and we headed off to the sand.

This is the 1st time Little DinoEgg sets foot on a beach, initially he does not know wat to make of it. As we walk nearer to the water, the sand got softer so every step he takes he sinks in a little bit. He got scared but i urge him on... Soon he was squatting down (he does not want to sit down on the sand, not sure why, maybe he sees me squatting n follows suit) playing with his beach toys.

While he is very contented with playing with the sand, he sees Amber and Manfred waddling in the sea~ Especially Amber who dare to go into the water till its level is at her knee!! Brave Ger! After a while, Little DinoEgg decides to venture near the water but he insist on holding my hand while walking carefully down. When the wave rushes in he got scared and try to run away but got stuck coz he sort of sank into the sand n he dare not move wahaaha~ You should see his expression!!

After the beach n sea we headed off for dinner then to LUGE~ The rest played but not us coz I was dead tired... no energy to ride the car, too much excitement...

We head off to the Song of Sea~ which was very interesting. The kids were waving, clapping n dancing along with the few villagers, they go waaa~~ oooo~~ when the laser sea horse, fish and a octopus look-a-like thing came out. Little DinoEgg was excited when Oscar comes out. All went well till the start of the story... with all the BANG! CRASH! BOMB! going on....

Amber and Little DinoEgg got a shock when the fire came BOMBING out of the sudden

After tt its "Mummy I wanna go out" from Amber and Little DinoEgg covering his eyes either with his hands or with my hands. I try to encourage him to watch the show by enticing him with the "wow~ u see tt nice light~/green snake in the sky (which is the laser pattern)~/Oscar Oscar~~" This timid boy is scared but still wants to see, so he watch the show through my fingers hahahah~ The brave one is Manfred, though he got scared before the start of the show by something which he fail to tell us but he sat there enjoying the whole show, not like the 2 younger ones.

We did not take pictures at the Song of Sea, but I got 2 pictures from Sentosa website

Pretty right~

The fire works at the end of the show

Romi sent us home *Thanks Amy & Romi~*, did not know its already 10pm till we reach home and see the time at the clock. Quickly bath Little DinoEgg, give him milk and send him to bed. I was dead tired myself too.

Fun time~ should go again~ This time wanna try the LUGE!

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Saturday, October 25, 2008

I call police

Oh dear, granny complained to me again... she said Litle DinoEgg yesterday call police again... OMG... luckily he is only calling using an imaginary phone... Though he knows and sometimes play with the house phone. He'd picked it up and start pressing a few numbers then proceed to talk to the other person on the other line.

Must tell him cannot bully granny, who dotes on him so much.

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Thumbs up for the school

Just received a call from Little DinoEgg's school, Teacher Siti called to ask who is picking him up. This is a second call I received since ytd.

I left Little DinoEgg with Granny to stay over night while me n the gers went out. Bro Simon and SIL decided to pick son up. As this was the 1st time they pick him up and also the 1st time the teachers see them, Teacher Gina called me to ask before letting Little DinoEgg go with them (Even thou that little rascal is jumping up and down getting all excited when he saw his uncle). After asking for my brother's name and confirming she let Little DinoEgg went off with them.

Earlier, Teacher Siti called about this again. At least I can be assured that they do have tight control on who the child goes off with. At least I know that no one can abduct my child while in school.

Good Job Teachers~

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Angelings 1st Anniversary

It started from a casual talk about all gers nightout, yupe, without the husbands and kids, then it became The Angelings Anniversary outing as it happens to be the 1st Anniversary of out group. And as Wendy's birthday is just 2 days later we decided to buy a cake n surprise her :)

So on 24 October 2008, all of us put on our "theme" n met up at Waruku Japanese restaurant for our dinner.

It was laughter, laughter and MORE laughter! We made so much noise that we feel that we are the noisest table in the whole restaurant! People says "3 women make a market", we have 7 so we made 2 and a half markets~ woah~ imagine the level of noise we made hehhe~

Wendy was clearly surprised when the waiter brought out the cake. We sang the loudest birthday song we ever sang in a restaurant. The Swenson ice cream cake is yummy too.

After the yummy dinner, we were so full~ and took a slow walk to the Balaclava for a little bit of relax. We stopped atg convention hall while some of us visits the ladies. Then Bec has this crazy idea, pretend she is the police and catch few of us in a police sting hahahh~ She made us stand facing the wall while she "arrest" us. Imagine a big marbled wall could let us laugh n giggled n play for a full 15 mins! Gosh! How crazy the night can be~

but it was ssooooooo crowded! Change of location! We decided to try our luck at City Hall, and we are in luck~ we managed to go up to City Sdace (Is this the correct name??) So we had some drink, danced, joked, took loads n loads of pictures, see free shows; yupe... 3 shows actually... couples kissing, necking n fondling all right in front of us! They indeed treat the rest of the crowd as invisible OR perhaps they think they acquire the invisible cloak from Harry Potter n made them invisble when they put it on....

Here are the pictures for the night~

And you think the husbands are left at home sulking? You are SSSSOOOOOO wrong! All of them, except daddy who needs to work, met up at geylang for some coffee, yummy food, beer etc.

And every time I see the photos, I can't help laughing or giggling. Although I think some of the photos are missing... who have forgotten to upload them??!!!

Last but not least, Angelings Ladies~ Thanks for a great time~ Looking forward to our next themed outing~

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Thursday, October 23, 2008

A nail mark

This evening Daddy fetched Little DinoEgg from school, Daddy said he was confused when he saw him at the window coz its usually me or Granny who will pick him up. Anyway after he realised its Daddy, he jumped up from his chair and ran to get his bag.

I went straight home to meet them as ILs wanna give us a treat. The minute I saw Little DinoEgg, I noticed the nail mark on his right arm. Immediately I asked him who scratched him, first it was Clara then Nathan after tt its himself... I asked Daddy did Teacher Gina says anything, he said he did not notice it earlier.

So its a mystery....

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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Whats the commotion about?

"I want"
"I dun want"

"I waNT~"
"I DUN want~"

"I WANT~~!!"
"I DUN WANT!!!!!!!!!!"



Recently Little DinoEgg has "acquire" the "skill" of biting. He bites his arms, his hands, his finger nails... last week he bit my hand; pretending to kiss it den sank his teeth in, it was not painful but enough to cause some discomfort.

Now he escalates to classmates!

When Teacher Gina told me, I immediately reprimand him. I told him if Teacher Gina ever sees him biting his fingers, arms, hands etc, she will use her fingers n "flick" his mouth. Of course this is merely a threat lah, Teacher Gina will not do it. Hope this phrase will pass on quickly.

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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Can you believe that??

Little DinoEgg injured his lips again... this time its the upper lips...

Teacher Gina says he was jumping n then knocked his lips against something (din catch clearly). There were dried blood on the lips but cannot see the wound, so maybe this time is a small cut.

This time no one called to tell me about this... hhmm.... ANYWAY~ its not as serious as the last time, and knowing my son... we will be seeing more of injuries some way or another.

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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Moving in

Today ILs are moving in... Daddy told us they will be here around 1-2pm, so around 12pm me n Little DinoEgg were in the bed room getting ready to nap. We have just hit the sack n the door bell rang... duhz...

We opened the door to my ILs, 3rd aunt, 7th aunt n 7th uncle. Little DinoEgg was super happy to see them and got all excited when they start moving things in. As u guessed, all the sleep-bugs were gonez.

After all the commotion, I only managed to let him nap at 4pm+ after ILs n the aunties went off for their coffee break n to go back to the old place to gather some left over stuffs.

The house is in a mess... AND dusty! Wasted the cleaning auntie's efforts yesterday hahah~

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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Is he a 2 year old or what?

Granny called n complained to me about her naughty grandson.

She have just bathed him, was putting on the Ru-Yee oil on his tummy etc, at the same time telling him that after this must take nap.

"NO!" came the strong reply.
"Why??!! U want me to call your mummy?"

At that point of time, Little DinoEgg was playing with the Ru-Yee oil container... so he put the cover on his ears and said "Hello Policeman~ Come in! Por-por (aka granny) naughty! Bye-Byee!"

Granny dunno whether to laugh or to be angry... angry coz her own grandson actually "call" Policeman to catch her....

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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Ryan's Birthday Party~

Yupe~ its been such along time since we meet up with Diana, Randy and their kiddos~ Finally we have a chance, on Ryan's birthday~ Amy+Romi gave us a ride to the "OMG! So-far-away-chalet" *THANKS~ AMY & ROMI~*

We had such a good time~ See the pictures (which i stole from others haha~ I forgot to bring camera lah hee~)

Anyway today Little DinoEgg went into the baby pool, of course initially screaming n crying, keep wanting me to hold his hands etc, he still cannot forget the episode on Megan's birthday. However since he say cousin Han n cousin Farn in the water playing he also follow suit thou he make sure he is never 1 arm length away from me.

I also have to "roped" in Amy who is taking the video, make him splash water at her so that he can see how fun water can be.

I actually managed to make him lie down on his tummy in the water to kick the water n play with it but later he was in a slightly deeper part, slipped n drank a mouthful of water, after tt he will not let his face near the water again.

Little Demi is one daring ger... she keeps dashing into the water regardless of the endless time all of us try to pull her back n rescued her when she slipped n fell face down into the water, a few times she could not get herself surfaced... When we grabbed her, she was gasping for air BUT that did not stop her a bit!

We were in the water for quite a while, then its bath time n food time~ Of course plus bubbles time~ Diana prepared those bottled bubbles for the kids to play and the older kids blew the bubbles while the younger ones go crazy chasing after them. Weird how come no one takes photo of the bubbles time???

After food we R&R by the pool side; hmm... except for Bec n Andy, coz Amber keep wanting to go into the pool... fulled clothed! heheeh~ guess she loves to swim alot~ How i wish Little DinoEgg is like her.

We hitched a ride home in Adeline+Willie's car *THANKS ADELINE & WILLIE* We had a fun time sitting behind with little Kayton singing to the children song that was playing from the CD.

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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Who is Issac??

For the pass two days, whenever I was at the void deck going to fetch Little DinoEgg, I will see a little ger. When she sees me she will say "Issac go home~ Issac go home~~"

Initially I did not take notice of it, coz its near the child care centre and a lot of the kids goes there and they have friends all over the block. And the kids have a habit of saying "XXX go home" when they see their friend's daddy or mummy coming to fetch them.

It then striked me today that maybe the litle ger was referring to Little DinoEgg, coz I looked at the little ger just now and she smiled at me like saying "I know u are Issac's mummy, I am clever right?". Then I think back n really his name sure sound like Issac :P

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Wednesday, October 1, 2008