Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Sunday, June 28, 2009

A lappie to call my own

Little DinoEgg keep seeing both of us typing vigorously or clicking here n there in front of our laptops. Occasionally we open the paint software, draw a frog face n change the frog's color. This morning he wanted to draw frog again so daddy decided to let him use the old laptop so that both of us can continue with our work.

Look at him, concentrating on maneuvering the cursor using the mouse pad

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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Trip to Parkway Parade

Attended Little Hikura's 1st birthday this afternoon, it was a good n enjoyable party. Little Hikura is so handsome~ haha~ quote the mummy :P

After the party went down to Parkway Parade to check out a shop selling party decos n stuffs. Nothing fantastic, the usual paper plates, napkins, banners, party bags etc of different cartoon or movie characters. Things dun come cheap too. Went in n 20mins later came out with Bob the Builder birthday banner n 2 packet of balloons, costing me $20.90! Oh dun misunderstand that I took a long time to choose, its coz the shop is small n cramp, plus with a family n their pram in the middle of the shop, no place for me n Little DinoEgg to stand...

Oh and with the balloons all within his reach, it did not take long before Little DinoEgg grabbed 1 n wanted to put it into his mouth to blow it up! Aiks! so dirty! He ask me in such a pitiful tone n I gave in, asked him to choose another one coz the one he got has got flower print. Got a blue one with a bear print on it, took to the counter to blow it up @ $2.20 *WOW* Expensive right? But nvm lah, once in a while indulge in Little DinoEgg. He was super happy with the balloon! The lady tie it to his hand n he was happily jump up n down hitting the balloon. Must be wondering how come regardless of how hard he hit the balloon dun fly away hahahaha~

Then an incident happened... we were at Kiddy Palace,I was searching for an item, he was following me while jumping n hitting the balloon. Then he cry out "Mummy PAIN!" I thot he bang into some shelf or wat, turn n see... dunno to be angry with him or laugh my head off. He must have been playing with the string, twisting n turning his arms around the string till it got so tight n tangled... I was trying to calm him, curb my laugh n untangle the string. OMG! How difficult it is! However, after freeing his hands, there were fierce red marks on them... heart pain... next time must keep an eye on him.

Photos taken at the mall

He insisted on taking photo with Goofy

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Ladybird Books

Few months ago I bought a set of Ladybird books as I heard its good for reading to toddlers. Saw this set tt was on sale in MPH, was contemplating whether to buy or not coz it was all wrapped up n couldn't see what's inside. 15 mins later I decided to buy it. Went home, opened it and realised its full of words... too much for a toddler to digest. So I chucked it one side.

Since today we do not need to go for Boogie class, I have extra time n did a search the Ladybird website, guess what... this series is for 5-8 years old wahahahaa~~ Silly ME!

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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Sad Sad Sad

Went to fetch Little DinoEgg, peep into his class at the window as usual, he was happy to see me, then next second his face scrunch up n tell me he wants his underwear. I looked at Teacher Violet who said that he has forgotten n pee on his pants twice while playing with the legos... no more underwear for him :( I turn n told him that its ok no need to wear, he sat down n cry so so sadly. I have to tell him that I have his underwear in my bag then he is willing to stand up n get his bag.

When out of the school, it was raining so I took out his jacket then saw his blue Bakugan ball broken. Took it out n asked Little DinoEgg what happened, he said "Nathan spoil my Bakugan" then broke down n cry so so so sadly again.

Have never hear him cry till so heart wrenching before, not even when I cane him, so he must have felt real hurt n sad. Luckily I bought some toys before I went over to the school, used that to distract him n he was happy for a while.

On the way to Granny's house, even though he was carrying that box of toy, he was still mumbling about Nathan naughty, must go n find that kor-kor to get another Bakugan, must ask daddy to use screwdriver to repair the spoilt Bakugan etc etc...

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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Sunday, June 21, 2009

To the Zoo!

Yupe! Went to the zoo with Serene n her niece n nephew. We had a great time! Surprisingly I was not as tired as the last time though this time we did more walking, no tram ride. This time we managed to walk around the Kidz World, most importantly Little DinoEgg get to play with the water slide and everything!

This time we also managed to catch the full Elephant at Work show. Today's theme is Giraffe haha~ so we have to plan our route tt includes the giraffe. When we were there we saw that they have feeding giraffe but with a token of $5. For the fun n experience we paid $5 n let Little DinoEgg have some fun. He was really thrill to be up close n personal with the giraffe.

"Ok, we shall go here then there n then that side!"

*Feeding the giraffe*

*1st carousel ride*

And we ended the day with a round of yummy Ben & Jerry's ice cream for all~

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Friday, June 19, 2009

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Mad Jack Cafe

Daddy wanted to go for some nice food other then the usual food courts and restaurants we frequent. However we have no idea where to go that is kids friendly. I did a search on the web n came across Mad Jack Cafe , saw fm the website the food looks so delicious~ best of all they have a branch near our house!

We were still skeptical on their food coz we all know that pictures always tell lies right? Well this time, the pictures really says it all FOR REAL!

Daddy's Lamb Shank

My Ribeye

Litte DinoEgg's Fish n Chips

Appettizer Cheesy Garlic Bread

We enjoyed our food very much. The lamb shank is cooked till soft n tender, meat almost melt in my mouth when I put it in. Ribeye was nicely done, I requested for medium done n its not over cooked. The fish n chips are so far the best value for money I have eaten. When the dish came, we saw that the fish was in a huge lump, we thought it was probably the flour being fried till it expanded. Got a surprise when I cut the fish, its really FISH! Not empty air inside! Its a good big piece of fish, the meat does not break down when u try to poke it with a fork, this show just how fresh the fish is. Very impressed~

Total bill for the meal is $75.20 *phew* but we think its worth it. Will definitely come back again.

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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

No worries at all

Well, seems like the passing motion issue is nothing at all. Today Little DinoEgg uses the toilet bowl and guess what? He even use the toilet tissue to wipe his *ahem* all by himself~ Think the school teaches them that. Anyway he was so proud of himself n came running to tell me. Well I m indeed very proud of him~ And a big THANK YOU to the school :)

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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

No means NO!

The school has let Little DinoEgg go diaperless except for nap time, for the pass few weeks so when I fetch him, he wears his underwear.

Sometimes when we reach home after our dinner he would need to use the toilet to pass motion, he is ok with doing it in the toilet bowl but recently he does not want to do that, not sure of the reason. Now when we put on the diaper for him after his bath he will wanna do his "business". The funny thing is if I ask him, he will shake his head n insist on doing it in the diaper, but when daddy ask him, he will nod his head n go to the toilet willingly *duhz*

Today, same thing happens, after his bath he stood at the coffee table looking as if he is in deep thoughts but actually is doing his "business". I asked him to use the toilet but he shakes his head. I made eye contact with daddy to signal to him to ask Little DinoEgg and his answer is "No, No means NO!" WAH! Both of us were taken aback. We thought nothing to it, coz sometimes when he is frustrated he will be fierce, which we of course always correct him. Nevertheless, we will be on a lookout for this again, see if he still refuses to use the toilet bowl to pass his motion.

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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Mac Mac

Went to RP for dinner as need to buy FM from the Chinese medical hall. Decided to have Mac Mac for dinner as both the food courts are full of pple. Clearly Little DinoEgg is enjoying his burger~ Incidentally this is the 2nd time he is eating a burger by himself. The 1st time he had fish burger but only managed to finish half of it and ALL of they mayo. This time he managed to finish 3/4 of the burger plus some fries n corn. Oh and this is the first time he taste Mac tomato sauce *grin*

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I know when its time to go

This morning decides to let Little DinoEgg wear the underwear instead of changing to a new diaper when he wakes up. After that I reminded him many times whether he wants to go to use the toilet. He got so fed up with my constant asking so I decided to stop *lol* And abt an hr plus later he came up to me n say "Mummy I want to go to the toilet to pee." WooHoo~ another hurdle crossed~

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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Imagination Movers

Imagination Movers Theme Song
Everybody shout what's the big idea?
Hey! What's the big idea?!
Imagination movers are music to your ears.
We're music to your ears!

Now, we're the guys who like to figure things out.
What? We love to figure things out!
You need some help just give us a shout.
Help, movers won't you help us out!

Imagination movers. You got to think about it.
Imagination movers. You got to talk about it.
Imagination movers. You got to sing about it.

I think what this situations needs is some imagination.

Smitty is my friend he's play'in his giutar. (giutar music)
Scot's got his goggles they help see far. (horn music)
Dave's over there under neath the red hat (base giutar music)
And my name is Rich I go a rata tat tat. (drum music)

Imagination movers. You got to think about it.
Imagination movers. You got to talk about it.
Imagination movers. You got to sing about it.

I think what this situation needs is some imagination.

Rich, Scott, Dave, Smitty
Rich, Scott, Dave, Smitty
Rich, Scott, Dave, Smitty
Rich, Scott, Dave, Smitty

We're the Movers, Imagination Movers
We're the Movers, Imagination Movers
We're the Movers, Imagination Movers
We're the Movers, Imagination Movers

We're the Movers, Imagination Movers
We're the Movers, Imagination Movers
We're the Movers, Imagination Movers

I think what this situation needs is some imagination.

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Friday, June 12, 2009

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Cookie pls

Earlier when it was time for bed, Little DinoEgg says "Mummy, I want to drink milk, eat gingerbread man cookie n sleep." hmm.... this is the 2nd time he is asking for the gingerbread man cookie. This 1st time was after the Little Club House concert. Lacking of sleep, he threw tantrum n demand daddy to buy a gingerbread man cookie for him to eat! Of course daddy didn't coz where to find one at that point of time???

Was surprised how come he says he wanna eat that cookie. He has never request for any particular food, only sweets. Seems like the Gingerbread Man performance left a good n deep impression on him.

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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Damn Lift AGAIN!

This evening an unhappy incident happened. We were returning home from dinner, I was 1 step behind Little DinoEgg, when he was inside the lift door starts to close. I pressed on the button outside and the lift door did not respond! I kicked the door by instinct and then have to squeeze my hand in between the closing doors while praying that the doors will not crash my fingers. Little DinoEgg freaked out inside the lift, crying "Mummy! Mummy!! Mummy!!" hysterically! I managed to squeeze my hand in between the lift doors n it sensed obstruction thus opens up. I have to calm myself to coax and comfort Little DinoEgg.

I am SO going to write to town council again!

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Monday, June 8, 2009

Wait for me ok?

This morning after his milk Little DinoEgg followed me to the kitchen. While rubbing his eyes he told me he wanted his fish jelly, I was not sure what he meant but I just say "Ok", thinking maybe later will search the dinning table for any party bags with the jelly. However, upon hearing my reply he turn to the fridge and open it (Hey, when did he know how to do tt???)

He took out from the fridge his red fish jelly and he gave it a kiss n smell it (He now has the habit of doing that!), put it at his face to feel the freeze. I told him to keep it n go to the room to change his clothes. He open the fridge n started to talk to the jelly =.=

"I put u here ok? U wait for me ya? Later I come n fetch u home ok?"

With that, he happily closed the fridge door n went with me to change his clothes... ...

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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Mummy naughty

Have been busy with the Motherhood Exhibition for the pass few days that I did not spend time with Little DinoEgg. By the time I reach home he is either going to sleep or have slept. Today I came home early as it was the last day of the exhibition, the house was in darkness, I thot both of them have already slept. Open the bedroom door quietly n greet with 2 pairs of big round eyes *lol*

Little DinoEgg greeted me with "mummy~" then "Mummy naughty! Dun wanna come home."

wahahaha~~ According to daddy, he has been asking for me for the pass nights but daddy says "Mummy go out." Thats why he say that out when he sees me. Gosh... wat to do with this little fella.

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Little Big Club Concert

Normally I do not like these kind of concert coz its waste of money but this one has got Little DinoEgg's favourite characters; Fireman Sam, Bob the Builder, BJ & Baby Bop, so I thought "Why Not?" 1 price to see at least 3 characters at the same time. So May went ahead and book the tickets for us n here we are~

Anyway nothing fantastic about the show, Little DinoEgg has been asking me "Where is Fireman Sam?" the minute we stepped into the hall till we sat down. Even while waiting for the concert to start he still ask the questions but sometimes its Fireman Sam, sometimes its Bob the Builder and only once or twice Barney. When the concert starts with the band he was all so excited but still ask me "Mummy how come Fireman Sam is not here?" *faintz* And when he did come out he was escalated! But when other characters that he is not familiar with comes out he was all quiet... then came Bob the Builder, Wendy & Spuds! He perked up n was happily watching them... then he got quiet again... yawning a few times too... it was like a roller coaster ride hahah~ During the 15mins break, he got bored n told me he wants to go home! I have to remind him that Barney is coming out next, he accepted it n waited patiently for the show to start again.

And I guess he was both bored n tired (it was his nap time), that makes him decided to misbehave during the interval. I have to drag him out of the seat with him crying to the entrance n gave him a piece of my mind. He stood there sobbing, tears on his face, looking sad n watching pple walking pass him for a full 5mins before he calm down enough to listen to me.

10mins later, we went back to our seats n wait patiently for the show to start n for Barney to come out. Funny thing is when Barney comes out Little DinoEgg was not particularly interested, when BJ, Baby Bop n Riff came out he goes all excited and everything. So he only likes Barney's "sidekicks" hehe~ Oh they sang one of his favourite song; If All the Raindrops, he was going Ahh-ahh-ahh-ahh-ahh-ahh-ahh-ahh-ahh-ahh~ with them.

Then it ended all to fast :( though its a 90mins concert. And my camera took such lousy photos! Only some are ok, guess I have to figure out the settings for taking photos at concert. Here are some of the photos.

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