Thursday, January 31, 2008

Not Protesting Yippee!

This morning is the 2nd time Little DinoEgg walked into the centre without any tears or protest. Woohhoooo~~~ How did I do it? Well, the peep-at-baby works, he was smiling when he saw the babies sleeping or on their tummies on the floor (then he started to move his attention to the dust ON the window frame *duhz*). I carried him up to the door step, let him down and wait for teacher to open the door. Then he will walk in slowly as if uncertain whether to go in or stand there.

This morning, he walked in confidently, then he turned around and looked at me with a puzzled look. I said "bye darling~" turn to walk away n he protest by calling out *faintz* SO no more bye-byes fm today onwards...

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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Am I so Yummilicious?

Reached Little DinoEgg's school slightly early; around 6.45pm, teacher saw me and went to fetch him. Saw from the window he was in tears and thought maybe he was napping, cried coz teacher woke him up.

When I saw him at the door, I asked him "why are u crying? shame shame lor~" Teacher Siti's reply shocked me... "oh.. coz he was bitten by Nathan..." GOSH!! Another biter!!! This time a younger chap... Teacher Siti says Little DinoEgg is too yummy to resist *haha*, she has already informed Nathan parents when they came to pick him up earlier.

Duhz... why can't they just leave Little DinoEgg alone??? Will he still be the target when he goes up to playgroup in Feb?

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Horse Brand Birdnest 马标燕窝

Went to Horse Brand earlier to order CNY hampers for company's customers.

Total amount is $1.3K+ and I have 13 lucky draw chances. Eh! 13?? Not a very good luck number ya?

No wonder out of 13 lucky draw I only get 1 prize. Its a gift voucher, value is $10 NOW but if u use it after the date indicated on the voucher its $20. Weird right? Means they want u to save more? Anyway will see if we have chance to use it or not :P

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Monday, January 28, 2008

Pineapple tarts for aunties

Yesterday collected pineapple tarts from Jessie, these 2 are for the cleaning aunties in Little DinoEgg's child care centre. Both of them like Little DinoEgg, especially the auntie who works the afternoon shift. Like him so much, treat him like her own grandson. Just want to get something for both of them to show my appreciation.

Was late leaving the office, ended up I was 15mins late meeting Jessie at Potong Pasir MRT ~sorry Jessie!!~ And I was late fetching Little DinoEgg, luckily I asked daddy to fetch him otherwise I have to pay $10 penalty for being late. I barely reach the centre and I saw the afternoon shift auntie walking away. I have to shout for her and ran up to her *phew~ tired*

I caught up to her n passed her the pineapple tarts, told her to pass the other one to the other auntie. She was very happy to receive the pineapple tarts :) I think she will like it coz its really very yummy~

Those who want to order the pineapple tarts, go to Jessie's blog and leave her a msg~~

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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Time to change to XL?

This morning is the 3rd time Little DinoEgg wet the bed, his diaper overflow. But he is not drinking alot of water, except for ytd. He drank 1 whole bottle about 460ml within 3hrs while we were at Compass Point shopping.

At nite he draink another 260ml. On top of the 240ml each milk of he drinks 3 times ytd... he is taking in ALOT of liquid. Hmm... not sure the reason he is been drinking so much water.

Anyway yesterday nite Daddy bring him to the toilet to let him pee before he heads off to bed, hoping that he will not wet the bed but mission failed hahaha~ Maybe its time to change to XL diaper.

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Friday, January 25, 2008

Clothes for Little DinoEgg

OOoooooo~~ I just LOVVEEEEEE GAP clothes! Simply cannot resist the 3/4 tees; "Naturally Adorable" woohoo~ Little DinoEgg can wear it on Valentine's Day n date maybe Mirable or Amber or Denise or Demi... maybe date ALL 4 of them hahaha~~

The rompers are good buy, its selling at S$25-S$35 in the local GAP store. Save money whenever I get the chance :D

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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Good start for the day

Its a beautiful day~

Woke up early the usual n not feeling sleepy etc. Little DinoEgg had a peaceful sleep too, did not wake up crying. He even snuggle up to me but "escape" when I put my arms onto his body, too heavy for him hahah~

Little DinoEgg woke up slightly early too, got down the bed with his pacifier n smelly, came walking out of the bedroom looking for me. Found me in his room packing his school bed. Dunno what came over him, when I kept his clothes in his bag, he freaked out, point to the bag n keep saying "no-no no-no". I thought he was having his morning tantrums episode so I told him "mummy's going to make ur MILK, you want to come along?" No reaction from him so I walked out of the room leaving him whinning.

While in the kitchen making his milk, he came out whinning and guess wat? Dragging his bag n holding up the strap asking me to take it *duhz* Even MILK-MILK also cannot pacify him, I have to ask him twice before he decides he wants milk n let go of the strap.

Had a peaceful change diaper-change clothes-wear shoes-take bags-open door and out we go~ Planned to take the cab to school but saw 163A approaching, took a hard look at the bus, its almost empty so we hopped onto it :D Little DinoEgg was kinda confused as he was expecting us sitting in a cab as this is the 1st time he takes a bus instead. Something out of his normal routine. His big round eyes were scanning n looking at every thing n everyone in the bus.

We alighted after few bus stops n change to LRT, reached school at the same time we took our usual route of LRTs n cab. Not too bad, at least this morning I dun have to take a long walk to LRT station n pay $7+ for cab fare.

AND THE BEST PART OF TODAY IS~ Little DinoEgg did not cry or whine when we are at the centre's door, he even wanted to walk in himself BUT Teacher Adeline just scoop him up *%^*%$*&#$&$$%^#

My trick? I let him peep through the window and into his play area. There was this little baby on the floor wriggling, that got him interested as he was smiling. So I told him "you see baby~ do you want to play with baby? Ok, u come down and we walk to school to find baby~" I let him down n he made a lame protest of "mummy~" but I distracted him by quickly holding his hands and say "lets go and find baby~"

Yeah! Lets cross our fingers n hope tomorrow will be the same if not better.

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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Hello dear friend~

Met Sok Hoon, an old friend this morning in the train! So happy to see her!! Even though we stay in the same neighbourhood we do not have time to meet up.

Sat in the train n when the train stops at Seng Kang, I happen to look and and saw this lady with a boy walked in, then I realised its Sok Hoon :P What a surprise~ Had a pleasant chat with her, catching things up. Her son is so handsome~ Very well mannered too. And have to thanks him for creating this meet up. sok Hoon was saying he usually sleeps till 730am and wake up, but today he suddenly woke up early so they went out of the house early.

Let me see... I have know Sok Hoon for more then 10yrs!!! hahaa~ From my Tumble Tots days!! Wow time flies! I think I must keep in touch with her more often :P Maybe ask her over for 1 of our gatherings.

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I have the equal amount of things to do, plan, schedule, prioritise, worry, rush etc... Why should I include yours and "help you to remember"?

If you don't help yourself, no one can.

I can only do so much, I cannot help you forever.

Its not my fault if you mess things up, I don't run your life so don't push the blame to me.

I can be easy on things but don't take me for granted!

If you don't plan, how do you expect things to go smoothly n well?

You expect things to turn better by sitting on it?

You should know that I am very particular when it comes to money issues.

And lastly, Don't mess with MY reputation!!!!

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No more tears~

Little DinoEgg is improving, I mean on the going into school part. This morning I carried him to the door, put him down n he went limp, made noise. When Teacher Adeline carried him, he only "eerrrrr!!" once then he kept quiet.

Hope that gradually he will not make noise and eventually walk into the school by himself soon.

Oh another thing, he is going to playgroup in February!!! Maybe mid Feb since his birthday is on the 12th. However, he will be with Clara... Yesterday spoke to Teacher Siti, she says they will be on the same class, however Clara has improved alot. No more bitting n she is keeping Clara by her side (lest she decides to sink her teeth into someone again). Thats a piece of good news, means I do not need to worry Little DinoEgg fight with Clara in playgroup (remember he bit Clara once too few months ago?)

Things are going fine, my little rascal is growing up~~

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Monday, January 21, 2008


Daddy was cleaning the house, Little DinoEgg was trying to make a mess of everything... Suddenly he found the canes, took 1 each in his hands and say "BEAT-BEAT~ BEAT-BEATTTTTTTT!!!!" while waving the canes, even caning the table, sofa n floor -_-

Suddenly he froze, stood on his mattress, not moving, only using his fingers to play with the canes. I asked him "baby, what are you doing?? 你在大便?(Are you poo-ing?)" He nods his head; I asked him again "You sure you 大便?" He nods again. But i left him there coz not sure does he really understands my questions or not.

2 mins later, he is still at the same spot. I asked him again "Boy, u still 大便?" He nods his head vigourously; "You sure?!!!" *nods-nods-nods-nods* I turn back to my tv, waiting for him to finish his business; if thats what he is really doing.

A while later, he moved so I checked him n lo-and-behold~ poo poo inside his diaper~ So he is really telling me the truth :D

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Fell down the bed while zzz

I was sleeping soundly when suddenly I heard Little DinoEgg crying, opened my eyes n could not find him on the bed!!!! I quickly look to the floor... he fell from the bed...

There is a gap between our bed and the wall, we were afraid he will turn n fall down the bed onto the floor thus we put his cot mattress on the floor lest he really fall. But the cot mattress is so small, so we put it near the top of the bed. Little DinoEgg likes to roll all over when he sleeps on the mattress but on the bed he seldom do that. Not sure what happened yesterday, he roll n fell near the foot of the bed... head knocked the cold hard floor...

Daddy picked him up and put him back on the bed, comfort him for a while n he fell back to sleep, guess he is still tired (it was 330am). After he went back to sleep, he keep waking me up... seems like he rolled away from me and then will wake up and crawl back to me. He will also want to hold my hand or feel my hands etc, just to be sure that I am sleeping besides him. Feeling insecure after that fall....

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"Heart attack"

This morning while walking to office, got a call from child care centre. Teacher Siti called... She said she found red spots at Little DinoEgg's mouth n he was having diarrhea!!!

I was so shock!!! yesterday at Dr Koh's clinic there was no red spots etc etc how come the minute he steps into the centre red spots starts appearing???

I told Teacher Siti that his diarrhea maybe becoz of the papaya he took yesterday,he got serious constipation; he pooped small stone like poo :( Told her that he got a cert from doctor yesterday nite that he has recovered from HFMD. Suddenly Teacher Siti says, "oh he got the HFMD?? And recovered?? eh.... wait... this is Loh XXX XXX?? Oh dear!!! Wrong baby!!!" I almost faint...

However I still remind Teacher Siti that Little DinoEgg may have loose bowels due to the papaya he took yesterday. Hopefully he is able to "release" his "junk" today as pass few days its all small stones like, hard n dry.

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Sunday, January 20, 2008


Visted Dr Koh again just now. 1st thing he asked is "he still have rashes?" Of course NO~~ just becoz of 1 hand written letter signed by Dr Koh, we have to make our way down again :(

He got a clean bill again, Dr Koh says to Little DinoEgg "you are so troublesome.... ok go go I dun wanna see u till next year!" hahaha~ This Dr Koh...

Anyway their wun be a chance of relaspe coz I have changed his pacifiers & milk bottle teats at home, at granny's home and at child care centre. Also Dr Koh says to eat more VitC to boost his immune system to fight off any virus attacks. I only started Little DinoEgg on VitC tablets mid Dec'07, guess it did not managed to boost his immune systems well enough to fight off this HFMD.

So shooo-shooo HFMD virus! GO AWAY n STAY AWAY!!!

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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Word of the day - 大便 *poo-poo*

Daddy was preparing Little DinoEgg for bath, earlier he pooped and daddy was cleaning him, he said "Shit... you 大便 ". I walked into the room and asked what happeded, daddy say "nothing, he pooped." n carried Little DinoEgg to the toilet.

Few seconds later i heard daddy laughing, thought he was playing with Little DinoEgg. Then daddy appeared back into the room still laughing, he said to Little DinoEgg "tll mummy wat did u say just now?" At first he kept quiet, then sudden he say softly " 大便" then laugh so sweetly haha~

Learning this word is good, next time when I need to toilet train him at least he will know how to say that when he needs to do his business :D

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Its 2am and I can't sleep

Received a very shocking and sad news yesterday afternoon. A friend who is due to give birthday tomorrow was told her baby had died in her womb....

No amount of words or comfort will ease the pain n change everything. No one can understand what she will be going through. I hope her family's love and concern will help her along the way, to try make each day easier to pass.

I can only pray for her health n speedy recovery.

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