Sunday, September 30, 2007

September Gatherings

Ok I finally have time to upload the pictures we took at the gatherings in September 2007

Get-together - Amy's House 08 September 2007 (Photos taken by Adeline)

Amy wanted to pass some hand-me-downs to us so decided to get all of us to gather at her house for some R&R. So each of us potluck some food over; we bought over fried rice, Ms Bec - Old Chang Kee curry puffs, Wendy - TPY roast duck & fruit salad, jessie - hhmm.. dunno wat did she bring hee~ OH i know! perhaps its the 933 Golden Pillow :P, Amanda - fruit cake, then there are drinks by Amy... hmm.. wat else?? cannot remember. Anyway all are good n yummy food, too bad tt day I did not bring camera thus did not take picture of the food.

As usual, the kiddos are having the best fun. All of them (yes, including Little DinoEgg) are snatching the balls and the toy cars. Amber, Kayton & Manfred fight over the red & yellow "flinstones" car. Regardless of these, all are well, no tears were shed, no scratches n slaps were given n received. See how well behave our kiddos are. They know how to share... in a rough way hahahaha~

Then someone suggested majong so Andy/Ms Bec, Alex/Amanda, Amy's mum n Daniel. While they are fighting on the square table, Wendy n Adeline went home n me trying to pat Little DinoEgg to sleep. Then this little princess, saw me patting Little DinoEgg to sleep then she try to be helpful, hit Little DinoEgg real hard on the bum-bum *faintz* Luckily he did not wake up or cry out in pain...

This Adeline so forgetful. She said bye-bye to us then 5mins later came back; forgot about Kayton's shoes, then said bye-bye, 5mins later came back again; forgot about Kayton's toy. said bye-bye again den after tt sms Amy say she forgotten Kayton's something (dunno is it hanky or wat). Ms Apple Pie arh.... u hor... *haiz~*

Majong ended ard 1am+ n we went home around 2am+, tired to the bones....

Steamboat & Lanterns - Amanda's House 22 Sept 2007

How can we gather without some good n yummy food???

Daniel prepared the PSS a day before so the soup is really very yummy, the pigs stomach will be soft n juicy, great for steamboat.

That day we woke up early to prepare the stuffs. It took us an hour to pound the chilli padi+balacheng, it was a tiring job. Me n Daniel took turn to pound it but mainly Daniel do the job as I have to take care of Little DinoEgg. Well he did help too, this little rascal. I was peeling the egg n he did the food tasting hee~ just to make sure the eggs are nicely cooked.

We reached Amanda's place at ard 4pm, Ms Bec is already there helping out. Next to arrive is Amy+family then Wendy+family. Everyone chipped in to get the food ready n table set. Others just help to look after the kiddos, make sure they dun get into trouble. All except for Mr Andy Lim, who is glued to the tv, almost drowning himself into the show n becoming 1 of the character inside hahaha~ I think if the sky drop he will still have his eyes at the tv :P

After a while the food n soup are ready and some of us eat first while the rest feed the kiddos. Everyone was saying the PSS is great n my-oh-my~ tt chilli is really a killer!!!! Even those who like chilli also have to surrender to it.

Later we went up to Amanda's room to look at her wedding pictures, wow~ there's even a half naked Alex in the album ~whiiii-wheeetttt~ Kinky sia! And Alex have sooo many toy figurines (forgot which characters), I am sure Little DinoEgg would LOVE to land his hands n sink his 6 teeths into them wahhahaa~ And their house is so beautifully renovated! Its so cosy that the minute u set in u feel so comfortable and at home, makes u wanna just climb onto the sofa n zzzz... *yawn*

At night when everyone have their fill, Amy took out a bubble blowing piggy lantern and we proceed to the corridor to let the kiddos enjoy n chase after the bubbles. They we escalated when the piggy lantern started to "spit" bubbles out. Manfred, Amber n Mirabel were busy chasing after the bubbles, with their mouth WIDE open! Gosh! trying to taste the bubbles? Little DinoEgg did not join as he is abit tired. It was really fun to see the kiddos so happy n running about.

After all these excitment, we went back in and sat around the tv for some relaxation. Then someone suggested majong n off they went upstairs to start their "war". A while later Amy & Wendy+family went home. Both Manfred n Mirabel is so tired... plus we have to wake up early tomorrow for our swimming gathering.

So left only me, Ms Bec, Little DinoEgg n Amber at the living room watching tv, chatting n trying to pat our kiddos to sleep. As usual, Ms Amber is so fully of energy. You can clearly see that her eyes are tired BUT her engine just wouldn't wanna stop!! Ms Bec have to give her milk milk then carry her n rock her, less then 10mins later she was in slumberland with Little DinoEgg. Phew~ Now both of us can really take a break n watch tv in peace.

It was a tiring day but we have good food n great company. Our kiddos enjoyed the day very much though there were knocks on the head, fall fm the staircase, lantern snatching etc *grinz*
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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Friday, September 28, 2007

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Root of the Problem

Yupe... we finally confirm that the cause for Little DinoEgg's roller coaster temperature since Sunday. ITS THE LOWER TEETH!!!

Yesterday noticed he has been chewing on his pacifier and last night he did not go to sleep. Whole night he kept chewing the pacifier then make the "eee-eee", "ahhh-ahhh" n "yah-yah-yah" sound, eyes big big either looking around, watching tv or looking at me. No amount of patting n cooing n singing can make him close his eyes n zzzzz.... This went on till wee hours....

Luckily today I took leave to take care of him, so I do not need to wake up early to go to work. Nevertheless, Little DinoEgg finally dozed off at around 5am+ n so did I, but I was awaken by him at 8.30am -_- NOT ENOUGH BEAUTY SLEEP! Only managed to catch an hour n a half of sleep later in the afternoon when Little DinoEgg finally decided he is tired enough for a nap.

His temperature still hovers around 37-38Deg+, once I have to sponge bath him as the temperature climbs up to 39.6Deg. On top of that he has diarrhea, one of the teething symptoms. Hopefully tomorrow he will feel better...

Now he is happily sleeping n dreaming about something :)

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Monday, September 24, 2007

Sunday, September 23, 2007


Little DinoEgg was feeling quite warm after his swim but I thot its just the sun that he's been enjoying while swimming in the pool that is causing his body temperture to go up. However 2hours after we left the swimming pool he was still feeling hot, on top of that he was sleepy, keep dozing off in the sling. I asked Wendy to feel Little DinoEgg and she was surprise that he feels hot. Even auntie Josie feel him n immediately say he is having fever :(

So after collecting the stuff, Romi sent us back home, Little DinoEgg slept for most part of the journey. When we reached home, it is as if he knows he can finally relax n rest, thus he started to cry n make noise. Quickly give him paracetmol and his cough medicine as he was coughing after his swim. Actually this morning he was already coughing but we thought its nothing so proceed to the swim. Should have stayed home instead; but the tempation of the swimming pool is just too great to ignore.

Anyway took his temperature and it reads 40.2Deg. After his medicine we tried our very best to make him comfortable, dap damp cloth on his neck, tummy n armpit as advised by gang. Put the Kodomo cooling patch on his forehead. Forced fed him 5ml of water every 30mins as the cooled water should be able to replenish the water he lost n cool his body. Took his temperature every 5mins. It went down to 38.8Deg after taking the medicine but shot up to 39.9Deg, subsequently hovering between 38.5Deg n 39.4Deg.

Last temperature taken at 11pm was 38.3Deg, at least we can relax abit. Have to feed paracetamol @ 2am....
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My 1st Swim n I totally enjoy It!

After the farm we proceed to meet Wendy & family, Rebecca & family and Amanda & Alex. We were suppose to meet at 3.30pm but we were early. I am the designated photographer for today :)

The gang quickly got themselves & their kiddos ready and off the went into the pool. However as this is Little DinoEgg's 1st encounter with the swimming pool, I was afraid he may freak out at the sight of such a HUGE amount of water. So I bring him to the edge of the pool to let him sit down and play with the water. After a while Amy carried him into the water n onto the red car float. From the look of his face, I know Little DinoEgg is very excited about getting into the water but at the same time feeling abit frustrated as the car float sort of obstructed his view & feel of the pool & water. So Daniel put the float onto him instead. He is much happier n starts to enjoy the swim.

Jessie tried to let Zenson go into the water while she bring Denise to the arcade room. Zenson was alright for about 5 minutes but after tt he screamed n cried ssssooooo loud that we have ask Jessie to come back as no one is able to pacify this little prince. In the end Jessie have to dry Zenson then bring both her kiddos to the arcade room where later she say Denise enjoy tt place very much. She was dancing away at the Dance Play station, too bad I was not there to take pictures or video.

An hour later Wendy, Rebecca, Amanda and their respective spouses n kiddos arrived. They too quickly change n jumped into the pool. The kiddos simply love to swim and also love the slide. Everyone was happily swimming and enjoying themselves tremdously.

Little DinoEgg was happily paddling n moving his arms in the pool that he totally forgotten about his milk milk till an hour plus later. He started to get cranky n wanted to come out of the pool. I proceed to bringing him to the shower room with the help of auntie Josie ~THANKS AUNTIE JOSIE!! ~ Luckily auntie Josie was there to help as Little DinoEgg was crying n making such a fuss that it is impossible to make him cooperate!!! AArrggghhh!!!! I was trying to get his wet suite off n he is kicking n thrashing his arms around *ANGRY* Auntie Josie have to help me to carry him while I quicky pull the wet suite off. And the stupid water in the shower room are NOT HOT AT ALL even though the heater was ON! The water was hot for like 30 seconds and it went ice cold!!! Little DinoEgg had a shock when the icy cold water hit him. I have to made do with a few splashes of water and carry him out to dry him *again with auntie Josie's help* n put on his clothes.

About an hour later everyone had showered etc n we were sitting at the lobby deciding where to go for dinner. After some discussion, we decided on BJ. Hey dun think otherwise ya, it stands for Botak Jones. We had a hearty meal of western food with tons of water to replenish the water lost today. It was indeed a very hot day.

After the meals, the gang took off and we stayed back a while as Daniel arranged to meet up some one to collect something. Romi insist on waiting for us to send us back as Little DinoEgg was not feeling well. ~THANKS AMY & ROMI!!~ Luckily tt guy was not late, we waited like 5mins and he was here. Took the stuff n Romi sent us home.

What a tiring n enjoyable day! Sorry Ms Wendy, Ms Bec n Ms Amanda, did not take a lot of your pictures as I was attending to Little DinoEgg as he was out of the pool. Next time ok, I promise I take more of your pictures BUT come early lah :P

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Visit to Animal Farm

This morning it rained so heavily tt all of us were worried that our full day plans for today will be going down the drain. Luckily around 12.30pm the rain clouds drifted off to somewhere and Grandpa Sun came out bright n shinning.

Meet Amy+Romi+Manfred & Jessie+Denise+Zenson at Blk 308 for lunch then proceed to The Animal Farm @ Jalan Kayu.

Little DinoEgg saw for the 1st time some bunnies 1 small chicken, 2 peacocks, 1 mysterious crane-like bird, goats, geese. As it rained earlier, the dirt road was muddy, made the whole place so damp. Amy was saying usually the goats, geese n peacocks were allowed to roam freely but think becoz there was a child's birthday party so they keep all of them locked up. Too bad, otherwise Little DinoEgg would love to have a chance of getting up close n personal with these animals.

As its a fairly small farm, we left the place after half an hour walk-through.

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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Oh my Oats~

Little DinoEgg have his 1st taste of oats today. And he simply loves it~ I am not a oats lover so I was afraid he will find the taste weird n refuse.

I bought the oats that need to be cook rather then those instant ones where u mix with hot water. Its very simple. I just add the 140ml milk which Little DinoEgg did not finish abt half n hour ago, top it up with another 70ml of water n add in 5 tablespoons of oats. Stir over a small fire and 3mins later VIOLA~ a good oat meal is ready!

But I think 5 tablespoons are too much for Little DinoEgg as its about 1 kiddie bowl. Next time I shall cook about 3 tablespoons instead. I did not add anything inside the oats, next time I shall try adding bananas (yummy~) or some strawberries etc.

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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

5th Wedding Anniversary

Anniversary Graphics

RockYou FunNote - Get Your Own

Today is our 5th Wedding Annivesary, which is the WOOD year, thus tt wood craving :)

7 years ago we ROM, 2 years later we held our wedding reception at Sheraton Towers. 4 years later Little DinoEgg was born.

Wow! We have gone through so many years together! Many more years to come. Come what may, we will endure and go through together.


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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Trip to Ang Mo Kio

We just came back from a hearty meal at Ang Mo Kio. Met up with Wendy+Mike, Rebecca+Andy+Amber for dinner plus abit of shopping.

I was early, as the train ride took me only 25mins to reach Ang Mo Kio. Went to FOX in the Hub, walked a few rounds then came out empty handed. Firstly there were no BIG discount, only 15% discount when you pay with UOB credit card (which I dun have), secondly the boys clothes look so dull. All brownish n greenish with dull dark color pictures or wordings. Not as cheerful n colorful as their previous clothes. Well its ok, there is always GAP n Old Navy heheh~ and of course a chance for me to build up my pocket for the next FOX BIG SALE :P

Finally waited till Daniel & Rebecca+family arrives. Proceed to the cheap branded shop, there were not much clothes for boys but I managed to grab 2 tees for $3 each hehe~ After tt slowly walk to S-11 food court. Almost bought a Pooh plastic lantern for Little DinoEgg but then it cost $6.50, both me n Rebecca think its quite expensive.
After the long walk (at least for me), we finally sit down and order our dinner while waiting for Wendy+Mike to arrive. They finally did, with the 2 packets of PetPet diapers which I asked her to buy for me. ~Thanks Wendy+Mike~ I know the diapers are really heavy.

We makan n chat, chat n makan, with Amber sitting in her pram looking at us n enjoying her french fries. Then Little DinoEgg starts to get cranky n impatient. Would not let both of us finish our dinner in peace. In the end I have to quickly finish my dinner then took him for a walk around the food court. He was ok, even got a sweet from 1 of the stall owner hehe~ too bad its the Hacks sweet so cannot give him. When we return to the table he started to make noise again. After a while we made a move to go to the shop tt sells cheap children clothes like pj etc.

We went there abit late, they were already half way thru closing the shop so we proceed to the next door shop to look for my shampoo. While discussing with the ladies n deciding which foundation to get, I felt Little DinoEgg starting to slip from my arms. I thot its jus my tired arms, but when I turn around I saw Amber, seated in her pram, pulling his legs n giggling. No wonder I thot how come Little DinoEgg starts to feel heavy hahah~ this nottie ger~ beat ur bum-bum har~ hahah~

Went home after that. Dead tired. Little DinoEgg did not get to drink his milk till around 10pm, n finally fall asleep at around 1030pm....


Before I go to bed, thanks Rebecca+Andy for the kueys etc, my breakfasts for tmr~... good nite every one~

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Something for myself *grinz*

I bought the cream n black bag on different sprees, when I received them I realized that they are the same, except the cream one is bigger then the black one. Next time must remember what i have bought to avoid this from happening again :(

These 2 pairs of shoes are lovely~ It took me quite a while to decide to get the "just nice" or slightly bigger size coz this is the 1st time I am buying shoes w/o trying and from an overseas site. However their size chart is really very accurate, I bought the "just nice" size and it fits me to a T! They even gave me some insoles just in case the shoes are too loose.

Going to buy more more more!!!

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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Its a good time to have STEAMBOAT!!

Its been such a grey, gloomy n cold day. However its a good time to have steamboat! Yupe just the 3 of us, we had a yummy steamboat. Something to "compensate" for not able to go swimming today :P The steamboat is simply delicious~ even Little DinoEgg finished his bowl or rice n drank about half a bowl of the soup.

Our Ingredients

- Pigs stomach soup
- pigs stomach
- mushrooms
- marinated pork
- prawns
- sotong
- fish
- xiao bai cai
- tau pok


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Last week I bought Little DinoEgg's swimming suite n a brand new swimming costume for myself.

Yesterday night packed the bag before going to bed. So excited about today as it will be the 1st time Little DinoEgg goes to a swimming pool!!

This morning it RAIN!!! On top of that, whole day so cloudy n gloomy....

There goes our swimming outing :(

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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

My ORANGE Swim Suite

Just now mummy & me went to Kiddy Palace to buy new bath towels for me. Then mummy took a walk around the swim suite section and found THIS! An ORANGE swim suite!!!

Actually mummy wanted to get a blue one but it do not have my size, and this orange one is the only piece that is the smallest.

Woohoooo~~~ can go swimming soon!!! All I need now is a bath robe hehehe~ mummy when are you getting that for me?

Oh ya, mummy also say she do not have swimming costume. Guess will have to wait till she gets one then I can go swimming *poutz*
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My 1st Love Bite *duhz*

Yesterday Little DinoEgg came back with a "love bite" on his right fore arm. Can u see the teeth marks???

Initially we were so sad coz he was being bullied at the child care centre but when we take a closer look at the marks we think maybe he bite himself. Coz from the marks; which shows 1 row of 4 teeth n 1 row of 2 teeth, exactly the number of teeth Little DinoEgg have. And if u bring his fore arm to his mouth, it fits exactly his teeth; 4 upper n 2 lower.... Anyway wanted to speak to the teacher this morning but was late so have to rush off after I leave Little DinoEgg at the centre.

This evening, I purposely leave work on the dot, reached the child care centre at 5.35pm (wah super duper early, even Little DinoEgg was surprise to see me haha~). The teacher told me they are also not sure who have bitten Little DinoEgg, as he did not scream in pain or cry out loud. HOWEVER she did tell me that there are a couple of biters in the group -_-" And 1 of the baby girl can really bit HARD, leaving deep red teeth marks.

Woah~ tt sets me worrying... I asked the teacher to monitor, whether he is being bitten or he is bitting himself. I explained to her that IF he is bitting himself, then have to stop him coz he will eventually start to bite others, then it will be more difficult to stop this bad habit.

Well, thats the end of this "love bite" issue... for now... Let's hope that there will not be a 2nd time.
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Monday, September 10, 2007

Hmm... actually got this info from a friend a few weeks ago but have not got the time to do it (think of the $ lost!!). Blogging has become such an "IN" thing, everyone is doing it, even ME, who is not a computer or internet expert. Anyway since blogging has become part of our everyday life, why dun make some $ out of it?

Actually I have ever signed up with AdSense but find $ rolls in quite slowly and my account was abruptly stopped just because I did not put in any entry for a week! There goes my USD5+ (ok ok its not ALOT but still its MONEY ya??!!) *gggrrrrr* Thank God I found out about Advertlets~ so now I can start earning hehehhee~ Anyway Advertlets is nearer to home, just next door to us, thus closer to heart :)

Hey hey hey~ meet the pretty ladies and handsome machos of Advertlets *TA-DAH~~*

They are currently having a promo for Singapore bloggers, the “Singaporean Special Program” and it ends on 15th September. So quick quick, join the family, at - Asia’s Better Blog Advertising Network.

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Sunday, September 9, 2007

Walking Walking

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WooHoo~~~ Little DinoEgg finally walk~~!!! He actually knows how to walking without holding on to things but guess his confidence is not there yet thus he refuses to walk. Therefore he officially "promotes" to Walker Class on 07 September 2007!

Well last Thursday while at Eunice house, he was taking tiny steps as he wanted to play with Reiko and the toys. He was very wobbly n unsteady. We did not force him or praise him, just want him to do it at his own pace.

Next day, while at granny's house he deiced to stride out! We left him at the coffee table (as usual) to play with his toys while Mum n me got ready to pack some stuffs for me to bring home. I left him there with my words "Baby you stay here ok, me n granny at the kitchen packing things to go home ok, be good ya~" We walked away from him n the next minute we saw him following us! Wobbling n shaking he followed us, then was giggling all the way. When he realised he can move, he walked over to Popy (granny's dog) to say hi~ then he start to walk to the dining area. He fell a few times on his butt, but each time he got up n walk :) Mum was sooo happy.

This day have finally arrive~ So now instead of him screaming his head off when we leave him alone in the living room, he will cry (ya still cry n scream) but he will also stand up n walk to find us, less stressful for him n us.
Friends were telling me that we are happy NOW but in future we will have headache.... headache in chasing after him, making him sit down for long etc etc.... Well, we just take each day as it comes then :)
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