Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Sawadee kha

Yupe, that's where we were for the pass weekend~ We were there for the food n shopping! 4 couples; 8 adults and we enjoyed our shopping to the MAX! We had a smooth flight to BKK but a "bumpy" flight home as it was raining when we left BKK n nearing Singapore, there were alot of turbulences. Its really a roller coaster ride where there was once the plane really "dropped" n some of the lady passengers screamed.

We shopped alone but kept in touch by using the talkie. Before we part each other, we will arrange time to be back at the hotel OR at the restaurants. Diana & Randy set off real early each day; at 7+ 8am!!!! Coz Diana wants to utilize her time to the max n buy all her things from all the shopping area haha~ She really grabbed alot of stuffs fm CTC, even a HUGE Hello Kitty head pillow *faintz* Anyway she n Ms Bec... Hello Kitty fan... bought sooo many Hello Kitty stuffs....

The most satisfying thing is... I get to eat tt yummy roast duck haha~ The prawn in the dumpling is really fresh, the roast duck is not too oily or salty, top it with fruit juice freeze.... woohoo~~ best combination! Too bad the seafood restaurant that we planned to go there for dinner on the 1st night is closed for service (think company trip or something lah, not very sure too) and only open on 29th Apr, which is a day AFTER we left BKK. A few of us were disappointed coz we were so looking forward to eating the roast piggy :(

Oh... an unhappy incident when on the way to our alternative seafood restaurant. As there are 8 of us, we have to take 2 taxis, so when we found out tt seafood restaurant is closed we decided to go to a restaurant near White Orchid. Our taxi driver leads the way and he took a short cut that takes about 15mins to reach. The other taxi driver did not managed OR he do not want to follow us, ended up went in a BIG circle n only reach the place about 30mins AFTER we reach.... Can you beat that??!!! Our taxi fare is Baht61 and Wendy+gang's taxi fare is Baht90+... GOSH!!! Dunno if its an honest mistake by tt taxi driver or he purposely bring them tour the town in a traffic jam road condition....

We walked so much that my shoulder back n legs almost cramps... usually I dun go to the Thai massage but heard from Wendy that it helps to relieve her tight muscle at her neck and back, I decided to give it a try. Did not regret doing that, my neck n back feel so relieve after the 60mins of massage. The massager cracked my neck n got rid of my left stiffed neck, feel so much comfortable after that. On our last day in BKK, I went to let them massage my painful n tired feet n knee. Feel so relieve and my knee caps does not have tt nagging pain any more. So now, Thai massage will be an item in my agenda hehehe~

Ok here are the pictures we took~

Overall its an enjoyable trip though there were some small arguments (among couples lah) hehehe~ but definitely NO BIG FIGHTS till 1 party have to give a super black face n stormed off. We are already planning our next trip~ Anyone wanna join us too?? Date n venue TBA.

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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Quack Quack Duck Celebration

We did not plan anything special on daddy's birthday. Initially wanted to go dinner at Swenson but daddy suggested that we buy the yummy duck from Rivervale Mall and eat at home.

So we meet up at Dhoby Ghaut MRT to take train together and fetch Little DinoEgg from school. It was drizzling when we reach Seng Kang and raining when we fetched son. When Little DinoEgg came out of school and saw the rain he shouted excitedly "RAIN RAIN!!". When I showed him my umbrella he said "Um-na-na" wahahaha~ No, I am not carrying a banana umbrella....

We shared the small pink um-na-na and walked to Rivervale Mall. Quickly went up to the food court, grabbed our half roast duck and a packet of char-siew rice for Little DinoEgg, jumped into a cab n shoot back home.

By the time we fed Little DinoEgg the rice, gave him milk, put him to bed, it was already 9pm. We sat down and enjoy our roast duck rice dinner. Earlier the auntie asked me whether I want to chop up the duck thigh, i said NO as I know daddy would LOVVEEEE to eat the whole thing, its his favourite~ He truly enjoys his duck hehehe~

Well, no fancy dinner n no birthday present, I hope daddy enjoys his birthday.

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We've had our arguments
Over the years
And some of them
Brought me to tears

But more important
Are the good times we've shared
The things you've done
To show me you care

Yes, we have arguments now and then
But our love endures through them all
And most of them I can't even recall

But all the good times we shared
Are buried deep within in my heart
Loving memories dear to me
Memories from which I'll never part

I love you dearly
This you already know
It's our love that's
Made our marriage grow

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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Birthday BASH Planning - Part 1

This morning called up Little DinoEgg's school to speak to Teacher Sue to check on certain things. Since the HFMD outbreak school has stopped parents from coming in to particpate, hopefully by then parents are allowed to go in.

1. There are total 76 kiddos (62 kids and 14 babies)
2. There are 15 teachers + aunites
3. There are currently 7 classmates in Little DinoEgg's group
4. Get a 3kg non cream cake (per their experience 3kg cake is enuf for ALL to share)
5. We are suppose to prepare paper plates, plastic forks n spoons

SO~ I have to prepare 62 goodie bags for kids, 14 small soft toys for babies n 15 something (have not decide what to give) for teachers.

I have more or less settled the goodie bags for the kids, still deciding what to give for the babies and teachers. And not forgetting goodie bags for all those kids who will be attending his birthday bash!

So much things on my mind, so little time to do it....

Singing & Dancing with Elmo

Earlier this month I saw this at amazon selling at USD9.93, without shipping charges to SIN. Was hesitating whether to buy or not as was not sure whether will it be a good deal; if including the shipping it will cost around SGD17+, I was thinking maybe I could have find it in the local bookstores or CD shops, but then again the chance of me visiting these places is near zero. I was skeptical coz I saw some Sesame Street VCDs selling at these places costing a whopping SGD19.90 or so. I was not really prepared to pay that kind of price for a children VCD. Kinda contradicting since I am prepared to pay the same price for a cute little tee for Little DinoEgg hehehe~

Anyway, last Thursday I was sent to Borders to buy a copy of Financial Times upon my MD's request (eh no Finanacial Times u feel uncomfortable izzit??), I took the opportunity to do a "quick tour" at Borders' music section. And there you see it~ Found it in a piles of Sesame Street VCD, the cost? Just a mere SGD10.90, so.... I grabbed it! Of course! What would you have expected it? After I have it safely in my hands, I went through the whole section trying to find other Sesame Street titles which I intend to buy from amazon and also Bear in the Big Blue House titles. Sadly I found none *sigh* so I left the place with my lone prize "winning".

Maybe I should drop a mail to Borders asking if they can help me? Perhaps I will get a better deal then USD9.93???

And its money well spent. That weekend Little DinoEgg was glued to the tv watching Elmo sing, dance, draw, laugh, and he danced, laughed and attemped to sing with Elmo. He truely enjoy that 30+mins and even request for it twice later that day.

Oh ya SING! We discovered that he knows the song Do-Rae-Mi. I was watching Song of Music in the cable where Maria was singing this to the kids. The min the song came Little DinoEgg stopped what he was doing n stared at the tv.

Maria "Do~ a deer a female deer~"
Little DinoEgg "eeeaarrr"
Maria "Rae~ a drop of golden sun~"
Little DinoEgg "suuunnn~"
Maria "Mi~ a name i call myself~"
Little DinoEgg "cceelllL~"

And he only knows the first 3 notes hahahaa~

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Sunday, April 20, 2008

I can count

Last Wednesday

Was on leave to take care of Little DinoEgg as he was feeling under the weather. Itook a piece of bread, wanting to give it to him;

Me : Baby do you want?

Little DinoEgg look at me with his big round eyes...

"One Two Twee Or Ive Six" Then he happily shaking his body... haha~

This morning

Daddy prompted Little DinoEgg;

Daddy : Baby you see~ One Two Three..." (while putting up fingers to show the number.
Little DinoEgg : One Two Twee Or Ive Six Seven Eight Nine Ten~ YEAH!!!" *Clap his hands happily*

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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Oh Where Oh Where~

Today I went to a parenting talk and left daddy to take care of Little DinoEgg. I left the house after he zzz for his morning nap, when he woke up, he could not see me and ask daddy "Mummy where?" He kept asking till daddy have to cal me on the mobile to let him talk to me.

According to daddy, after that its a series of where where where...

"Por-por aka Granny where??"
"Nai-nai aka Grandma where??"
"mummy where???"

Where? Where?? Where??!! Where??!!! Where????!!!!!!! Where????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Back to school YEAH!!!!

After feeling under the weather for almost 2 weeks, Little DinoEgg finally is well enough to go back to school! Woohooo~~~~ Ytd told him that we are going to see all his friends and teachers in the school, does he want to see them? He keep nodding and say "yes yes".

Nevertheless I was still skeptical... thinking that he will refuse to go into school or start crying when we are near school.

We took a cab to school as, well, we are late again *sigh* When the cab stopped at our usual place to let us alight, Little DinoEgg was very excited and started to shout "Ah Ma~ Ah Ma~~", he pulled me along in such quick pace that I was almost trotting along. When we did not see Ah Ma at the stone chair, he looked at me with his big round eyes and keep asking me "Where?? Ah Ma where?" I keep telling him "Darling, Ah Ma not around, maybe she is late" etc, he finally got it when we left the stone chair. However we saw Ah Ma at the staircase, she was really happy to see him too. After chatting for a while we proceed to school... errmm... I mean peep at the babies hehee~

And u know wat? The baby boy saw us and waved back at us, that made Little DinoEgg very happy. Finally someone noticed him through the shaded window. He was smiling and when I told him "Lets go into the school and say Hello to baby ok?" woah~ off he went, dashing to the school gate. Teacher Adeline was not at the gate so I pressed the door bell.

oooo~~ she was very happy to see Little DinoEgg and her excitement brought his classmates out to the frontm, even little Nathan. Well he's still whining but at least he's not screaming or crying his head off *good job Nathan* Hey, Nathan has grown a little bit taller and put on a little more weight hehehe~ How time passes... Anyway the kids' curiosity brought the older kids out, peeping to see who is causing all these commotion n starting to crowd the doorway. Hahahaha~ wat a scene Little DinoEgg created.

With that I left him and go to work... hmm... while chatting with Ah Ma on the way I heard Little DinoEgg cry... oh dear oh dear... he did cry after all *shake head*

Spoke to Teacher Gina just pass lunch time and she says Little DinoEgg is doing well, only cry in the morning but after that he is ok. Enjoys himself enormously and was not creating any trouble or being difficult. Thats good news, my boy is growing up :D

When I went to fetch him, he was playing with Teacher Gina and a few of the kids, the minute he saw me, his eyes light up and gave me the sweetest smile. I spoke to Teacher Gina again, she says he's good and well behaved. Everyone; teachers and kiddos, misses him very much~ She says he even remember the songs and the actions, thus could join in with his classmates.

A sigh of relieve *phew* At least I do not need to worry about future school-going-days and have to fight with him every morning etc.

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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Loh Family is Down AGAIN

Curious why no updates recently? Yupe! The Loh Family is down again!

After Little DinoEgg recovered from stomach flu, he had this nagging cough which escalate to coughing non stop whole day; 24hours!!! On top of that, he manages to pass the stomach flu virus to Granny, who start vomiting and diarrhea last Thursday. Today she is feeling better, no vomiting n running to the toilet but feeling very weak.

Daddy and me has got gastric... not sure whether is the stomach flu OR the indigestion of the Jap food we ate last Friday. I had fever on Sat and Sun, today feeling weak.

And Little DinoEgg's constant coughing has prevented us from getting a good night's rest for the pass days.... Even the cough medicine was only able to curb the cough for a while, then its back to non stop coughing....

Today Grandma is popping by to help daddy look after Little DinoEgg... Now I am contemplating whether to take leave tmr to take care of him or not.... this has to depend whether I am able to finish my reports today :(

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Friday, April 11, 2008

Jap food dinner

At night we went back to Leisure Park again. Suppose to be a last minute dinner with the gang but ended up only us and Bec+Andy+Amber as the rest has got some last min or urgent matters to attend to.

Ok I forgot the name of the jap restaurant but the food is yummy. Its a like Marche style, self service to pick the food u wanna eat then pay at the end of you meal.
Oh, Little DinoEgg had a small accident. I was carrying him and talking to Ms Bec at the conveyor belt, being curious and all, he stretched his hands and wanted to get the sushi plates. 1st time I managed to grabbed his hands back, but miscue on the 2nd time. His fingers were caught in between the 2 tracks, he shouted PAIN PAIN but I ignore, thinking its jus a light scratch (and he always little things PAIN here PAIN there). He cried loudly and I took a look... wow a cut with blood on his right middle finger :( Quickly bring him back to the table and clean the wound, it stopped bleeding after a while *phew*

Nearing Little DinoEgg's bed time, he started to get cranky. Keep whining and crying, insist daddy carry him n refuse to let me carry him. It got so out of hand that I grabbed him and brought him out of the restaurant for some Time-Off. I did that 3 times and finally he is able to listen and whines a little lesser. Amber was very curious why both of us keep walking out of the restaurant and came out with Ms Bec to "investigate" haha~ She must have had a shock seeing me punishing Little DinoEgg, guess I will not be in her Good Book for long *sob sob*

It was pass 9.30pm after our dinner thus we headed home instead of going to the Mac playground as we planned earlier.

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Leisure Park for a lazy shopping

I was on leave today, suppose to bring Little DinoEgg for his 18 mth booster jab which was long over due. Anyway since he is still feeling unwell, have postponed his jab. Decided to bring him to Leisure Park for a toy fair, want to see if I can get some new toys for him.

Planned tobe there at 10am BUT the sky decides to rain cats and dogs... thus we only leave the house at around 11am. Reached Leisure Park and I was WOW~ Its been a long time since I was here last, its been through a refurbishment with new shops etc. Saw the toy fair.... the so call toy fair... was really disappointed with it. Its only a small area at the first floor atrium. Went in and came out within 15mins. The toys were more for older kids.

Feeling disappointed we left and went to Coffee Bean for our lunch of kids meal of roasted chicken& mushroom pasta for Little DinoEgg and a chocolate muffin for me *yum-yum*

After our lunch, I decided to walk around the mall. Well the mall looks new, with its shiny tiles and bright lights, there are more restaurants & a food court as compare to the retail shops. We took a walk to the 2nd floor and some balloons caught Little DinoEgg's attention. I tried to lead him away but all he does is turn around and stared at the balloon. So I asked if he wants 1 of it and he nodded his head. I asked the shopkeeper if he has any Elmo's balloon and he says NO, so I have to settle the next best one... Mickey Mouse! The balloon cost me $4.95! WOAH!! Such a high price for such a small balloon... However Little DinoEgg was very happy and keep swing it... well thats enough to justify that $4.95.

Walked a few more shops and saw an EC House look a like shop. There were no customer and the hair stylist was sitting there reading a comic. After thinking for like2 secs I brought Little DinoEgg in for a haircut. Coz hair cutting was on my To-Do-List, so instead of going to CP after that, might as well do it now, saves me a trip and time :) Little DinoEgg was well behaved, I was so worried that the scene from his last hair cut will be repeated *phew* He sat down on my lap quietly, occasionally staring at the shaver, but other then that he allowed the hair stylist to finish his job in peace.

Here is Little DinoEgg with his new hair cut and new balloon.

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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

6th Day in the Flu blue

I finally bought the soy base FM for Little DinoEgg, ytd he took 140ml out of 240ml and was ok, this morning too, so tts abit of good news.

Yesterday Granny says he only has diarrhea twice, which is good too, means his body is recovering.

This morning he woke up at 515am crying "MILK MILK MILK!!" woke me up from my sleep, so I have to make his breakfast for him. He drank 140ml again... He was kinda cranky today, woke daddy from his sleep n majah him, keep wanting daddy to carry him, after tt told daddy "大便 aka poo-poo". Daddy took a look and say he's got diarrhea.

Even after he is all dressed up and ready to go out he still stands in front of daddy with hands outstretched crying n whining. Daddy did not give in, and he has to walk to the door crying n whining... BUT insist tt I carry him once he is outside the corridor.

Went to Granny's place and he got into my nerves! Stood outside the door and refuse to step into the house. Even Granny asked him nicely n coaxed him, he stood glued to the ground. I got mad, ordered him to come in OTHERWISE I will close the door. He looked at me, still not moving. After giving him 3 warnings, i closed the door for like 5 secs. He cried louder BUT tt got him nearer to the door hahaha~ Asked him to come in n again ignored me, so door closes again... and he is 1 step nearer to the door. 3rd time, when I count to 2, he stepped into the house n sat down on the floor. Asked him to take off his shoes he stared at me again. Granny took them off instead.

I left Granny's house with my blood pressure shooting up n boiling mad! What a way to start a day... And as if its not worst enough, I spilled a whole cup of coffee onto the carpeted floor!! And this is the 2nd time!!! *aarrrrgggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh*

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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Still having the flu

Little DinoEgg did not go to school since yesterday. He is not getting better nor worse. Granny told me yesterday that he diarrhea 6-7 times, vomited once while drinking milk. At night while he was drinking his milk he vomited again. hmmm... actually I dun think "vomit" is the correct word. He will be lying down drinking his milk then suddenly the milk jus gushes out fm his throat and nose!! Its like a fountain! GOSH! After that Little DinoEgg will look so sad n scared; sad coz the feeling makes him uncomfortable, scared coz he was afraid I will scold him. I quickly clean him up, put on a new tee, clean up the place and carry him into the room to sleep.

This morning he vomited again... ... ... even after I gave him the anti-vomit medicine *sigh* After I cleaned him up n change into a new set of clothes, I went about preparing our things. I asked him if he wants a piece of bread and he nodded, so I gave it to him, keeping a close watch at him lest he vomit again. Lucky nothing happens and we had a peaceful journey to Granny's place. I have decided NOT to give him any milk today since it seems like every time he drinks he will vomit, but with water n porridge etc he is ok.

Late morning I called Dr Ong with my concern. After confirming that I have given the anti-diarrhea med regularly n me telling him that Little DinoEgg ONLY vomits while drinking milk, he advice me that perhaps the stomach flu virus is still in his system and his body is fighting it. AND tells me to get soya bean base milk for him (which this mummy keeps forgetting to buy). He also says it will take probably a week or week plus for the diarrhea to go away, in the meantime make ensure he has plenty of water to drink. With that, I put down the phone with Dr Ong. So my suspicion is correct...

Called Granny after my call with Dr Ong, she says Little DinoEgg did not vomit today, only diarrhea once in the morning. Better then yesterday... so many times.... Little DinoEgg is taking his nap and he took quite abit of porridge n bread before that.

OKIE! Tonite after work I SHALL buy the soya bean base milk!

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Sunday, April 6, 2008

Door Knob Hanger

While daddy is taking care of the ever whinning n crying Little DinoEgg I took the opportunity to do so craft to cool myself out. I am being driven nuts with Little DinoEgg's whinning n crying NON STOP!!! *aarrrgggghhhhhh*

I decided to lay my hands on the crafts which I bought few months ago. So I transform this plain door knob....

Into THIS~~ Cool ya :P

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Saturday, April 5, 2008

I've got the flu

Stomach Flu :(

Yesterday we went Granny's house for dinner as its Qing Ming & Granny pray-pray n cook alot of yummy food. Every thing was going well fine, everyone enjoying the food, kiddos playing. Suddenly Little DinoEgg starts cough & merlion all his food out!

We thought its the cough that make him vomit but almost an hour later he did it again and he was not even coughing. We decided to heard off to the clinic fearing the worst...

As we did not have much to tell the doc,he conclude that probably its the cough tt is irritating his food way, also children does not have good oontrol on their stomach so tends to throwup with the slightest cough. With that we went home AND an hour later he did it the 3rd time! This made us very worried. However thinking through, we think it may be stomach flu as 1 of Little DinoEgg's teacher did mentioned to me that 1 of the baby has got diarrhea. We think it has spread to the PG kids.

Around 3am, Little DinoEgg woke up and daddy gave him milk which he only drinks about80ml, he sat up whinning then suddenly merlioned again for the 4th time! We were so worried... but shortly after he fell asleep.

This morning I called up the school and teacher confirmed that they have stomach flu cases last week and 2 of the PG kids got it but recovered after taking medicine. Then she told me the dreaded news, they also have 2 cases of HFMD; #2 case has just been sent home this morning.... I told teacher Little DinoEgg caught the stomach flu virus but does not have HFMD symptons, will be bringing him to see doc in a short while to confirm.

Dr Ong checked Little DinoEgg, no ulcers in mouth, no red spots on any part of his body so he's given a clean bill for HFMD. As for his stomach flu, Dr Ong listened to his lungs, checked his tummy and measured his temperature. I request from him Pedialyte Freezer Pop (hydrating water) so I do not need to travel to CP with a sick Little DinoEgg to buy it. I took soooo many medicines; fever, Pedialyte, anti-vomit the good bacteria n something to stop his diarrhea, I thought its going to cost me a bomb. However I was only charged $31 hehehe~ Guess I will be going to Dr Ong instead of tt stupid The Kidz Clinic with its stupid attitude nurses!

So far Little DinoEgg does not have any diarrhea, but he's got mild fever. Hope he will get well soon. *HuGZ SON*

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Friday, April 4, 2008

My flatten Flower

I was sitting in the LRT with Little DinoEgg playing when I noticed the flower on my right shoes is GONEZ!!!! No wonder pple are staring at me... Pretending that nothing is wrong, we alighted at our station and I have to sit down n remove the other flower.

I was so upset as I like this pair shoes very much, and looking at the "bald" shoes I was thinking what I can do so that I do not need to throw it away.

Then thinking back... I remembered when we alighted the bus, a student walk pass me REAL close almost bumping into us. Perhaps she kicked the flower off... looking at the time, I was only 5mins earlier then my usual time but I decided to go back to the bus stop to search for it.

10mins later I found it! Other then being abit flatten, its still in good condition. I picked it up and happily went on my way to the office (yupe in my bald shoes still).

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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Quack Quack Dark

Nope, there is no typo error... its quack quak dark :D

Just now while in the cab, the window has got some advertisement outside and from the inside you will only see black sticker. Little DinoEgg was looking out the windows as usual then he pointed to the black blog of things n say "Dark Dark!" I was like "oh wow~ he knows that word~ though its not the correct word..." So I say "Oh yes darling, its dark dark~"

His next action made me speechless n dunno wanna laugh or wat... He tucked his hands under his armpits, flap his arms and say "DARK DARK!!!"

I started to tell him "No darling, this DARK is not that DUCK, not the quack quack DUCK." But he turn a deaf ear to my explanation, so I just let it go... some day he will know the difference hee~ For now, just enjoy what ever fun times we have.

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Its alarming!

Saw in today's mypaper that from 23 - 29 Mar'08 the HFMD cases has increased by 702 cases!!! My heart skipped a beat n my jaws almost dropped to the floor!!! In the short 13 weeks we have a total of 4423 HFMD cases! This time round its the Enterovirus 71 (EV71) virus.

Practice good hygiene, this will curb the virus;

• Wash hands with soap before eating and after going to the toilet;
• Cover mouth and nose when coughing or sneezing;
• Do not share eating utensils.

Remember to clean ur kiddo's toys frequently. Clean the table top, or any where u think u will come into contact frequently.

I am going to teach Little DinoEgg to sneeze and cough (he is having cough currently) with his hands covering his nose & mouth.

Let's all work together to fight this virus!

Ministry of Health

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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

HFMD on the rise

Received a letter from Little DinoEgg's school, saying that HFMD is on the rise and this time is more deadly then before. They requested the parent's help in seeing that our child is well before sending them to school. I am so scared that Little DinoEgg will catch this again..

This morning saw Teacher Adeline, she says 1 of the baby has got diarrhea... not sure whether its HFMD or its stomach flu. Either cases its a concern for the teachers AND the parents. Teacher Adeline gave me word of advice "dun bring to playground n crowded places."

So friends, be careful, look out for any symptoms or any news of any child having HFMD in your child's child care centre or neighbours etc.

Ministry of Health

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