Saturday, January 31, 2009

ToyBox here I come!

Today went to ToyBox trial again, but this time we are going for the 2yr old class @ 9am.

Class starts with the 2 boxes of musical instruments again while waiting for the rest to arrives. We did the drum thing again to introduce ourselves. There are more students in this class, around 8 (did not really count), hmm... 3 boys n the rest are girls. The 2yr old class has got more fun n laughter, music is more cheeful n relax. There were even a session with the magic bag~ and out came the magic bag is the rainbow scarf and Bingo the dog.

An hour later the class ended with an excited Little DinoEgg and an exhausted me~ However I am very satisfy with the session, thus I decided to sign up for the class.

Its clearly that Little DinoEgg is able to follow the instruction n join in the song n dance. He was following or try to follow Uncle Reuben in all the actions in the song. One thing that bothers me is that he keeps coughing, not sure whether its the air con that is making his throat irritatable or the carpet round circle which we sits on. He was ok at home but when he stepped into the studio he starts coughing.

I hope to cure this once n for all coz while he was dancing n doing the actions he coughs. Most of the time he cough without covering his mouth, thus to the other mummies, its like he is spreading the cough virus. I feel so bad, but how to tell them that its the allergy that is making his nose run n cough.

Regardless! I am very excited that I have finally found a place where Little DinoEgg can let out some steam with vigourous dancing, moving n singing! I am also definate that I will be a slimmer self in months to come ~^^~

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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

2nd day of CNY

Actually planned to go Istana as its open for public but Daddy was not feeling well so we stayed home instead. I was abit disappointed coz I think Little DinoEgg will enjoy the trip.

Anyway, niece Ivy told us 2 weeks ago to go to their house for a gathering. Was thinking we wun be able to go since Daddy is not feeling well. Have already planned for a day at home but Daddy told us to go ahead without him. Since its been quite some time I have last seen my cousins n nieces, I decided to go.

Reached Cousin Hun's house n met up with so many of them~ Everyone is happy n delighted to see Little DinoEgg, the last time they say him was during his 2nd birthday. And since then he has grown up n change so much. Little DinoEgg was happy to see everyone, especially the dogs~ He sat down quietly for his plate of bee hoon n fish n chicken etc, after that he went wild with the dogs! He kept chasing them, wanting to pat them, touch them n play with them. But too bad only Bu-ta wants to entertain him, the rest just run far far away when they sees him. Too noisy n rough for their liking.

Finally get to meet Hiraku~ He is ssssssssooooooooooooo adorable! I think he is 7mths old (I forgot), chubby face, cutest smile n adorale eyes~ Carried him for a while, played with him, then he started to protest :( So have to return him to his daddy.

Well it was a fun night except for some incidents. There was this 7yrs old boy who also like the dogs, he kept chasing the dogs too n he was really rough when patting them, sometimes even pulling their fur. Little DinoEgg warned him not to do that or the dogs will bite him The boy probably thinks that he is very brave (being 7yrs old n Mr Know-it-All) n touching Belle, a Golden Retriever, he think he is invincible. He kept telling Little DinoEgg that the dogs will not bite him, but being a 2yr old and concern Little DinoEgg kept giving him the warning. And that boy use his fingers and flick his left ear! Just becoz he could not get Little DinoEgg to see his point. Little DinoEgg was very shocked n came running to me for comfort! The boy got a scolding from Cousin Hun who saw what he did. After being scolded the boy was extremely not happy, stood there n declare loudly that Little DinoEgg was wrong to say that the dogs will bite him. I was already not happy that he hit my precious son, when he started to rant I shouted loudly "enough is enough, if u are still not happy, come and talk to me!" The rude boy heard me n gave me a hard stare, I stare at him back n he glared back and me, of course I did not back down and look at him in the eyes. He turned and seek refuge at his mum. I told Little DinoEgg not to play with that boy any more.

Luckily Little DinoEgg was not very bothered, he was back to his bubbly self again in a short while, chasing after the dogs again *LOL*

As for the boy, my eyes are glued at him, if he comes near my precious he is going to get it from me!

I had a fun time; eating n chatting, catching up with the kiddos... *sigh* so fast, all grown up, some getting married soon. Went into Ivy's room where she is trying to make Hiraku sleep, but with me n Little DinoEgg in the room, he will not have a chance to sleep hehe~ We had a long chat about baby care, job, work, family life, future plans etc etc. Finally made a move when Hiraku n Little DinoEgg kept yawning n Little DinoEgg said he is tired and wanted to go home.

We left Cousin Hun's house at close to 10pm. Good food, good company, plus I even packed back the yummy bee hoon, curry n soup for Daddy.

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Monday, January 26, 2009

1st day of CNY

Woke up at 10am+ by Little DinoEgg's complain (see previous post), laze around, watch TV n munch CNY cookies. Then around 1plus we started to get ready to Granny's house for CNY visiting.

By time we reached Granny's house it was around 2pm, thought we are late but surprisingly we were the 1st one to arrive~ Even bro n SIL was not at home *duhz*

After a while Bro+family came, little Megan has grown taller but still as shy as ever. A while later Sis+family arrived~ We R&R while the kids mingle n play together. I thot I can have a peaceful time but NOOO~ Little DinoEgg start his nonsense again. I guess its his nap time n he is being cranky n grouchy. He keeps on pestering daddy, small issue he whine n cry. I was still thinking can let him drag a bit then go home to sleep to his heart's content, but I cannot stand his whinning any longer so dragged him into Granny's room n throw him on the bed. At first he protested, says he does not want to sleep but I will have no such nonsense from him. Insist he close his eyes n sleep. 10mins later he is in his dreamland n its peace again *phew*

While he zzz we hang around n chit chat while watching tv n munching the CNY goodies. An hour later we wake Little DinoEgg up coz we need to go home, 7th auntie+family is at our house.

We reached home and found Grandma, Grandpa, 7th auntie & 7th uncle playing mahjong; did not know 7th uncle knows how to play *hmmmm*
Well, since we are at home, more relaxing n comfy. Played abit of mahjong, feed Little DinoEgg his dinner, had my dinner, bath n before we knew it, its night time and 7th Auntie+family went home. After some quiet time its time for bed~ This year's CNY is quiet n relax for us, no more rushing around visiting relatives house as some of them went overseas during the CNY.

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Whats that you say?

Still in dreamland... then Little DinoEgg woke me up;

"Mummy~ wake up~"
"Mummy! wake up!"

I was already up but pretending to be sleeping.

"MMMMuuuummmmmmmyyyyyy~~~ wakeee uuuuuppppp~~"

Still pretending to sleep, but I turn to take a peep at him, saw him pulling at his shirt.

"My shirt so wet. Mummy wake up! My shirt is so wet~"

Turns out that his diaper has overflow n wet his shirt.

Finally I wake up, told him to wait for me while I go and wash up. Stood beside the bed and tie my hair. Little DinoEgg sat up on the bed and say "Where is pec-ti-kle?"

Hehehe~ wonder what is that? He meant my spectacle ^^

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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Chinese Reunion Dinner

Its Chinese Lunar New Year eve, as a tradition we are suppose to have a dinner with all the family memebers, thus its call the Chinese Reunion Dinner.

We went over to Granny's house for an early dinner. Bro n family were already there, then we were told that sis n family will only be here at 7pm+ Mum was busy warming up the food, she cooked all of these yummy food earlier today as she needs to pray to daddy.

There are curry, abacus (a Hakka traditional food), fish, herbal soup, fish ball, fried noodle n fried broccoli with prawns. Yummy yummy~~ All of us sat down for the dinner, even Little DinoEgg, though his bowl only have the fried fish ball. SIL is busy feeding him with some fish n feeding little Megan. Surprisingly Little DinoEgg was ok with SIL, he seldom see her coz she is busy n dun visit Granny's house as often. He seldom accepts food or be as friendly to anyone who he is not familiar with. Granny's curry is so yummy~~ she added the tau-kee which is m fav~~ I ate a big bowl of rice with alot of the curry!! Yummy! However after finishing my dinner, I sort of regret... coz later still have another round of roast yummilious things later at home with Grandma n Grandpa.

We just finish our dinner when sis n family arrives~ They had their reunion dinner at home with sis' in-laws before coming over. Well, they have Little DinoEgg to join them at the dinner table hehehe~

After we had our dinner n rest a while, we left Granny's place at around 8pm n headed home.

Grandpa immediately bring out all the roast yummy food; roast duck, roast chicken, roast pork n PSS~~ *slurp slurp* Little DinoEgg joined us too, however I think he had enough food earlier (though I did not give him 1 full bowl of rice), he started to play with his rice from the moment he sat down at the table. He went over board by dunking his rice onto the roast chicken =.= That got daddy very mad n ordered him away from the dinner table.

About the same time I finished my dinner and so I sat with Little DinoEgg to watch the tv while the rest finishes their dinner.

Overall both dinner are good, food are yummy :) I ate my fill at both dinners.

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Friday, January 23, 2009

Still sick...

Yupe, Little DinoEgg still have mild fever, with the temperature shooting high of 38Deg in the wee hours, after taking med he is ok *sigh* Decided to let him go to school as the school is having CNY party. The kids are encourage to wear the CNY traditional clothes to school. I would love Little DinoEgg to attend the party in his golden CNY outfit, coz he missed out the fun on Halloween party (Mummy forgot to dress him in fancy clothes).

He was very excited when he sees that I am putting on that set of clothes on him instead of the usual tees n shorts.

When we reach the school, those kids that arrives early are doned in CNY outfits, even the Malay kids :) We meet one little Malay girl wearing a pretty pink cheongsam, so sweet~~~

Guess Little DinoEgg will have a wonderful day today ^^

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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Still having the heat

Little DinoEgg still have the fever. Got to know from his teacher that there are a few of his classmates who are having fever or just have fever for the pass week. So, its viral infection...

He is ok during the day but when the wee hours comes, the temperature will soar as high as 39deg. It went down after I gave him nurefen, which I will follow up the paracetamol, these control his temperature.

I took 2 days MC from Dr Sharon to take care of Little DinoEgg and also to rest *huh* as I am also sick, but then most of the time I am taking care of him. Being sick, he is getting cranky n unreasonable. For the pass 2 days his favourite

- question "Where is Pa-pa?"
- demand "I want Pa-pa to come back!"
- answer "I dun want!"
- soft buddy; MyCow

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CNY Cookies for Child Care

Received the halal CNY cookies from my regular baker, I ordered from him last year and the teachers feedback that the cookies are tasty. This year I ordered an extra bottle as I would like to give some to Little DinoEgg's classmates.

After 30mins if cutting, wrapping, twisting, I made 15 cookies pack :) Heres the cookies~

I headed down to the school to pass the cookies to the teachers. Little DinoEgg was still having fever so he did not go school today. I thought better to pass the cookies today , fresh from the oven~

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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Heat Monster pays a visit

This morning Little DinoEgg woke up at 4am plus crying, asking for milk. After his milk he does not want to go back to sleep. I got angry.... Daddy got up n took over. A while later he came out of the room carry the now-awaken Little DinoEgg. Daddy says that Little DinoEgg woke him up, telling him that he's got a headache n head on fire, he then pretend he is a fireman n spray water on the "fire". Daddy touched his forehead n its burning hot, measured his temperature and its 38deg+

Gave Little DinoEgg paracetamol n I decided to take a day's off since Granny is not feeling well too. He sat down on the sofa watching tv while feeling drowsy n cranky.

Later daddy got ready for work n suddenly he got very clingy on daddy, wouldn't let him go to work, keep crying "I want Pa-pa!". We thought we could distract him by saying its time for nap, bought him into the room but he still cries for daddy. Daddy has no choice but to come into the room n pacify him. He even want daddy to carry him while sleeping, daddy have to let him lie down on his chest while he falls asleep. Daddy sneaked off to work after he falls deep into slumber.

Little DinoEgg was still feverish, so I decided to bring him to see Dr Sharon coz I was not sure if the anti-allergy med she gave 2 days ago is causing the fever. Plus I was not feeling well too :( having blocked nose... I decided to see her n take medical leave too.

When Dr Sharon saw Little DinoEgg, she frowned, but it was those concerned frown coz Little DinoEgg just saw her on Sunday and today is here again. I told her he's got fever n asked abt the anti-allergy med, she said that medicine will not cause any reaction etc. She listen to his lungs, check his throat, took his temperature, prescribe some medicine and off we went.

Hopefully his temperature will be done n gone after the medicine, but I have a feeling that its going to be around for a few more days.

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Monday, January 19, 2009

Sunday, January 18, 2009


Little DinoEgg has been rubbing his eyes constantly for the pass few days, sometimes causing his eyes to be red n puffy ~>.<~ On top of that he is still having running nose n some dry cough dispite the almond-chun bei drink I have been giving him for most part of the week. Thus decided to pay Dr Sharon a visit. I was not sure if her clinic is open or not, made a call n know that clinic closes at 1pm. its 10am+ so I quickly bath Little DinoEgg, pack our bag n dash out of the hour within 30mins *madness dash*

As usual, Little DinoEgg was all cheerful n happy whenever we go down to see Dr Sharon. He simply adores her~

I told Dr Sharon about Little DinoEgg's condition n also tt his running nose is still there though the mucus is not transparent instead of yellowish. Her face suddenly got so serious... told me its allergy. She further says that it could be dust mites n even though all the mattres /pillow/bolsters/mattress protector etc claims that their products prevents dust mites, its not 100% true, some how the dust mites will be there. She told me to wash Little DinoEgg's soft toys using hot water of 55-60deg temperature, even the bed sheets, the numerous covers too. This will kill the dust mites. Either that or sun them under really hot sun. She prescribe some anti allergy med which say it will stop the running nose n the itch on the eye in the next 2-3 days.

Before we leave Little DinoEgg did a shameless thing... he was eying the bottle of sweet Dr Sharon has on her table. Then he stretched out his hands and say "sweet." *faintz* I was so embarrass! I quickly made Little DinoEgg ask for it nicely n in proper manner, so he asked again "Dr Sharon, may I have sweet pls~?" Dr Sharon gave him one n aside from the "Thank You~" he gave her a hug n a kiss too ^^ Happy Dr Sharon n happy Little DinoEgg.

So~~~ no more Elmo, Cookie Monster, Mr Hippo, BearBear, MyCow etc on the bed any more!

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Fire Station?

Yupe, it has been in my mind for the pass few weeks. Little DinoEgg seems to be facinated by fireman, this was confirmed by his teachers in the recent Parents-Teachers Meeting. The school has some pretend play costumes of doctor, fireman etc. Every time when its pretend play session, Little DinoEgg will always wanna be the fireman.

I searched the SCDF and found out that they do allow visits on Saturdays from 9am to 11am, best of all our neighbourhood fire station is open for these visits too, saves me some travelling time. Think I will arrange a day after the CNY to pop by, Little DinoEgg will be delighted~

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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Dinner @ PS

I left Little DinoEgg with Granny as I am meeting up with Wan Huan this evening for dinner, otherwise she will be heading home for the Chinese New Year. Thought of bringing Little DinoEgg along but we are meeting at 6pm, dun think he will be in his best behaviour as he will be too tired after all those "exercise" at ToyBox.

We met up at PS first as both of us have no idea what to have for dinner. We stood on the 2nd level, leaning on the railing, looking up n down hoping to find some inspiration. Then I remembered a restaurant on the 5th storey; The Fish Manhattan Market~ We made our way up and was shown to our table immediately.

We were so hungry that we basically look at the pictures in the menu to order our food. Here's what we ordered;

Seafood Platter for two

Fried Country Mushroom

Sizzing Louisiana Prawn

The food did not disappoint us, all very tasty n the seafood is very fresh. We both agree that Sizzling Louisiana Prawns is the best. However if its only 2 ladies eating together, I suggest your order the seafood platter for two plus 1 side dish or a soup. There are some yummy rice underneath all those seafood, it will definately fill ur stomach.

We were so fulled that we could hardly walk. As the restaurant is quiet noisy plus we were sitting outside the kitchen, you can imagine the din created inside there. We decided to go for an after-dinner coffee at Starbucks.

We spent an hour plus talking, gossiping, updating each other's life. So much things to talk n yet so little time. Soon it was 9pm, time to head back home to fetch Little DinoEgg n let Granny have a rest.

Thanks for the dinner n coffee Ms Wan~~ Hope to see u again after u are back~~

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A session @ ToyBox

I first had encounter with The ToyBox was when we went for the Museum for Toddlers - Photograph Gallery in Nov'08. I find that they way they conducted the class was very interesting so I got their contact through the Museum for Toddlers lady in charge. Made contact with Reuben and arranged for a free trial today @ 1.30pm. I had initially wanted to go for the 2 to 3 yrs old class but it was full so Reuben thought to let Little DinoEgg try out the older class to see if he can catch up with it.

Its the 1st class of the term, surprisingly there are only 2 other kids; 1 here for trial too n 1 is "promoted" from the younger class. 2 girls and 1 boy... 1 VERY mischievous boy!

Class started with playing with some toy musical instruments as the Uncle Rueben & Uncle Mark get all the stuffs ready. 10mins later the kids were told to keep the musical instruments into the box n to put the 2 boxes away. 1 of the girl wanted to keep the same box as Little DinoEgg but this naughty boy protest loudly n try to pry her fingers off!!!! GOSH!!!! Just started n showed bad behavior... ...

The class proceed with singing a song which tells the rest your name. Then its some songs with actions and/or pretendence. There was a part where the kids were suppose to pretend they are a prehistoric dinosaurs; a long neck (1 arm is the n the other arm stretch over the head), a T-rex (put 2 hands infront of u like making a mouse, open feet wide n stomp around) n a flying dinosaurs (as usual stretch ur arms out as the wings). I must say Uncle Reuben's pretendence n his facial expression really look like them. We used some instruments to make some noise to the beat of the song.

Overall it was a fun hour, the kids jump, run, hop, fly, stomp n dance around the studio. I joined in too though not sure whether parents are required to join in or not. Anyway only me n another mummy joined in, the other mummy just sat at the side n watch. I think if I were to continue with this I will slim down haha~

Anyway I decided to go for the 2 to 3 yrs old claas next week @ 9am, as there were times Little DinoEgg did not really join in the rest or could not understand what he is required to do.

I like the ToyBox alot. It teaches something like any other music n dance class but I feel that this is better. I have been to others and the fun level is not as much. There are lesser props as compare to the others, which means u need to use more of ur imagination. I should think the younger age class will be almost the same as this class. Chances of sending Little DinoEgg there will be high.

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Friday, January 16, 2009

Shopping Shopping!

Me n sis met up Noel for lunch as I need to pass her some stuffs, then we went shopping at OG. Sis wanted to look around to see if she can buy some CNY clothes for Han. We hung around in OG looking through the clothes n letting the kids play with the toys at the toys department. We sort of shop around aimlessly while sis decides whether she wants to buy that nice little dress for Han. In the end, she bought it as there are 20% discount for AMEX card ^^

We are the leggings-lover duo~

Do we look alike?

Daddy is off today and decided to go down to buy a new laptop. So off we went all the way to IMM hehehe~

Took these photos while daddy went smoking, leaving me n Little DinoEgg alone.

Little DinoEgg's concept of these machines is that they are only there for photo taking. He has seen other kids sat in it with the machine moving n songs coming out of it but he has never asked me to deposit coins into them to "make them move".

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Day of the CNY Photo shoot

YEAH! Today is the day! We are all ready to go out of the house at 9.30am, I estimate we should be able to reach the place at around 10am. We just got out of the lift when I received a call fm sis saying that she will be late :( So I decided to take a train down instead. So Little DinoEgg n me together with my big bag n a bag of loots for Noel, took a train n slowly rock to Chinatown station.

We reached The Studio Loft at 10.35am.... sis is not here yet. Quickly register our names as there are already 3-4 families in front of us. The place is actually very cosy but with too many pple inside its kinda crowded, so me n Little DinoEgg went outside n waited at the stair case.

Of course, photos must be taken at any time any where haha~

At the stairway

Here comes the ladies~

First I say cheese~

And then you say cheese~

We waited for about 45mins for our turn. I was in the midst of changing Little DinoEgg into the CNY outfit as I thought there was some one else in front of us. I quickly changed him n put him in front of the camera. The shoot did not go very well, I think its becoz there were too many pple inside, too much noise n commotion. He got distracted. Even his poses are ridget, smile look fake. And when I tell him to say "Cheese" he always show the "YEAH" sign =.=

Then its time for Han to join in the shoot. She did not have a good start too. She was suddenly camera shy. 2 of them were not at the same wave line too. While Little DinoEgg smile, Han frown, while Han smile so sweetly, Little DinoEgg was either monkeying around or eyes were looking some where else. Sis gave up n took the photos with Han coz she keep wanting her to carry. Han's photoshoot was thus cut short.

Anyway, we were not expecting some good photos but we were surprised hehehe~ A few came out nice. Still waiting for them to email the photos to me :) Will post up when I get them.

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