Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Anthem & Pledge

Since the teachers have start teaching the Singapore anthem and pledge, Little DinoEgg will sing the anthem n pledge. Sometimes he will just sing or he will grab his guitar, strum it n sing the anthem while shaking his bum bum.

He will sing at the top of his voice "Mari kita" then as he goes on he gets softer coz he is still unsure of the lyrics, mixing phrases n words or mis pronounce the words as he goes *lol*

After he finishes his anthem he will say
"Put ur hand to your left chest.
We, the hihiten of Singapore
ple ourself as one uuu-ted people
... ...
... ... ...
progress for our nation.
Senand DI-RI!"

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Monday, April 27, 2009

Bath Time is Fun Time

Bath time is always fun time but Little DinoEgg always gets scolded for either pulling the hose, grabbing the shower head, playing with water on the floor etc etc. He loves playing soap bubbles, always wants daddy to blow some bubbles.

So I got him a cute bath mittens; a pair for him n a pair for daddy or me to use ^^

Cute right? Bought them from Itsy Bitsy ME!

Little DinoEgg loveee the crab & the blowfish~ We can have loads of fun bathing AND teaching him to bath himself. Now when I say clean which part of his body he will be scrubbing away giggling n laughing. He always insist that I put on mine when I bath for him. I am not afraid that I will accidentally scratched or poke him on the neck, ear body etc

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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Caught some fishes

We planned to catch longkang fish but was not really confirmed as the weather is so unpredictable. We agree to call each other in the morning if it is confirmed.

The sun is out n it was a good day. I texted the rest that we are going n meeting them at 10am there. However May said they just check out from the chalet so unable to join us, Enry says Francis is still sleeping. So only Lynn n us were there.

We had a fun time, the kids were so excited to see fishes in the drain n being caught by us. And we thought the guys should be the one doing the catching right? Well wrong :P Its Lynn who get down to the drain to catch some fishes for QiQi while the hubby walks around n take care of Kayden.

We went for lunch at the nearby food court before heading home separately.

Here the snails n fishes daddy caught.

Later that day I received a text fm Lynn that all her fishes died! Winder why? Maybe she put them into tap water. Ours are still surviving coz we jus throw them into our fish tank.

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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Shoe Horn

For the pass weeks I am having problem with Little DinoEgg, almost every morning I will have a protesting, whinning n even crying child, almost every morning I will leave house with my temper blowing... Its actually nothing, its just a pair of SANDALS, yupe u read it correctly, SANDALS.

Everytime its time to wear sandals or shoes to go out, Little DinoEgg will insist on STANDING UP to put his sandals on! Regardless of how we scold, threaten, say it the nice way, the harsh way, he WILL NOT sit down and wear them! We do not when it started but we know how it comes about. He must have seen us slipping our feet into our slippers or shoes STANDING UP. Thus he also wants to do the same. However it is difficult to do so with SANDALS... ... ... Most of the time he could not put his feet in and he will start to protest "Mummy cannot! Mummy cannot!", when I want to help he will say "NOOO!!!" follow by throwing himself down on the floor and throw the sandals one side =.=

Last week in one of the morning he was at it again, this time instead of crying "Mummy cannot!" he went to the shoe cabinet to take the shoe horn. He must have seen Daddy use it to put on his shoes thus wanted to do the same too. He took the shoe horn, trying to stick it into his sandals but he got it the wrong way. Lucky he allowed me to show him the correct way instead of protesting again.

This morning while getting ready for Boogie Bug, he went to take the shoe horn for his shoes. And with out my assistant he managed to put his feet into the shoe with ease. He was sooo~~ proud n I am so happy that he accomplish another task on his own.

Now I have to be careful what we do in front of him as he is observing n learning things quietly.

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May & Eddie is having a chalet at NSRCC n tonite they are having a BBQ to celebrate Eddie's birthday :) We & Enry+family were being invited to the birthday BBQ~

Initially we thought it will be in a seclude area but the taxi ride is about 25mins. We were very impress with the chalet~ Its a 2 storey chalet with 2 bed rooms above, a living room, dinning room, kitchen complete with sink n stove. Outside is a fairly big BBQ pit and a foyer with tables and chairs. The living room has 1 air con to keep the room cool.

Besides the BBQ food, May's mum fried bee hoon n cooked curry *yummy* Eddie's mum oneh-oneh is SEDAAAPPPP~~~ So big n juicy *salivating now* We basically jus laze around while the food is being served to us, how good is that manz. May's sis is really very good, making sure we have things to eat. The boys were well behave too, they share the few cars/buses that Ervin bought to share with them.

Daddy enjoy the BBQ the most too as he simply love BBQ n its been ages since he done that. He BBQ the chix wings, prawns, sausages etc etc. Made us ate our fill *Thank you dear*

Oh~ i love the cake~ but then its so difficult to cut as its very "high". Also I am a "dunno-how-to-cut-birthday-cake" person so I think its a challenge. Cake should be yummy as Little DinoEgg enjoy it to the last bit; as some of u know, he LOVES cakes n is really fussy about them.

Enry left ard 8pm+ (I think, cannot remember) as Mikael is feeling cranky coz its near his bed time. We stayed back till 10pm+, chatting, eating, chatting, watching tv, eating, chatting n so on n so forth...

Had an enjoyable n great time~ Thanks May & Eddie for inviting~~

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Little Red Caboose

Little red caboose
Chug chug chug
Little red caboose
Chug chug chug
Little red caboose
Behind the train train train train

Smokestack on its back back back back
Coming around the track track track track
Little red caboose
Behind the train
Very simple action~
Just go round in a circle with arms by the side and move them in circular motion like the wheels of the train.

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Friday, April 24, 2009

My 1st drawing

Cool~ Little DinoEgg's 1st potrait, thou the only "normal" looking one is Grandma hahahaha~ He drew this after we had daddy's birthday cake, R&R before heading to bed.

Was analyzing my "potrait", looking at the lines near the "cheek", I remembered I asked Little DinoEgg to draw my "hair" n he drew tt. Kinda puzzle but now looking at it I realized they reason he drew it this way. Its coz I have long hair n so tts how my hair look like to him. Daddy & Grandma have short hair thus they only have a round head.

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Small birthday celebration

Fetched Little DinoEgg from school and headed off to get a cake for daddy. When we were on the way to take the LRT to CP, I told Little DinoEgg tt we are getting a cake for daddy as its his birthday today, he was excited~

We went into Polar and Little DinoEgg starts to look at the cakes... without much hesitation he chose the Black Forest cake, reason being obvious ^^

Before we eat the cake, we headed off to have a fish steamboat dinner at a restaurant in Lim Tua Tao road. Food is so-so but Little DinoEgg enjoys them, especially the crispy on the yam ring dish =.= Being a humid day, I ordered a sour plum drink which I let him sipped a few mouthful, he can do with some cooling.

After dinner, we went home, rest awhile and took out the cake. Little DinoEgg clearly loves birthday cakes, he couldn't wait while I get the cake out of the box, put the candle on n light it. He was repeating "mummy I want, mummy I want" non stop! Finally about 5 mins later, we sang the birthday song to daddy with DinoEgg singing the loudest n the happiest amongst us.

Birthday cake for Daddy

Birthday kiss for Daddy

Hope daddy is happy with just a small celebration :P Would have arranged for a small gathering with friends but errmm.... I sort-of remember the weeks wrong ~>.<~ Thought 24th is NEXT WEEK!

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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

My quest for Mary

I have wanted to get a book by Mary Sheedy Kurcinka, Raising Your Spirited Child. All along I know Little DinoEgg is different from other kids. He is noiser, smarter, stubborn, creative, imaginative, loudest then most of the kids of the same age. I have no idea how to discipline him without me blowing my top or him crying. I tried to be calm, tried different method, time out, rewards etc. Some works some don't, some work at times, some failed thoroughly.

Until I chatted with a friend, I shared with this friend some incidents on Little DinoEgg's meltdown, she asked me "Is he a spirited child?".  She suggest I read up this book, which has helped her in dealing with her spirited boy. She shared with me on some of the ways the book suggested. Something went "TING"! Thats it! That is what Little DinoEgg is!From then I decided to get hold of the book. However as I am unable to find time after work to head off to the book stores, until today as daddy is able to fetch Little DinoEgg from school.

It turned out to be a tiring quest :( First I called TIMES a few times before I was able to get to the customer service officer; no stock, have to wait 5-6 weeks for stock to arrive. "Ok fine" I thought, I will try Borders. Took a bus n alighted a bus stop earlier, took a 10mins walk to Wheelock Place, queued at the Info counter for 5mins; stock in transit, not sure when will arrive, maybe 3-4weeks, price $30+. Fine, my last resort, Kinokuniya... Took another 10mins to walk back to Taka *tired*, head up to Kino n straight to Info counter. After waiting for another 5mins answer is YES *Yipeee!* BUT its a torn copy :( I decided to take my chance, went over to the section and took a look at the book. Not too bad, they have use a plastic to wrap the book, there was a torn at 1 of the corner, some usual fold on the cover, other then that the pages are intact, not dog earred or folded or torn. The customer service girl was saying there SHOULD be another copy of the book but she can't find. Told her I will take my chance, ended up I spent 30mins looking at ALL the shelves n still cannot find that copy. Debating debating debating... ended up I decided to take the torn copy coz by time I wait for the stock to arrive ANYWHERE which can be at least 4 weeks, I would most likely have either lost my mind or my cool or my patient with Little DinoEgg.

Anyway i got 10% off that copy, so only paid $21+ hehe~ much cheaper then Borders.

Extracted from Mary Sheedy Kurcinka site
A Guide for Parents Whose Child is More Intense, Sensitive, Perceptive, Persistent, Energetic

Raising Your Spirited Child offers ALL parents a glimpse into what makes their children act the way they do. Through vivid examples and a refreshingly positive viewpoint, it offers parents emotional support and proven strategies for handling the toughest times.

Raising Your Spirited Child can help you:
- plan for success with a simple, four-step program;
- discover the power of positive, rather than negative, labels;
- understand your child's and your own temperamental traits;
- cope with tantrums and blowups when they do occur;
- develop strategies for handling mealtimes, bedtimes, holidays, school, and many other situations.

*OOoommmmmmmm~~* Ok ok now that I have got the "divine" book, I hope I can finally acquire enlightenment. Wish me luck peeps!

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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Swimming on a hot day

We missed out the 1st swimming gathering @ Enry's house, and last week it rained so couldn't go, today it was a sunny day!!!! THEN we saw some dark clouds around noon time n heard thunder around 1pm+ :( We hope n pray it will not rain, we send Little DinoEgg for his nap n hope for the best.

Too bad we already told Little DinoEgg this morning that we are going for a swim, he was really looking forward to it. If we are unable to go, we are going to get an earful from him *stressed up*

Heaven must have heard our prayers~~~ coz by the time Little DinoEgg wakes up from his nap it was sunny n hot~ Definately a good day for a dip in the pool. We got ready, but when I try to change Little DinoEgg's clothes he insist on putting on his swim suit... took me a while to persuade him that we ARE going to Auntie Enry's house for a swim. Finally got him ready n out we fly to Enry's house.

The rest were late so we waited a while, Little DinoEgg saw the pool and was all excited, keep wanting to near to the pool. I quickly change him into his swim suit, by the time we are done, the rest also arrived. We finally went into the baby pool, Little DinoEgg play with his kor-kor Francis hehe~

We went over to the middle pool coz some kids who were in the swimming class were at the small baby pool. Little DinoEgg actually wanted to walk into the pool as he thought its as shallow as the baby pool. We made him wear the swimming ring n he "float" on the water. Initially he was frighten coz his feet couldn't touch the floor, after some coaxing he managed to enjoy the floating feeling. He even managed to swim through n fro me n daddy. He was so happy that he can actually move just by kicking his leg in the water.

We had an enjoyable 1 hour plus in the pool, we decided to head out of the pool n into the shower room. Since Aldric is still napping we decided to go up to Enry's house to wait for him to wake up. Francis showed us the guppies they caught at Pasir Ris longkang ytd~ wow~~ when will it be our turn???

After a dinner at Ajisen, we went our separate ways, heading for home, tired and happy; well especially Little DinoEgg, think he will be dreaming abt the swimming later in his dreamland.

Wanted to take photo for the swim but there was a sign tt says No Photos n Vidoe Taking... Too bad May couldn't join us. May hope u get well soon~ next time join again :D

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Friday, April 17, 2009

Fingers Family

Fingers family up
Fingers family down
Fingers family dance about
All around the town

Dance them on your shoulders
Dance them on your head
Dance them on you knee And~
Tuck them into bed

Open your hands stretching ur fingers outward

Stretch ur arms up over your head
Put ur hands down on the floor
Move ur hands around, slapping the floor

Tap your shoulders
Tap your head
Tap your knees
Put ur hands together n lay ur head on ur hands like sleeping.

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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Relieve finally

Daddy's feet is painful again! Ytd it was so painful that he couldn't stand up, on top of it his toes started to turn BLACK!

Today I managed to persuade him to visit the TCM which Little DinoEgg has been going to for the pass few weeks, we went over in the evening.

Daddy took the pain killer n his feet are ok except for pain when he put his weight on them. He was sort of dragging his feet too. After telling the TCM doctor what happened, he took a look at the leg n told us that its the blood circulation problem. After accessing the situation the TCM doctor decides to give daddy the needle aka acupunture. He stick the needle into daddy's feet, I was not sure where as I was not around, was outside with Little DinoEgg, by time we came back its been done. Daddy says its VERY PAINFUL! After that he could actually stand and walk w/o feeling any pain! That is really very good news to us. The TCM doctor prescribe some powder medicine for us to bring back to eat for the next 4 days.

Daddy is so happy that his feet is not feeling so painful anymore. We should have gone to see the TCM doctor earlier. This is becoz the western doctors were unable to cure his feet problem. Doctor says he has injured his feel muscles n veins thus need a long time to recover. They only gave him some cream to relieve the pain n some pain killers. 5 months! Daddy suffered 5 painful months! NOW he can be rid of this problem soon! Yippeeeee!!!

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Oh the whining!

Oh I am going CRAZY! Little DinoEgg has decided to become a broken record today! He's been coming to me whinning n crying.

I was busy with my work, he took his Barney's Adventure Hunt n bug me to read to him.

I told him "later, mummy is busy." 5 secs later
"Mummy I want Fireman Sam."
"Darling, its not show time yet, must wait n see later have or not."
"Dun have how to show u?"
"Its tv, not video, how to on it for u?"
"I wantttt~" *starting to whine*

I ignore him...

5mins later he take his Adventre Hunt n bug me to read to him again. I got so fed up that i scold him. Here I am trying to finish my stuffs and he is here bugging me non stop! In the end I bring him into the bed room for his nap.

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There goes the gun

The $6 gun I bought on Monday is spoilt!

Yupe... Little DinoEgg took the gun n hit the floor n sofa n every where, so the lights at the centre is gonez... well in a way its good coz no more blinding lights for him to stare at hahaha~ But then $6 gone down the drain... ... ... ok ok half way down the drain since the sound is there n the lights at the front is still working.

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Monday, April 13, 2009

A little Episode @ KP

Went to Kiddy Palace to get some wet wipes n a toy gun for Little DinoEgg. Saw 2 toy machine guns but cost $10+, my budget is to get a $3-$5 gun. However Little DinoEgg insisted on one of the machine gun n refused to put it back. So I went further down to see if I can get any cheaper toy, one tt is within $10 or less.

Well, my mistake :( coz we came upon some toy trucks that cost $22+! And being obsessed construction vehicles, he saw them n immediately ran back to the machine gun section n put it back, then dashes back to the vehicles n grabbed a big toy truck repeating "Mummy I want this, mummy I want this." I looked at the price n my eyes popped out, tried to dissuade him to put it back while we look at some other toys but he refuse to put it down. Then a big excavator caught his attention... he grabbed it n still going ong "mummy I want this, mummy I want this."

My dissuasion failed, so I took action. Gently take the truck n excavator out of his hand n back to the shelf but he immediately took it down again. And so a round of take truck down, put truck back, grab the excavator, put the excavator back.... Feeling a lost war, I decided to quickly walked back to the gun section n grabbed the machine gun, trying to distract him. The minute I turn away, this little boy started to drag the 2 toys towards the exit. Ok ok I have to describe the toys better. The toys are big, and with their packaging, it hits Little DinoEgg's knee cap n its too bulky for him to carry in his arms. So our determined boy dragged 1 one the floor n try to hold the other one in his arms, walking abit bent coz the toy is heavy for his small arms, he uses his thigh to support the weight. Aye! I am not sure whether to laugh or be angry with him... ... ...

I quickly walked back to him n took them back from him. That was the meltdown point. He cry out loudly in protest, tried to pull me back to the toys n ended up fell down on his butt. Then he just sat down there n starting cry. That got some curious and disapproving look from some parents, coz he was sitting in the middle of the road.

I went down to his level and start to talk to him, told him that he have to ask daddy whether mummy can buy that toy for him. More crying... I reminded him that we are here to get a toy gun, not any other toys, if he wants to buy the truck n excavator he has to speak to daddy about it. Crying reduced to sobbing. I proceed to tell him that we are also here to get the wet wipes too, asked him whether he wants to help me find the penguin wet wipes n he nodded. So off we went to get the wet wipes just barely 7 mins after the meltdown.

When we got our wet wipes, I stop n squat down to talk to Little DinoEgg. I told him calmly that we shall go back to the toys section to get the silver gun n he said "ok~" When we are near the section, he ran happily up to the gun n grabbed the toy silver gun.

I have requested the cashier lady to remove the packaging, before I give it to Little DinoEgg I told him that he is not allowed to press to make the noise until we reach home, he said "ok". And u know wat, he really did not press the trigger, not even half a time, not even while we are in the cab! Good job son!

Well with regards to the episode earlier, I feel proud with both of us; me for not blowing my top when Little DinoEgg is being difficult, which I usually will. Little DinoEgg for being well behaved n willing to listen to some reasoning. Well done son! Mummy is so proud of you!

PS : Since he was only allowed to play with the gun when we are home, he REALLY play it hard! Keep pressing the trigger n making the noise!!! Driving me nuts soon!

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My 1st gun

Daddy was commenting on Little DinoEgg playing with the tea time set is too "girly", though 6th Grandaunt bought him an army toy set which comes with a rifle, a helmet, a knife n a grenade, I do not allow him to play with that as I know he will use the rifle to hit the floor, sofa, people. So the only gun that I allow Little DinoEgg to play with is the finger gun *lol* Thus I decided to get him a toy gun so that he can feel "manly"

Went to Kiddy Palace to search for a good n not too x gun. Saw a few n its like over $10 :( There were only 3 guns in the store (Pls lor KP, get more toy guns ISO those toys vehicle can or not???) I saw the 1st two $10+ guns I was disheartened... so I tried to look for other cheaper toys, already promised Little DinoEgg that we are getting a gun so must try to find a toy for him, plus he was so well behaved during our dinner @ Ajisen. Went further down the roll of toys n found some trucks, thot it would be cheaper BUT I was so wrong! They cost $20+!!! And Little DinoEgg aimed 2 of them; a truck and an excavator. This caused a scene, see next post for details.

Anyway I managed to coax Little DinoEgg to get this gun which cost $6 and we went home happily.

However, after letting Little DinoEgg play, I kinda regret I bought this coz;

1. the noise! Its getting into my head already just barely 15mins later!
2. there are bright neon lights at the front n middle of the gun when u press the trigger. Was afraid Little DinoEgg will keep staring at the bright neon lights.

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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Gone Fishing

Couple of weeks ago, daddy found a new place to catch some fishes from the longkang aka big drain. He has been wanting to bring Little DinoEgg to catch some fishes but it rains on the passed Sundays. Finally this afternoon, the sky looks clear, not too sunny and no dark clouds around. We thought we go ahead with the fishing, I even text May to see if she wants to go along. We got ourselves pretty excited.

However a thought suddenly strike daddy... "what IF there are no fishes in the longkang??" All of you might be wondering why we have such thought. Well, the fishes are actually the runaways from the nearby fish farm, they either escaped while the workers change the water OR they threw them out coz they are either dying or of poorer grade/quality. SOOO~~~ daddy decided to go down to take a look first before me & Little DinoEgg head down.

20mins later daddy called back n say ok to come down, SHOULD have fish coz 1 idiotic P** man used a gigantic net to blocked the fishes from upstream, we shall try our luck at another longkang. So we got ready, when we are about to go out daddy call back n say it started to drizzle! Little DinoEgg was so disappointed :( Keep crying n wanted to go out and catch fish. Daddy came back later n he went up to him to "protest", sorry son....

Later the rain seems to have stopped and we decided to bring Little DinoEgg to the fish farm to catch some guppies... well if we can't catch FOC longkang fishes, at least he gets to catch some fishes right? Half an hour later we went off with 5 guppies; 3 bright orange and 2 golden ones. And u guessed it, Little DinoEgg caught 4 of them; of course with daddy's help, n he is all smiling again.

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Friday, April 10, 2009

Steamboat Gathering~~

Its been quite a while since we hold any gathering at our house coz either we are busy or our friends are. And finally~~~ we got friends coming over with their whole kampung, circus etc etc hehehe~ for a steamboat lunch *yum yum*

I tried to take pictures for the gathering but still forgot to charge my digi cam since the last time, n it died on me again. Here are 6 pictures that I managed to take ^^

We had a good time eating n eating n eating hehe~ leaving the kids to play by themselves with May's maid helping to look after. And we managed to finish the prawns~~ left few pieces of fishes, a handful of chicken n few pieces of beancurd.

Enry went for a tour at my humble house n keeps commenting its bigger then her apartment, now makes her want to buy a HDB unit instead. Enry my dear, good investment so plan n go ahead ya :P

Seems like every one is a food lover~ so we may have more of the food gathering regularly. Plus Little DinoEgg can't get enough of his "kor-kor Francis".

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