Sunday, June 29, 2008

Next target - POTTY TRAINING!

Last week I chanced upon Gina Ford's Potty Training in One Week in Carrefour's books sale, only have time to pick it up to start reading it just now. This is what the book says about Potty Training;

Signs to watch for
These important signs and levels of ability that will indicate if your toddler is ready to potty train are:

1. He is over 18 months of age.
2. His nappy is frequently dry when you get him up from his lunchtime nap. A dry nappy a couple of hours since his last nappy change would also be an indication that he is getting some bladder control.
3. He is aware when he is doing a poo, i.e. going very quiet and showing signs of concentration, or points to his nappy and says poo or pee pee when he has done one.
4. He can understand and follow simple instructions, i.e. go and fetch your red ball or put your toy in the box.
5. He is eager to participate in taking off his own clothes, i.e. shoes, socks and shorts, and understands what pulling his shorts up and down mean.
6. Can point to the different parts of his body when you name them,for example "where is your tummy button?" or "where's your nose?" etc.
7. He has the ability to sit still and occupy himself or concentrate for five totem minutes with a toy, book or watching video.

Lets go down the list according to Little DinoEgg's milestones;

1. He is already 22 months old
2. Hmm... never really take note of his diaper before and after his naptime, will start taking note. 3. OH~ No worry about this. We definately know 100% when he is doing his "big business", he will definately goes to a quiet corner and show his "I'm doing my poo face". Recently he will sometimes squat down while doing his poo. After his "business" he will point to his diaper and say "poo-poo" then request you to change his soiled diaper ASAP. As for pee... no indication from him.
4. He can already put his toys and books back to their rightful places when he was 16-17 months old.
5. He likes to take off his diaper when its diaper changing time, kept pulling his tee-shirt when its time to change into his pjs or into clothes to go shopping etc. He still cannot master the motion of pulling the tees upward and get his arms out of the sleeves.
6. He knows n point to his different parts of his body when he is around 16-17months old.
7. Throw him in front of tv with either Playhouse Disney OR Elmo video OR Bareny video (Yupe he is likes Barney dispite my disapproval) he will be engross with the square box for at least 20mins. He can also play with his toys alone or take out his books to read.

Therefore, seems like he is ready for potty training. Let me finish Gina Ford's book, get myself ready to tackle the route to diaper free target.

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Look what I can do

"Boy, time to change diaper, drink milk milk and or-orh~ Lets go to the diaper room~"

With that we will walk to the room, holding hands (ok sometimes I have to threaten him but every day cannot be a sunny day right?).

Once at the bedside, I will take off remove his arms from the tee-shirt and he will pull it over his head.

Next he will pull down and step out of his shorts.

Then bend his head, trying to look over his round tummy to locate the diaper's sticker tape.

After a many tries (Pet-pet sticky tape is really very STICKY!!) he manges to pull off the sticky tape n pull off his diaper.

I will fold the soiled diaper and he will take it from my hand, walk to the dustbin, step on the pedal to open the dustbin then "dunk" it in.

As for putting on his clothes.... not successful :(

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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Chosing Food

Today daddy fetch Little DinoEgg and before they head home they went to the coffeeshop to pack dinner.

Daddy head to the veggie stall and before he starts to order Little DinoEgg pester him to carry him. When he is in daddy's arms, he took a glance at the food and...

*Point to fried egg* "I want egg pls~"
then he says "I want meat pls~"

The stall helper was sssoooo surprised hehehe~ fancy a 22mth old boy chosing his own food ^.^

So both of them went home with their desired food, Little DinoEgg finish about 3/4 of the rice+the veggie he chose.

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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

1st Photo Shoot

Nice or not?

But I dun really like the pictures taken, out of the 20+ pictures, only these 2 are the nicer ones. Photographer suxz! Dunno how to tease a kid, only try to get his attention by rattling some noise toys n saying "Here boy! See here boy~~!! Smile Smile lah~" Pls lor, my son only 2yrs old dun even know the meaning of SMILE, tell him CHEESE he definitely will show u his sweet smile.

Nevermind! I planned to go to a more professional one in Dec~

PS : Thanks Adeline for helping me collect the photos~ *muackz*

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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Sunday, June 22, 2008

The day he said... ...

And TWICE some more!

1st time it happened when daddy is feeding him dinner. He sat on the sofa while daddy sat on the floor, resting his arms on the sofa just at his feet. He wanted to stretch his leg and found that daddy's arm is in his way n he start kicking n say "go away". Daddy was so sad...

2nd time was an hour plus later, Little DinoEgg pooped n daddy changed his diaper. His a$$ was so red!! Perhaps its due to the hard marble like poo he passed out this morning. The poo was rock hard! I think its still sore so when daddy try to clean it with wet wipe, it hurt him n he screamed his head off "No-no!!! Daddy NO! Go away!! I wan mummy, I wan mummy!!!!" (BTW its a rare chance that he actually say he want me coz he always prefer daddy over me haha~)

After the diaper change, he was in his happy self again BUT daddy was sad... coz he asked him to go away TWICE! Daddy refuse to talk to Little DinoEgg. When he pester him, daddy told him that since he ask daddy to go away then don't come and find him. I let both of them sort it out themselves without interfering... Men's talk haha~

Have got to teach him not to use this word loosely, wonder if he uses this in school OR he picked this up in school. More brain washing n teaching to come...

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An Enjoyable Afternoon

"Boy~ where are you???" I shouted from the living room, and Little DinoEgg came running from not sure which room grinning at me. Few seconds later, he disappeared again. "Baby~~ Where are you?? Dun anyhow touch things ya??!!" He came running out again, grinning n pointing to the rooms. Few seconds later, disappeared for the 2nd time. This time I decided to investigate. Walked in and found him inside study room, tip-toeing at the table with a pen on his right hand and his left hand holding on to a piece of paper. His nose touching the table, eyes barely can see over it, he was trying to draw on the paper, grinning n smiling.

"What are you doing??" I startled him and he gave me a guilty look, as he thought he has done something wrong. So I assured him its ok, asking him if he wants to draw n he nods his head. I went in search of the white paper n crayons I bought few months ago, took out the drawing apron from some where; bought it few months back too but just any how chuck it one side. Open the apron and showed it to Little DinoEgg, who by then was clearly very excited.

We cleared the coffee table, lay the big piece of paper on it and I let him chose a crayon color; which he took the red one as it seems to be his favorite color now. He started drawing happily, occasionally talking to himself, blabbering. I joined in too, drew some fishes n an apple tree too. He saw the fish and was interested, kept saying FISH FISH! When I stopped to let him continue his doodle, he will say "Mummy FISH, mummy FISH pls~" So I drew some more then I hold his little hand n draw. He tried drawing it himself but couldn't. Dun worry son, u will get the hang of it soon :)

A while later, daddy joined us too, after he finish frying the french fries. More doodle n lines n circles~ Daddy drew a frog n an orange for Little DinoEgg, think he tried to draw Elmo too but failed hehehe~

An hour plus later, its FRENCH FRIES TIME! Little DinoEgg simply love these french fries, keep popping them into his mouth. When he saw me n daddy dipping our french fries into the tartar sauce he was very interested and dipped his long long french fry into it. Took a bite on it n found that he likes the taste n use his french fry to dip more sauce but instead of biting off the tartar sauced french fry, he ate all the tartar sauce n dip the french fry into the sauce again *faintz*

After some yummy french fries, daddy took a piece of chicken from the soup to eat. As usual Little DinoEgg took a peep and says "Pa-pa, I want chicken pls~" Woah~ this is new, didn't know he knows how to say the word chicken and recognise that piece of meat is chicken... realised that Little DinoEgg's vocab is amazing! This just show how little time we spent with him.

Here are the pictures taken on that afternoon, enjoy~
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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Back to School

After resting for a week Little DinoEgg finally went back to school today. I was afraid that he will cry when he sees the school gate so yesterday I prepared him mentally. Told him tomorrow he is going back to school to be with the teachers and his frens. He nodded his head, not sure he really understand what I have just told him.

As he has been waking up late for the pass week, this morning he was still sleeping soundly when I gave him milk, he stretched and yawned and whined a little but when he sees the milk he quickly grabbed the bottle and happily drinking it with his eyes closed.

No protests no nothing, his only main concern is we MUST take bus, no taxi! Lucky we were early so its bus we take follow by train.

When we reached school, its the usual "Boy, remember to listen to teachers, dun fight with your frens.... ...." blah blah then its off to the school gate where Teacher Adeline greeted us.

At night, I came home to a tired looking son. Daddy fetched Little DinoEgg from school, he commented that this little fella was yawning and rubbing his eyes on the way back home. A short while after his dinner, its off to bed for him. Gosh, school is so tiring hahaha~

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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Saturday, June 14, 2008

*Hello Dog*

Decided to pop by Cousin Hoon's house to pass some Little DinoEgg's clothes n stuff to my niece Ivy. Set out around 215pm with a big Taka paper bag, in the cab I keep telling Little DinoEgg that Yee-yee Hoon's house have 4 dogs, 1 brown, 1 black, 1 cream n 1 brown white. I have to pre-warn him coz I know the dogs will dash to the gate barking madly; especially CoCo and Blackie.

As expected, the minute we were at the gate, all 4 dogs came rushing foward barking madly. Linda n Ivy have to shout for them to back down, they mean no harm, wun bite or snap just like to greet guests in a special way :D Little DinoEgg was stunned at first to see 4 different sizes n color of dogs at his feet (I carried him lest he got freaked out by the warm welcoming) He was clearly very distracted by the dogs, I asked him to greet all the people and he was repeating what I say but eyes were glued to the dogs.... After a short while he warmed up and is waving n saying "Hello Dog~ hello DOG~!!! Right in front of their faces *faintz* the dogs were friendly, Belle even tried to lick him hahaa~ We sat down on the front porch chatting n watching Little DinoEgg "terrorize" the dogs with his HELLOs.

As the air gets warmer n the houseflies gathered we decided to move into the house where is cooler. At the same time Big Alvin came out and together with Linda n Elsie played ball with Little DinoEgg. Me? Lazing on the sofa, enjoying the cool breeze from the fan, chatting with Ivy n Cousin Hoon. All these while I can hear Little DinoEgg's giggle n laughter. They even brought him to the playground opp the house where he enjoyed slides n everything. I brought the camera but simply just to lazy to take it out n snap away.

We stayed for dinner, Cousin Hoon cooked so much yummy food *slurp slurp*. Oh they only eat brown rice (hey I m not a brown rice fan) n I was afraid Little DinoEgg find the taste n texture werid thus not wanting to eat his dinner. Surprising, there wereno weird taste n in fact it is very yummy. Little DinoEgg enjoyed his dinner, with Linda feeding him. Hey 1st time I see Linda being so good with kids and Little DinoEgg letting some other people feed him hehehe~

At the end of the day, he knows Bu-ta (or Bu-da, not sure of the correct spelling), the corgie, who is such a darling, lying down on her side and let Little DinoEgg slap her back REAL HARD n not did not even protest. He can call out to "Bu-ta, come~"

Oh there was one incident, Alvin, Kai and SiLing wanted to play basketball, while waiting for each other to get ready, the boys played dribble, roll, throw with Little DinoEgg. And this little fella is OBSESSED with balls! He was so happily playing with it n was super happy that there are 2 cousins playing him. After a while they are ready to head for a basketball game, but Little DinoEgg was hugging the ball. Alvin asked him to throw to him n the minute he caught the ball he said "Bye~"and dashed off with the ball. Leaving a shocked Little DinoEgg stunned for like 30sec before wailing loudly for the ball *duhz* We have to distract him with a smaller rubber ball n in another 30secs he was ok, smiling and playing...

Hey Alvin, next time dun do this to ur little nephew ok, if u do, ur Ivy sis will give u some color wahahhaa~~~

All the running, jumping, running, screaming, chasing after the dog = a very tired boy. When we reached home he still want to continue to play with his toys BUT NO WAY! I marched him to his room, clean him, changed him, make his milk and head off to bed. he knocked out in 10mins after he finished his milk.

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A day out with Son

I took leave today so that I can take care of Little DinoEgg; daddy n granny has been taking turn to look after this little rascal so I thought I chip in my share too. Yesterday arranged with sis to meet up at City Hall for some window shopping. I already had in my mine what and where to go.

Was awaken by Little DinoEgg at 7am asking for milk-milk, dragged myself up to prepare for him. After he has his milk, I dozed on the bed with him rolling around the bed playing with Hippo, Elmo, Rabbit and his few bolsters. Not sure whether he slept or not but I was drifting in and out of sleep for the next one and a half hour, which by then I decided to get out of bed.

It started to drizzle at 10am+ which dampened my mood...coz it means we cannot go out if this continues. Nevertheless, I still bathed Little DinoEgg shortly after 10.30am, in case the rain stops then we can dash out of the house without letting the sky made us change our mind. Bro called me at around 11am to ask me something and I thot I bring the clothes rack, pick him n Ya-Ya up n go to their office. We had a lunch and stayed at Bro's office for a while. Little DinoEgg had fun playing with Ya-Ya n running around the office. He had so much fun that I did not want to tear him away from all these, ended up we were late meeting Sis hehee~ *sorry Sis*

Met up with Sis & Farn, walked around City Hall hunting for lunch for the 2 of them, ended up in a Jap restaurant. A quick lunch and we are off shopping around. Sis says auntie Carole is at PC show, contemplating whether to go or not as I am with Little DinoEgg and the show will definatelybe crowded. I am ok with that plus Sis want to get a new Mac. And we dashed across the road to catch a bus.

We boarded bus 133, its not crowded but all but 3 seats were taken, Sis took 1 and I let the kids sat on the 2 seater while I stand besides them. The minute he sat down Little DinoEgg starts to wriggle and move his butt to the centre of the seat, thus clearing some space, he then pat pat the seat and say "Mummy seat, mummy seat pls~" AAAwwwwww~~~ my sweet boy~~~ I have to obliged and squeeze with them.

We reached Suntec and man! There are ssooooo many people! We thought the PC show is popular but then we saw that Singtel is also having a road show at the same place. So most part of the crowd are heading that way. Nevertheless the PC show has their own share of crowd too. We managed to locate auntie Carole, Cody and her colleague. Sis managed to find Mac booth and after consulting auntie Carole, her colleague (who is an IT engineer) n daddy (thru phone), she purchase a new Mac. YEAH!! Finally! Her mac is so old and 1 of them has been "dead" for so long. Cool~ 1 day must pop by her house to meet this new Mac.

Can u imagine we s;ent about 3 hours at the PC show? Auntie Carole & her colleague bought the most things, I only buy a 2GB thumbdrive @ $14+. Daddy says its dirt cheap, asked me for the price of 4GB and I said $20, THEN he tell me I should have got the 4GB (just like auntie Carole urged me to do, but I dun need it~)

I was dead tired when we got home, luckily I brought along the sling so Little DinoEgg had a nap of about an hour inside it. But I got aching shoulder and back, from the carrying of the bag and Little DinoEGg. Nevertheless, we had a good time :)

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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Friends Time~

Had lunch with Eunice this afternoon as I need to pass some thing to her. We had Long John Silver for lunch. We sat down to enjoy our lunch, gossiping while waiting for daddy n Little DinoEgg to join us.

Well actually nothing much to catch up as we met up for lunch few weeks ago. Except for one thing, she is getting her BEST wedding anniversary pressie this year~!! Woo-hoo!! I am happy for you too Eunice~

Done our lunch and we headed our separate way; she to John Little for its Moving Out Sale and me stay behind with Daddy & Little DinoEgg to finish our lunch. After tt I headed for office and they went home.

This evening Audrey popped by with a surprise guest; its TWINKLE! We finally got to meet up this little pretty lady after hearing so much about her. She is such a darling~ with her teddy bear fur-cut and her big round eyes, so adorable! Little DinoEgg is clearly very excited to see Twinkle too. He was jumping up n down, pointing at Twinkle and shouting DOG-DOG~ He wanted to touch her but was afraid about it at the same time.

Sensing his excitement, Twinkle got kinda of scared.... perhaps she has not met such an excited child before and dunno how to react. Audrey kept pushing her forward for us to touch her but she kept backing away haha~ Afer some 10mins later, Little DinoEgg finally master enough courage to touch Twinkle's forehead, he was so happy n grinned brightly.

When Audrey and Twinkle left, Little DinoEgg kept saying bye-bye to them, clearly sad that they have to go. Well hopefully he's got more chance to meet and play with Twinkle *hint hint Audrey*

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Talkative Boy

Daddy told me this morning he brought Little DinoEgg to our neighbourhood stalls to get some bread n stuffs. While walking there he was very chatty, keep talking to himself;





"moto~" aka motocycle

"ji-ji~" aka bird

"i want bread!"

Practically what he saw... and oh at the provision shop...



"ma yi~" aka ant


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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Daddy's 1st time

Little DinoEgg has been kept in the house for the pass week; No, he did not have HFMD, but his school had 13 cases so was on voluntary closure, so daddy decided to bring him out to let him stretch his muscle n let off some steam.

I have arranged to meet up Eunice at PS for Long John Silver lunch so daddy decided to meet us for lunch.

Its the first time daddy bring Little DinoEgg out to town, usually its to the neighbourhood shops or CP shopping centre. Daddy asked me about the things to pack for Little DinoEgg, I told him all that need to bring and where to find the things.

Daddy reached shortly and Little DinoEgg had a "I-just-woke-up" look on his face. He says he fell asleep the minute the train moves thus had a short nap, he have to wake him up when they reached the station.

Throughout the whole lunch session, Little DinoEgg was well behaved, even play pee-boo~ with Eunice.

Good job daddy~ next time u should bring son out alone more often :)

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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Now something about Little DinoEgg

~I am sitting in my toy box~

Hmm... its been a long time ago since I last update on his progress... busy with work, tired after I reach home n usually dun feel like writing hehee~

Little DinoEgg has become more chatty and able to express himself clearly. When he was young, we taught him "I want" coz it was simpler n easier for him to pronounce. So every time he needs something he will say "Pa-pa (or mummy), I want B c~ (aka vit c) pls~" or "I want milk/B-cake/chouchou" etc. Recently we started to teach him "May I" as it sounds more polite n not so rude. He will start with "I want" then we will correct him and request him to say "mummy (or pa-pa), may I have XXX pls~?". He is still trying to get a hang of it.

Then the words PLEASE n THANK YOU. We always have to remind him to say these words, now he will say it automatically, only a few times we have to remind him.

With all these you should expect a well behave child right? Well WRONG!! Pass few days he is in his "I WANT I WANT WANT WANT WANT" mode. This morning daddy was so angry with him, he keep say "I want biscuit/Por-por/bread etc etc" till finally he asked for his milk. Then they went into the bed room and Little DinoEgg says "I want air-con *switch on air con* "I want fan" *he went to switch on the fan* "I want light"... of course he got a scolding fm daddy.

He knows how to pull his tee over his head and throw them into the red pail (for his dirty clothes), take off his socks n shoes without any assistant thou sometimes he will cry cry asking for help as he lazy to do it. He is trying to put on his shoes too but still haven figure it out, plus we lazy to teach him hehehe~

Now he has an opinion on the shoes he is going to wear for gai-gai (go out shopping), his favourite shoe is the Pedoodle Beach Comber sandals. there were once or twice I want him to wear the blue sandals with a car on it but he said very loudly NO-NO~ and ran away. Sometimes after I wear his clothes to go out or go school he will say "NI-CCEEE~~" and smile so sweetly at me. Once he got all dressed up ready to go out, last minute I asked him to try on 1 of his shorts which I thot was kinda tight for him n wanted to pack it away. Turns out it still fits him, and he doesn't want me to change it back to the surfers shorts. Said a few times NO-Noo~ after i said "ok dun change.", he pat pat his chest, touch his clothes and say "nice~~" *faintz* Vain-pot!

Little DinoEgg knows how to feed himself without spilling his rice all over the place. Of course I have to scope the rice+veg onto the spoon for him to put it into his mouth. Recently we went to Ajisen (just opened a branch at CP) n I let him enjoy the noodle, eating with his fingers, hands n spoon. He was enjoying it very much thou he made such a mess of himself and the place. He even knows how to put his mouth to the bowl n push the food into it using the spoon. Most important of all, he can sit at the dining table on his Trip-Trap chair n have dinner with us. Cool right?

Our next target... POTTY TRAINING~

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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

And so its a good talk with Teacher

Had a good 15mins talk with Teacher Siti as Little DinoEgg's class teacher is on leave. Told Teacher Siti my concern and she reassure me that at this stage kids still does not know the meaning of sharing so anything they dun like they will fight back. She say Clara must have done something to irritate n spike Little DinoEgg to strike her... if tts de case then I should say she deserves it wahahaha~ *bad mummy*

She says Teacher Gina uses persuasive tone to reinforce the using of "Please" n "Share". She say sometimes Teacher Gina have to say PLEASE a few times then Little DinoEgg will give her the thing/toy. I told Teacher Siti that Little DinoEgg has got a temper so I do not wish it to escalate to a point that he is the bully in the class. She reassures me that its a growing up phrase so once the kids learn how to share etc things will be better.

*Phew* ok now I am not so lost... I know that Little DinoEgg is not naughty or being difficult, he is just growing up.

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My 1st complain from school

This morning I squatted at the school's gate for a full 10mins... the 1st 5mins was to listen to Teacher Adeline complain to me about Little DinoEgg, the next 5mins is to reprimand Little DinoEgg.

Yesterday he has purposely hit Clara while they were queueing up. Clara; being the fierce one, of course hit him back then so on n so forth. Teacher Adeline tell Little DinoEgg to stop as he was the one who started first but tt falls to deaf ears. So Teacher Adeline has to raise her voice and he sat down quietly. Serves him right ya?

I have brainwashed him every morning while we are outside the school and him giving me hug n kiss before going off "Son, remember to listen to teachers, listen to Teacher Adeline, listen to Teacher Gina. AND dun fight with Norfiq, dun quarrel with him. Understand??" he will nod his head "Remember, be a good boy, dun be notti ok?" More nods... but every morning once he stepped into the school he will eyed Norfiq, see if he comes near him. I got to know from another teacher, its Norfiq who likes to bully him, started by hitting or pushing him, tts why he dun like him.

ANYWAY... now he is being the bully! Secretly I am glad that he hits Clara... ok I am some one who does not forgets bad grudges... well who ask her to bit Little DinoEgg 3 or 4 times when they were in the infant class?? She deserves it ya? Ok Ok, I am wrong to think that way but I can't help but feel abit of "victory" for our sweet revenge.

Back to this morning. I warned Little DinoEgg not to misbehave and hit his friends again, otherwise he will be sent to sit at a corner, just like I send him to the room whenever he throw temper or is not listening to us. He look at me with an expressionless face, eyes darting here n there and trying to distract me or get distracted. I have nothing of this, grabbed his face to look at me and I repeat all again. Warned him... and I told him Teacher Adeline will punish him if he hit friends again.

After that, I send him into the school and I left for work... Hope tonight I wun get any complains any more.

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Monday, June 2, 2008

HFMD - Update 27 May 2008

Update On Hand, Foot And Mouth Disease (HFMD) Situation In Singapore(9)

27 May 2008

The number of HFMD cases notified to MOH decreased by 22% to 729 cases in the week ending 24 May 2008 from 940 in the previous week. This brings the total number of notified HFMD cases in 2008 so far to 13,401. 12 (1.6%) cases required hospitalisation last week mainly because of poor feeding.

A ten-year-old boy has been hospitalised for encephalitis (inflammation of the brain). The child was in contact with an active HFMD cluster in his school. He developed symptoms on 19 May and was seen by a general practitioner who made a diagnosis of HFMD. The child developed seizures on 23 May and was taken to the Emergency Department. He was admitted and managed in the intensive care unit on the same day. His throat swab is positive for EV71. He has since being transferred to the general ward and his condition has improved. The thirteen-month-old boy hospitalised for suspected encephalitis on 18 May is still in intensive care unit. His condition is stable.

MOH’s sentinel surveillance continues to show a high circulation of EV71 virus, with 32% of the samples tested positive for EV71 so far this year.

Last week, 2 preschools and childcare centres were ordered to close for a period of 10 days due to the extent of outbreak in these institutions, and 5 preschools and childcare centres with sustained transmission were advised to consider voluntary closure for 10 days. Closure of a centre will assist in breaking the transmission of HFMD cases and allow the centre to thoroughly clean the premises. Please see the MOH website for the latest update on daily number of cases and list of childcare centres/preschools that have reached mandatory or voluntary closure.

HFMD is generally a mild and self-limiting childhood disease. It is endemic in Singapore and there will be yearly seasonal outbreaks.


As at 30 May 2008 noon, there are 20 reported cases, which is a good sign. Ok, so the number of new cases are dropping... its a good news ya? Our kids can soon come out and enjoy themselves~ This morning forgot to take a look at the daily report of HFMD cases in Little DinoEgg's school, tonite will have to remember to see it.

Please click here for the latest update on daily number of cases and list of Childcare Centres/Preschools that have reached mandatory or voluntary closure.

Some friends ask me the reason for me being so paranoid and caution in deciding whether to bring Little DinoEgg out in crowded area, especially places where there are lotsa children. Well, read here and you will understand my concern.

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Sunday, June 1, 2008

A not so typical Sunday

Was sleeping soundly when I was awaken by Little DinoEgg

Little DinoEgg : Pa-pa where? Where?? Where??
I was sleeping with my back toward him. He patted my back n leaned over me, stuck his cute little face to my face n say "Mummy~ Pa-pa WHERE??"

Me (Still half asleep) : Pa-pa outside...
Little DinoEgg : Go out.. I want... go out" Ignored by me...
Little DinoEgg : I want milk-milk. Mummy milk milk"
Me : ... ... ... Ok ok mummy make for you.

And I was force to get out of my bed, open the bedroom door n with Little DinoEgg walking trotting happily infront of me shouting "Pa-pa~ pa-pa~", he has successfully woke daddy up hee~

We were still having our morning coffee n watching TV when I received a text fm Wendy; breakfast at Tampines at her cousin's stall, wanton noodle~~ here we come!!

In Mike's car and off we go to Tampines. Little DinoEgg was shy and did not want to interact with Bel n Wendy. However after a while n with the help of few toys, he warmed up and was playing happily.

10.15am (or there about)
Reached Tampines n made our way to the market. WOW! Its been a long time since we visit such a market... its always supermarket n food courts for me. There seems to be so many yummy food! Quite a few stalls have a long queue in front of them. Managed to find a table, me & wendy took our positions at the queue at the wanton stall while the men take care of the kiddos.

About 15-20mins later finally ordered our food; another 15mins or so later we got our food! I walked back to the table with a sweaty rascal... according to daddy, he's been busy chasing birds *gosh* This is the first time he is so up close and personal with the birds. Usually the birds are either flying high in the sky or at a distance away. We enjoyed our bowl of wanton noodle, shrimp dumpling and chicken feet *slurp slurp* Oh Wendy bought some fish balls n its yummy too.

11.30am (estimation)
Reached home, fast right? Coz the Chua Family gave us a lift home :) Gave Little DinoEgg his milk and sent him off for his nap.

Slightly after 1pm
He's been having a great time chasing bird n playing in the car on the ways there and back that he should be tired right? NO! It took him half an hour to fall alseep and woke up about 45mins later....

After that its play, scream, watch tv, cry, diaper changing, chase after balloon, asking for "bread bread", play with cars, doing the Hotdog dance, singing (actually blabbering) with Mickey, Tigger n Pooh, play his imaginery guiter with the bunnies of Bunny Town. Oh and of course the hard knock on his forehead on the wall while playing with the mini cars on the sofa. He was trying to line the cars up on the back rest of the sofa, leaned too over n banged his head. Then chasing after the balloon which bounced to under the dinning area, while walking towards it, he fail to watch out for the corner of the table n another hard knock on the forehead again.

Tried making Little DinoEgg take his afternoon nap again since he only had 30mins of sleep earlier.

Failed in making Little DinoEgg to nap... Feeling fed up I ignored him and cook myself a bowl of maggie noodle.

Start to cook oats as his dinner (lazy to go out to pack dinner, plus daddy still napping...), but put too much water and ended up become oats drink *duhz* Luckily I added Little DinoEgg's milk into is so I pour the drink into a cup, stick the straw in n let him drink it. I was afraid that I may reject it but he loves it~ Smile so sweetly after a few mouthful. Left about 75ml out of the 220ml I gave him n said he is full.

Daddy finally woke up~ yeah! Little DinoEgg was so happy to see him. Stick to him like bee to honey...

BUBBLES TIME!!! It means bath time~~ n with daddy bathing him means there will be bubbles. Changed into his Mickey Mouse pj.

Around 8.15pm
Took his bucket of toys, wear his sandles but din managed to get his tiny feet in so he enlised daddy's help. After tt, said a loud BYE BYE to daddy, went to grab my keys n try to stick it to the nuts (cannot reach the keyhole) wahahahhaaaa~~ Too bad I was taking my bath at that time otherwise definately will take pictures of thie little fella...

Randy came up to take something fm me for Diana.


So here I am, after 1hr of tv, food, drink, entering today's "journal" Time for bed~~

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