Sunday, May 23, 2010

Garden Theme Birthday Party

Finally, we reached Chris & Steve's house, almost lost our way coz the taxi uncle does not know where the place is *phew* And lucky we met Steve at the lobby otherwise we would not have know which way to go that leads to their block. Reached their house and the girl's classmates are already there~

Oh, on our way in, saw this at the bottom of kitchen door;

hahaha~~ I don't think Snowy is spoilt n rotten (^^,)

Little DinoEgg gave Eve the bookmark

The kids sat around the table doing some art n craft things while waiting for the food to be ready. I have no idea what it is, something fm IKEA.... I am clearly very outdated :(

The "flower" and the "leaves" in the garden

Daddy bullying Little DinoEgg

Jann performed a solo piece for all to enjoy~ She was very nervous about it and really sigh when she finished. Well done Jann!

After all the food, its time for some singing~ Eve n Jann went downstairs to the KTV room with their friends to sing their hearts out while we; the adults, stay back finishing or try to finish all the food. We had a good time chatting too~ After that we joined the kids at the KTV room as they will have the cake cutting over there.

Look at the girls enjoying the singing and still doing the IKEA thingy. What is Little DinoEgg doing????

And then the girls decided to play hide n seek in that SMALL KTV room =.= Girls being girls, they like to scream... and so they scream in excitement, scream when they are found and scream even more when some one suddenly says "dun hide there, the cockroach will come out!!!" Thus more screaming n running n screaming n running... and then I have a splitting headache.... but its ok, the kids enjoy themselves to the MAX. Even Little DinoEgg, who had much fun exposing the girls' hiding places hahaha~

Then its cake cutting time~~~

Such a sweet cake~

Jann making her wish (wonder what it will be)

Group photo

We had a wonderful time at the party, though not every one came in their garden clothes :) Thanks for inviting us Steve, Chris, Eve & Jann!

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Mad dash for birthday pressies Part 2

I had the whole morning to myself~ Little DinoEgg n daddy is at great grandma's house, expected to reach home around 1pm. I have planned my morning carefully. Amongst the usual housework, I am going to wrap the pressies up while watching tv, after that relax abit before heading out to Chris' house.

All went well, pressies nicely wrapped n I have like 2 hours more before the boys come home. Then I suddenly realized that I have forgotten to put in the little hair clips!!! AAaarrgghhh!!!! And its too late to unwrap the pressies to put them in!

The pretty hair clips!

Thus I have to think of something FAST! Then I decided to make a bookmark for Eve & Jann then clip the hair clips on it, get Little DinoEgg to pass them the bookmarks as a pressie from him. Great idea right? Well, thoughts are always simpler and easier then action...

Look at the mess!

I have to bring out my boxes of art and crafts materials n try to find the perfect stickers for bookmarks, must ensure its at least of their favourite colors plus as cute n as sweet as it can be. And I cannot decide on the design theme, keep changing the stickers etc. Finally I am satisfied, n with finger crossed, I hope the girls will like it.

The pressies~

This is the 1st time i spend so much time, energy n brain cells in birthday pressies.

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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Happy Birthday Cousin Farn 2010

Its Cousin Farn's birthday next Monday so we decided to buy a cake n celebrate with him at Granny's house. Me n Little DinoEgg went to Swee Heng Bakery on last Thursday to order a cake. We thought its too late to place an order and we have to settle with those baked ones today, but seems like its still ok. So after flipping through the cakes catelogue we settled on a chocolate cake coz Cousin Farn loves chocolate.

Chocolate overdosed cake

Cut cake

"No cakes for me?"

Some photos taken during the small celebration.

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Mad dash for birthday pressies Part 1

When I see Little DinoEgg after his drama class, I told him that we are going for lunch then proceed with buying Eve & Jann's birthday pressies. Asked him if he is ok with that or he wants to go home n sleep. He is too excited to want to go home when he hear the word "Birthday presents". He simply loves birthdays!

We went to Coffee Beans for pasta as requested by Little DinoEgg. We shared a plate of kids size Mushroom & Chicken Fusilli. Little DinoEgg refuse to eat the chicken which he used to eat it without any fuss. He said "This chicken not nice." He probably thought its the same dish that I cooked last week.... I made him try a small piece and he immediately spit it out. I was not happy but after I took a bite on the chicken, I forgave him haha~ coz the chicken is REALLY tough.

We made a dash to Kinokuniya to get the pressies. I left Little DinoEgg in front of the Eric Carle book shelves n went off to hunt for Eve's book. Chris text me the book name "Percy Jackson Battle of the Labyrinth, demigod files. I show it to the Kinokuniya sales girl and she led me to a huge piles of Percy Jackson books. She show me 1 book "Battle of the Labyrinth", I thought, ok so this one settled. Then she proceed to show me another 2 books; Percy Jackson and Demigod files. HELLO! Isn't it suppose to be ONE BOOK??? OMG! After staring at the 3 books, I decided to get book that says "Battle of the Labyrinth".

Next we went to hunt for Jann;s writing set. At first I was puzzled, how does a writing set look like? Then I remembered Chris told me the letter incident with Jann and that gives me the idea. There are so many letter set, I was so tempted to buy some for myself :( I took out a few sweet n cute designs, couldn't decide which to get, so I asked Little DinoEgg. He really took a min to go hhhmmmm.... and look carefully at each design, then he made his decision :)

Then I have to look for some girly wrappers or something for the pressies. Walked round n round the stationery section and couldn't decide. By this time, Little DinoEgg is already very cranky... imagine him sitting down on the floor 1 minute and the next he peeping at the bottom of the bookshelf staring at the wheels *faintz* A group of teenagers walked passed us n I overheard 1 of them commenting to her friends "I thought the boy fell asleep on the floor!" I did not reprimand him coz I know its time for his nap n he really really need it. The only thing I can do is to quickly settle my stuffs n leave for home.

Here are the pressies with the gift wrappers etc

I hope the girls like the pressie, if they dun like, then then then... blame it on their mother wahahhaa~

Note : Never ever try the stunt again to rush for things with a tired (but fulled stomached) child. Every instructions have to repeat at least 2 times before a respond is given.

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Friday, May 21, 2010

Shopping Loots

Its D-Day! Shopping Day! Marked this day 2 weeks ago, a destressing shopping trip for Chris after being cooped up at home stressing over her 2 girls' exams.

See how stressed-up she is

Our expensive yucky lunch at C.Nai HongKong Cafe

A super tough pork chop+rice

Yucky wanton noodle

Its been a long time since I stepped foot in Far East Plaza, and WOW! so much changes! The level 1 (or is it basement) has become so funky, with stuffs for the young and the young at heart. We had a good time going to most of the shops. We were awed by the sight of a big boobs mannequin in the swim wear shop. Both of us were giggling like little girls as it was such a funny sight, especially when it is placed with a "regular-sized" boobs mannequin. Chris say she is going to tell Steve tonite, I told her to tell Steve "imagine Pamela Anderson" hahahah~

We took our time shopping, trying out clothes, shoes etc. Its a weekday so there are NO CROWD! However, the minute we commented on that, which ever shop we stepped in, people will starts to follow. And we have no idea where did these people comes from as it was quiet on the corridor with a handful of shoppers only. And the shops are usually very small n cramped with racks of clothes, it is really very uncomfortable having to squeeze n fight with others :(

3hours later, we emerged fm the shopping centre with loots~ This is the 1st time after 4yrs (or more) that I actually go shopping and bought so many stuffs! Well, did they say retail therapy is good? They are right! hahaha~

My loots!

I always have a soft spot for belts, just that I do not like (or dun bother) to dress up thus my belts end up in my closet ^^ I hope I have the chance of using these belts.

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Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Dandelion's Story

THE DANDELION’S STORY – “Nothing God made is useless” Modl Theatre (Korea)
Recommended for Age 3 and above

Modl Theatre’s lively and colourful presentation of Jung-Saeng Kwon’s children’s fairy tale best-seller has the unlikely theme of a doggy-poo that everyone rejects as disgusting, but who is finally welcomed by a dandelion seed to enable it to bloom, is brought to life with boundless charm and great visual appeal by the talented, young cast.

Delightfully costumed, these endearing characters’ movement and dance, inter-woven with comic action catchy tunes, maintain the pace under Jung-Sook Kim’s tight direction. Brown furry-clad Yoo-Sin Seol delights as cute Doggy-poo, sadly rejected by Clod of Earth, a large Sparrow, and a Mother Hen and her chicks. But borne by the Spring Wind, Dandelion Seed proves Doggy-poo is useful after all, as she bursts out of rain-washed poo into glorious yellow blossom.

Modl Theatre triumphs with this very joyful piece with all-age appeal.

Synopsis taken from iTheatre website.


I must say, the costumes n props are really very brilliant and grand. The casts are very lively, there were laughter throughout the whole play. The play started with a white puppy who has an urge to poop. The doggy's cute n exaggerated expression when he goes around looking for a place to poo makes everyone laugh. Even the old grandfather looks cute though he is very old n walks very slow. They speaks with a Korean accent (not sure whether its deliberately or not), nevertheless the words are clear n loud for all to understand.

Little DinoEgg enjoy the play too, though as always he has tons of questions. I just have to be patient n quiet to explain in a whisper to him. He understand the show, can tell me "mummy the doggy poo-poo is very smelly! And nobody like him right? And he so sad..." The only part he is confused is the ending, where the dandelion seed embraces the doggy poo and did a dance where the doggy poo cling onto the dandelion seed n sort of twirl ard the seed. He keep asking me what happened, why the doggy poo like this etc etc. When the yellow dandelion flower come out, he was even more confused hahaha~

Little DinoEgg learn a new word from this play; manure :D The Dirt told the Doggy poo that he is a ma-nure~ I thought Little DinoEgg did not hear this word but he immediately ask me what is this word. Wow~ talking about paying attention.

We watch this play at the National Museum theatre, first time been there and sad to say experience is not good. There are no raised stage, the play was act out on the floor in a small area quite near to the 1st row of seats. We are seated at row 6 and when the acting goes quite near to the 1st row we cannot see. Little DinoEgg stood up on his seat just to see what doggy poo is doing, gave me a shock! Coz he could have loss his balance, fell n hit the seats :( And the seats are uncomfy too, seat covering are those scratchy type, not those velvet or whatever u call that which u will see on the cinema seats.

Hopefully they will change the venue for next year's performances.

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Cream of mushroom Fusilli

We had to go for The Dandelion show later so I decided to made a quick lunch then leave the house. I bought some fresh mushrooms and a new bottle of cream sauce from Carrefour ytd. I set to work.

Put the fusili & the chicken breast meat to boil (separate pot), cut the mushrooms, throw the cream sauce in pan, throw in mushrooms. throw in the small pieces of chicken meat n cook for awhile. Then pour sauce over the fusili n viola~

Me : Baby, the pasta yummy or not?
Little DinoEgg : (show me a big smile n a thumbs up) YUMMY~~~
Me : (very happy) Really? Is it really very yummy?
Little Dinoegg : (thinking for a while) hmm.... a little bit not nice (show me how little with his index finger n thumb)
*Me fainted LOL
Me : What is not nice?
Little DinoEgg : The chicken is a little bit not nice *smile*

OH! Well I had a feeling earlier that I may have slightly over cooked the chicken, guess Little DinoEgg confirmed my suspicion hehehehe~~ Anyway I allowed him to put the chicken meat aside after eating a few pieces. He finished half of the fusilli, I gave him a big plate so its ok if he is unable to finish all.

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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Borrowed my 1st book

Our first trip to Bishan library, its so big~ with few floors, not like the SK Library, only 1 floor of books. The kids section is down in the basement, out of sight, which is good as it sort of block out the noise made by excited kids.

We were there for an hour (I think), Eve n Jann went to hunt for their books to borrow and read while me, Little DinoEgg and Chris laze on the sofa. Then Little DinoEgg gets cranky again so I have to entertain him with books. Since this is the 1st time we are at the library, I have no idea where are the books for his age, just anyhow grabbed some books n read to him. That kept him occupied for a while. However when Eve comes back to the sofa, he went to pester her, keeps grabbing her books to see though he couldn't understand a single word.

We chance upon this book while walking through the shelves finding books to read. We watch the show in JimJam channel n Little DinoEgg likes the Dragon. After reading it once to him, I asked if he would like to borrow it so that daddy (lol) can read to him tonite.

So this is the 1st book he borrowed using his own library card; Dragon's Fat Cat by Dav Pilkey.

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Lunch at Hatched

2 weeks ago, Chris date me to have some good food and coffee at Hatched, a place she just heard of and wanted to visit. She show me their FB page and their food look so yummy~

We have to wait for a while to get out table coz its FULL HOUSE! Its 12.30pm and still every one are enjoying their food n yakking, not wanting to leave. Well, they may find it comfy but its a tact too noisy for me. Too much chattering n cluttering.

Menu on the wall

3 happy kids

Popeye's Saluate

Forgot the dish's name

Sausage Platter

Kids enjoying their food

The mummies too~

Our sausages (2 chicken, 2 pork & 1 beef+pork) are very yummy, I think daddy will love them alot. I love the mustard+something sauce, it taste abit spicy n sour, very nice. Goes well with the sausages. Little DinoEgg love them sausages too, but the "skin" is a bit tough for his tiny teeth, he kept chewing n chewing but unable to swallow, instead he spit it out :( I have to cut the "skin" away n gave him the meat instead.

And finally, Little DinoEgg starts to act up :( Wanted to take more photos of the kids but he refuse to show us his face.

A very uncooperative boy

Lucky it was time to leave and we are off to Bishan Library for some books and much needed air con kekeke~ its so warm!

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Friday, May 14, 2010

School Excursion

The school is bringing the kids to the Science Centre! Little DinoEgg is very excited but I am not sure whether he knows what or where is that place. Unless, of course the teachers talk about the Science Centre ytd. He almost could not go coz he was late... daddy couldn't get a cab after waiting for 35mins, school called me to ask if he is going since I have already paid for the fees. He made it just at the nick of time, no breakfast though, only have time to visit the toilet before hopping up the bus n head off to the Science Centre.

This morning before I leave the house, I told him that he will tell me all about his trip to the Science Centre when I see him tonight.

So, instead of the usual bed time story, we laid down on the bed and he told me all about his exciting trip earlier.

"We saw the beaver movie! Lying down! The beaver cut down the trees and bring it to the river to stop the water. Then they use the tail to hit hit hit the thing (I've got no idea what the "thing" is). And we lie down to watch the beaver movie!

We see the fire, then we pull pull the thing and then the fire no more! (No idea what is this too haha!)

Then we see the dinosaur (or was it a robot?? tired..) with red eyes, when we press the button the eyes turn green.

We saw the T-rex too! It has got strips n roar like a tiger! (???)"

Of all the above I only know they went to the Omni-Theatre for the movie about Beaver. Come to think of it, its been like 20+ yrs since I last stepped in Science Centre. Perhaps I should visit it again in near future.

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Monday, May 10, 2010

Wet bed again

I guess he had too much fun great granny's house and took alot of water. Little DinoEgg knocked out at night and couldn't wake up to visit the toilet. However he went to the toilet 1st thing when he woke up. At first I thought he is able to hold his pee till morning since his shirt n underwear are dry, but when I checked the bed, I saw pee-stain. The fan has managed to dry the pee on his shirt and underwear.

I showed Little DinoEgg the pee-stained area, told him that he wet the bed but did not reprimand or shamed him. Just let him know and told him that he was probably too tired to wake up to go to the toilet. Encourage him to try to remember to wake up tonight if he needs to visit the toilet.

Anyway its the 2nd time since he started to go diaperless over night 2 months ago so I am not worried.

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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Finally the soup

Its my pot of veggie soup again haha~ we finally got to eat it *YIPPEEE* I threw in the prawns n cod fish I bought together with the veggies. I took out the cod fish after its cooked fm the soup and put it aside as a dish. Daddy bought steam eggs & pork fm the veggie store at coffee shop downstairs. We have 3 dish n 1 soup as dinner.

Very delicious and super nutrition hahahaha~ I think we have all the vitamins n proteins n etc etc all in 1 meal :P

Oh and after bugging us for the pass few days to use his Ben10 plate, Little DinoEgg finally gets to use it. And NO, he still takes forever to finish his dinner.

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A Frantic afternoon

Remember my pot of veggie soup? Wanted to prepare a quick lunch as Little DinoEgg will be tired n sleep by the time the class ends, so thought of cooking noodles to go with the soup, easy right? 5mins for boiling the noodles n heating up the soup and a lunch is ready! But alas! Forgot that we do not have any more noodles at home *faint* Thus, instead of heading home we have to head to the Cold Storage at the neighbourhood mall to get a pack of noodles.

Bad decision! It was peak hours! There were so many people in the supermarket, have problem walking along the aisles without having to squeeze through, its double difficult with Little DinoEgg in tow coz NO ONE see this little fella! Everyone seems to be walking into him! Whats wrong with people??? They just dun see where they are walking! GGGGGrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!

Managed to made our way to the noodle section and grabbed the one we want then headed off to the express check out counter. Its EXPRESS but then the queue is so long! I have to keep in line, stop Little DinoEgg fm opening the drinks fridges that are besides the counter, stop him fm standing on the metal guard that are in front of the fridges and answer all his endless questions about everything. When it was finally our turn, I was so relieved. Little DinoEgg was standing on the metal guard (ignoring me obviously) and leaning onto the counter. I told him sternly to "Get down!", took my eyes off him for a sec n he disappeared from sight when I looked up. I thought he had ran off some where,I was ready to explode when I found him.... not far away, just beside me... apparently he got down n fell... and sat onto the basket of lady next in line!!! I almost burst out laughing but I controlled myself, you would have laughed too when u see a 4yr old with his butt in a basket n feet dangling outside n trying his very hard to get up.

I got a shocked when I helped him up... he sat on a loaf of bread and some green veggies... I kept apologising to the lady but could help laughing inside, I know I am being rude but seeing the lady trying to "fluff" up the flattened bread just adds on to it. I quickly made my exit by scolding Little DinoEgg and making him apologise to the lady. We are lucky she did not scold us, instead she smiled and said "its ok", I guess she was more worried about her flatten bread n veggies...

A mad squeeze fm Cold Storage to the taxi stand with a very hungry 4yr old to find out that the queue is long and not a single taxi at sight! I relent... gave the 2 sushi to Little DinoEgg (Bought it while on the way out of Cold Storage to curb his hunger for a while), the decided to have our lunch at Ajisen.

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While on the way to his drama class (in a slow jam, late for class - again), I asked Little DinoEgg whether he would like to see Uncle Reuben & Uncle Mark. I was thinking to try to make time to go for ToyBox performance in the National Museum Children's Season on 23 May'10. His eyes light up, replied Yes! Then I asked further;

Me : Do you like Teacher Paula's class or Uncle Mark's class?
Little DinoEgg : Teacher Paula.
Me : Are you sure?
*He quickly shakes his head*
Little DinoEgg : No No, I like Uncle Mark's class!! I will listen to instructions!

I am surprised that he remember the reason he has to leave Boogie Bug class after 2mths. So I guess we are going back to Boogie Bug next term.

After today's drama class I had a chat with Ms Paula (as I sometimes do after class), she said Little DinoEgg has improved alot, he can follow the group, sing the songs etc but still need to "be reminded to join" once in a while. And apart from the distractions by 2 of his classmates who were crying non stop and being very uncooperative, he's got his attention on the class.

And so, this sets my mind, we are going back to Boogie Bug next term, hopefully we are able to get a place in the class. Have to contact Reuben soon.

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Mixed veggie soup

My actual plan was to do a carrot, celery & white onion soup for breakfast, dipped bread in the soup to enjoy. However, a greedy me threw in broccoli and potato too, thus ended up with a HUGE pot of veggie soup hahah! Changed of plan, soup shall be for lunch instead!

Anyway, still feeling abit of "empty" coz of the missing soup+bread (which I have already brought), I decided to still go ahead and cook my soup to enjoy with the bread. And so I took a portion of the veggie fm the HUGE pot of veggie soup n got working with my Philips hand blender. Here is the result which I am quite satisfy with, though I should have add more soup to make it more soupy rather then abit puree. Nevertheless, Little DinoEgg enjoy it, with out the bread *sad* while I was happily dipping my bread in the hot soup n enjoy every bit of it; bread+soup.

Carrot, white onion, broccoli, potato & celery soup

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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Ben10 Plate

Little DinoEgg is growing up and Barney bowl is getting small for him as he keep asking for food after meals. Initially wanted to get a bigger bowl but couldn't find any in the shop we frequent. Saw this Ben10 plate n immediately Little DinoEgg says he wants it, grabbed 1 and wouldn't let go.

I told Little DinoEgg (in a quite serious tone) that with this new bigger Ben10 plate he must finish his meals in 15mins, otherwise it will be taken away from him. He, of course nodded his head, but we shall see how it goes.

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of Mary & Tracy

With my new routine, though I am waking up at the same time but I do not feel tired or sleepy while on train. Maybe its coz I have time to wake myself up 100% while preparing things for Little DinoEgg and myself. Ytd while sitting on train, I saw many of the commuters reading, either a book, daily bread, newspaper or magazine and suddenly I wish I have Mary in my hand right at that moment. Thus today, I threw Mary into my bag n off I went to work.

It was a rewarding 25mins train ride. Was reading Extroverts & Introverts, n Mary wrote this "Extroverts talk their way through movies, tv shows & newspaper." So true! Remember my meltdown last Sunday? Gosh! Then when I access my own characteristic, I am an Extrovert too. No wonder I feel so tired n drained if I am with him whole day.

BTW, on that meltdown day, after I sent Little DinoEgg to play in his room, I was resting on the sofa trying to get my brain back *hahaha* n happen to see Tracy under the coffee table. So I took her out and start flipping through the pages, came upon the part where she was introducing different characteristics of babies, One of the category is Spirited Baby *grinz*, I went on to read about the characteristics and it says the same thing as Mary, though Tracy's version is a general description tt includes both introverts & extroverts while Mary went more in depth.

Thanks to Tracy, I saw the early Spirited signs in Little DinoEgg and further thanks to Nic who intro Mary to me. These have helped me alot in dealing with Little DinoEgg through the stages of his growing up days.

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